10 Best Affordable Gas Leaf Blower 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

So, you need a permanent solution to erase all those pieces of leaves from your patio or backyard, right?

Well, it’s time to ditch your old rack and make your life simpler by using the best affordable gas leaf blower. Even though fallen leaves look stunning, however, you need to clean all those debris to make your garden or patio junk-free.

For instance, it is rather tough to clear a heap of leaves by just using racks or buckets. That’s the reason we’re here to provide you a better solution, which is to purchase the best leaf blower. A leaf blower is designed to erase all the pieces of leaves, whatever it is dry or wet. Furthermore, the process of using a leaf blower is quite a piece of cake!

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Top Pick

Hitachi RB24EAP

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Leaf Blower
Best Overall

Poulan Pro PR48BT

Poulan Pro PR48BT Gas Leaf Blower
Great Value

Makita XBU02Z

Top 10 Best Affordable Gas Leaf Blower

Here, we come up with our top 10 best gas leaf blower so that you can clean your entire yard with ease. The market has numerous options out there. But, we’ve collected the leaf blowers that have got great features and excellent customer ratings at the same time! That’s why it would be your ultimate guide to purchase the best leaf blower. After completing detailed-reviews, you must have to give a read to the comprehensive buying guide so that you can buy the one that highly suits you!

1. Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Leaf Blower - Top Pick

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower earns gold standard. Hands down, it is one of the most efficient power tools for outdoor maintenance. It comes with a 23.9 cc commercial grade 2-stroke engine to ensure durability and longevity at the same time. 

Due to the high airpower ability, it can move a lot of dust, debris, or stuff like that with ease. For holding heavy loads, you will get a 170 MPH air velocity along with a 441 CFM air volume, which is really powerful.

As it comes with a comfortable handle, so it will be easy to handle even for a long time. Further on, the weight is extremely light to assure portability, which is around 8.6 pounds. 

It features a large two-finger throttle lever that is much effective for reducing excessive amounts of vibrations as well. The capacity of the fuel tank is counted as average, which is nearly 17.6 fl. oz. 

The powerful engine has the capability to generate 1.13 horsepower to make the job done. Due to the compact shape, it is an ideal choice for both newbies and professionals. Undoubtedly, you can use it for both large and small yards.




Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower comes with an efficient engine so that you can get a better job by using it. The lightweight design will help you to hold it with ease while working. Overall, it can be a better choice for you.

2. Poulan Pro PR48BT Gas Leaf Blower - Best Overall

Are you considering a backpack leaf blower at such a reasonable price tag? Then Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Leaf Blower is the best way to go. It is a suitable choice to clean both medium and large-sized yards. 

The masterpiece is powered by a 2-stroke 48CC engine that can produce up to 200 MPH along with 475 CFM airflow. Plus, the built-quality of the leaf the blower is quite rigid and you can use it for years by providing better maintenance.

Due to the variable speed throttle, you can control the speed according to your need. It features comfy back padding for minimizing strain at your back. Moreover, you can use the adjustable shoulder straps to enhance your comfort.

The soft-grip handle will help you to hold it for hours without any fatigue. As it is one of the best backpack leaf blower around the market, so you can rely on it with your eyes closed! The process of using the Poulan Pro PR48BT backpack leaf blower is pretty much simple as well.




The quality of this backpack leaf blower is praiseworthy due to the durable construction. To enhance portability, it includes soft-padded back along with adjustable shoulder straps. Indeed, it is the best choice for both beginners and weekend-warriors.

3. Makita XBU02Z Cordless Leaf Blower - Great Value

It is not surprising that Makita XBU02Z Brushless Cordless Blower is on our list. No matter you’re a professional or a newbie, it is going to be the best choice to clean down your patio, whatever it is large or small in size!

It features a brushless motor to ensure ultimate efficiency. Plus, it is able to offer an airspeed of up to 120 miles per hour, which is more than enough to clean a heap of dry leaves in one go. Along with the benefits, it creates less noise and vibration even after using it for a couple of minutes!

As it includes a variable speed option, you can change the speed while you need to accomplish your desired task. The two lithium-ion batteries can deliver the power and the running time is up to 29 minutes.

Thanks to the durable housing, it provides a sufficient amount of protection. Furthermore, it comes with a waterproof design. This particular tool is free from emissions as well as it needs less maintenance. 

No matter you’re using it for a long time, it ensures less fatigue due to the comfortable grip. It saves battery energy up to 50%, which is a plus for those who are on a trip and need to save energy. 

Also, it delivers an enormous speed of around 15,800 RPM that will assist you in making the job done. When it comes to portability, it comes with a weight of around 8.4 pounds. As it is a cordless leaf blower and doesn’t need any gas or oil, so you can use it wherever you want!




Whatever you are on a trip, you can save up to 50% of battery energy so that you can use it for a little more time. The brushless motor is a plus that ensures durability and efficiency at the same time. The enormous speed of 15,800 RPM enhances performance as well.

4. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum

If you need to buy an efficient leaf blower that can erase all the dust or debris from your little patio with ease, then Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum is here for you. Thanks to the 3-in-1 unique feature, it will be a piece of cake to do blowing, shredding, and vacuuming at the same time.

This tool is powered by a 12-amp motor that can blow air up to 250 MPH. Moreover, it is capable of outputting around 350 CFM in blow mode as well as 410 CFM in vacuum mode. For your convenience, you can change the speed of the blower, as it includes a variable speed option.

To capture leaves individually, it includes a useful bag that is handy and portable as well. Users don’t even have to feel any kind of fatigue after using for a couple of minutes due to the comfortable soft grip. Unlike the typical, it ensures less vibration, which is another plus for you.

The construction is rather rigid due to the high-quality material. As it includes a powerful motor, so you can accomplish your blowing task within a short period. A cord storage hook, vacuum tube, time-saving oscillating tube, and shred-all shred ring is included with this versatile power tool.




The 3-in-1 unique feature is designed to ensure versatility, as you can use it either for vacuuming, blowing, and even shredding! Plus, it contains a powerful motor so that you can run it even for tough jobs.

5. Greenworks 24322 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

Greenworks 24322 40V leaf blower should be the first and final choice for those who prefer a lightweight leaf blower to accomplish the blowing task with ease. It weighs in at only 5.6 pounds, which is considered as very light. For user convenience, it features a variable speed option that is up to 185 MPH.

As you can see, it provides a better airflow so that you can erase a lot of debris in one go. The 4.0 ah battery assures a better lifetime, you can use it around 60 minutes constantly. Thanks to the blower/vac capability, you can use it either of vacuuming and blowing, which is the smart thing that it has got.

The brushless motor can provide superior power to collect both dry and wet leaves without any hassle. Along with the lightweight design, it is pretty much compact. Due to the comfy grip as well as a better lifetime, you will be able to run it for 60 minutes continuously!

Furthermore, it is free from emissions and creates less noise while working. When it comes to assembly, it is quite easy to compare with others. Not only for grass, but it also has got the capability of working on a hard surface with ease.




The lightweight and compact ensures that it will be simple to hold for hours. Not for blowing only, but you can also use it for vacuuming to collect both wet as well as dry leaves with ease.

6. BLACK+DECKER BV6000 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower

Another lightweight yet powerful leaf blower is BLACK+DECKER BV6000 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower that you should consider for your mid-sized yard. It comes with a weight of nearly 8.1 pounds that is very simple to carry for all of you.

Further on, you can get a better job within a snap due to the superior 12-amp motor, which also delivers wind speed between 180 to 250 miles per hour. Again, we have got the 3-in-1 benefit in order to do blowing, vacuuming, and mulching at the same time.

Moreover, it has the capability to grind around 16 bags of mulch. It features a reusable bag that is rather convenient than the traditional one. The rating of airflow is around 385 CFM, which is quite efficient. Undoubtedly, it’s an ideal choice for cleaning both walkways, sideways, yards, or debris of your garage.

It comes with a dual-speed option so that you can alter the speed if you really need it for different projects. Along with these advantages, 2 disposable bags, concentrator, vacuum tube, blow tube, and detachable shoulder strap is included with it. 




Due to the powerful 12-amp motor, it can offer a better airspeed of between 180 to 250 MPH. Also, you can use it not only for blowing but also for vacuuming and mulching. At the end of the day, everybody wants a mess-free yard to make the place even more beautiful!

7. DEWALT DCE100B 20V MAX Leaf Blower for Jobsite

Look after your little patio’s cleanliness by purchasing DEWALT (DCE100B) 20V MAX Jobsite Blower, which may not be on the premium side. However, it has got a couple of useful features to stay on your preference list. 

To clean debris from your patio or garage, it delivers a maximum airspeed of around 135 miles per hour and an airflow of 100 cubic feet per minute. Plus, it features 3 variable speed options to maintain better speed control for different projects. For adjusting the blowing power, it includes variable speed trigger as well.

You will feel much by using this stuff, as it is one of the best lightweight leaf blower that we tested! Another plus is the grip, which ensures comfort even after using it for so long.

The trigger lock button is designed to minimize user fatigue. Despite a plastic base, it can confirm ultimate longevity. However, you need to maintain it properly.




The best thing that DEWALT DCE100B 20V MAX Jobsite Leaf Blower has got is the lightweight design, which will surely enhance your comfort even after using it for hours. The airflow and the airspeed range is quite decent as comparing.

8. Greenworks 24252 40V Cordless Leaf Blower

Still, you need a leaf blower but, that should be affordable as you’re tight on cash? Well, fix your all worries aside, as we’re here with Greenworks 24252 40V Cordless Leaf Blower. We’ve added this budget-friendly pick so that you can erase all the leaves from your land without spending too much cash.

The variable speed option is designed to deliver an airflow of up to 135 CFM and airspeed of around 150 MPH. As it includes six different speeds, you can accomplish a variety of tasks without facing any issues! It is better to use it only on hard surfaces. 

The battery running time is around 14 minutes. After all, the charging speed is quite faster. If your yard size is nearly half an acre, then you’re so lucky, whereas it is ideal for that size. 

The on-board battery indicator is one of the unique features of Greenworks 24252 40V Cordless Leaf Blower. When it needs a charge, it’ll provide a signal to you. The weight is counted as rather light, which is only about 3.3 pounds. 




If you can get a good-quality leaf blower at such a reasonable price tag, so why would you spend too much penny to buy another one? Along with the cheap price range, you will feel more comfortable using it due to the lightweight design that it has got.

9. KIMO 2-in-1 Cordless Leaf Blower

Let’s have a look at our best lightweight leaf blower that is KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower. The 2.2 pounds of weight ensures that it is rather suitable to work for hours without user fatigue! Along with this benefit, it also comes with an inexpensive rate that can meet your needs with ease.

As it comes with a 2-in-1 option, so you can erase dust from corners and can blow dry leaves at the same time. This dual-action feature makes it highly versatile. If you need to use it like a vacuum cleaner, make sure to put the dust collection bag at the outlet of the air and then start vacuuming.

It features an all-copper motor that can produce an immense speed of around 13000 RPM. It is ideal for wet leaves as well. By a single charge, you can use it for 20 minutes at once. Furthermore, it takes an average time to get fully charged, just you need to wait for an hour!

To enhance portability, it comes with a comfortable soft-grip. Due to the 20V battery, it is able to offer decent performance. You can get the battery level all time as it includes a smart power indicator. With this power tool, you can get 2 reusable dust collection bags, a single lithium battery, a fast charger, and a detailed instruction manual.




Due to the 2-in-1 system, you can use it for both blowing and vacuuming. Plus, it provides an immense speed that is around 13000 RPM to make the job done.

10. DEWALT DCBL720B Blower Bare

If you’re a big fan of DEWALT, then you can’t ignore this model, whereas it comes with numerous benefits at such an affordable range. It comes with a brushless motor that ensures rigidity and efficiency.

Also, it delivers wind speed of around 90 miles per hour as well as airflow of up to 400 CFM. Hands down, it will be the best choice to clean down your little patio. Along with the benefit, it is counted as a lightweight design due to the weight of around 7.75 pounds. 

The grip is convenient and ensures less fatigue. The best thing is, it includes a variable trigger and speed lock system so that you can alter the speed according to your needs. 

You can get 25-30 minutes of constant blowing time by using it. Furthermore, it needs less time in order to get a full charge. After all, it creates minimal noise while working. Overall, it is one of the best cordless leaf blowers to complete smaller areas!




The variable speed trigger allows the user to set the desired speed. As a cordless leaf blower, you can use it everywhere with ease. After all, you will get all the benefits at such a reasonable price, as it is relatively cheap.

Buying Guide

In order to help you to make the best choice when it comes to an affordable leaf blower, we’ve drawn up a comprehensive buying guide so that you can easily pick out the one that meets your needs.

Our suggestion is not to rely on the reviews only, make sure to consider all of the factors that are on this buying guide. After reading it entirely, you will be able to choose the one that is absolutely right for you!

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Affordable Leaf Blower

Types of Leaf Blower

In this review, we’ve added three types of leaf blowers, gasoline type, cordless, and corded electric type. For those who want to apply a leaf blower in order to complete tough jobs, gasoline type could be the best choice. For instance, you should pick out Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Leaf Blower.

A cordless leaf blower, on the other hand, is for those who need to use it every day without excessive kind of noises. Makita XBU02Z Brushless Cordless Blower is one of the best choices in that case.

At last, if you want to rely on an electric corded leaf blower, then you can choose the BLACK+DECKER (BV6000) 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower, as it is one of the perfect choices in terms of power and durability.


Yes, you should highly consider this point, as it is known as one of the necessary factors when it comes to a leaf blower. A bulky, heavy frame is hard in order to hold on for working purposes. As you have to clean your entire patio, so it is clear that you have to hold it even for hours (depend on the size of the area).

For instance, always try to buy the one that comes with a compact as well as a lightweight design. KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower should be the first and foremost choice for those who are wondering to purchase the best lightweight leaf blower.

Airflow and Airspeed Rating

These all play a significant role in order to determine the overall usability and power of the blower. As you can see, it is one of the core factors that you should consider when choosing the best affordable leaf blowers. In general, airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Airspeed, on the contrary, is measured in miles per hour (MPH).

If you’re somebody who needs a leaf blower to clean both wet and dry leaves, you may have to go with the one that comes with higher MPH as well as CFM rate. In that case, Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower should be your eventual purchase as it comes with a massive MPH as well as CFM rate to make the task easier.


A gasoline type leaf blower makes a bit of more noise than the cordless and corded leaf blower. So, if you’re leaving in a residential area or you’re in a place that is restricted to noise, then it is better to avoid gasoline type of blower.

Variable Speed Options

This will allow you to set the desired speed according to your projects and needs as well. So, choosing a leaf blower with a variable speed option could be a wise decision indeed. If you want to pick out a leaf blower that includes multiple speed options, then you should go with the Greenworks 24252 40V Cordless Leaf Blower.



Is it okay to use a leaf blower in order to clean down wet grasses?

Of course, even it is the best idea to pick out a leaf blower for cleaning wet grasses with ease. But, you have to choose the one that comes with higher MPH and CFM count.

These will deliver a sufficient amount of power in order to clean wet grasses from your land. For instance, you can use BLACK+DECKER (BV6000) 3-in-1 Electric Leaf Blower to make the job perfect.

How long should I use a gas leaf blower?

It depends on your usage as well as the product that you are using. In most cases, you can use it around 1000-15000 hours with better care. However, we again want to reply that it highly depends on your usage. Make sure to read the manual in order to follow all the manufacturer guide regarding oil filling as well as the way of blowing. 

What is the right way of maintaining a leaf blower?

In order to maintain a leaf blower in the right way, make sure to read these write-up below:

  • Always ensure to use the oil that is fresh. Proper oil to gas ratio is a must as well. For this reason, you have to read the manual so that you can maintain it in the right way. If you can’t keep up the proper gas to oil ratio, you have to end up with overheating, over smoking, and even machine damaging issues.
  • Ensure that the screws are tight enough before using it. Or else, it may cause a lot of vibration as well as premature wear and tear issues.
  • After every usage, you have to clean it in a proper way. In that case, you can use a piece of clean cloth or rags to clean the leaf blower entirely. After 3-5 hours of rough use, make sure to rinse it out with some water. Wait until it dries up properly.
  • Replacement is the key. So if you feel that any of part is going wrong, run for a replacement as soon as possible.
  • A leaf blower that is stuck with debris can restrict the airflow and reduce the performance of your device. So, always ensure that you are checking it properly after each and every uses.
  • After one year of rough use, you need to replace the fuel filter in order to get an excellent job. A filter that is clogged with dust can minimize the rate of airflow.

Is it necessary to wear safety equipment while using a leaf blower?

Of course. We always recommend DIY workers wearing safety equipment while using any kind of power tool. The pieces of equipment are as follows:

  • Safety goggles.
  • Hear protection
  • Respirator/Dust musk
  • Hand gloves (that should be light yet rigid).

Which areas are not suitable in order to clean?

  • Large amounts of pebble and pebble dust
  • Plaster debris
  • The dust that built with cement and concrete
  • Construction garbage
  • A garden that is too much dry.

Wrapping Up

Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower is our clear winner. If you’re still hungry for a gasoline type that can do it all, then hands down, the best choice would be Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Leaf Blower. Thanks to the 2-stroke 23.9 CC engine, 441 CFM, comfortable grip as well as a large two-finger throttle lever, which is more than enough in order to reduce excessive vibrations.

Our second choice goes to the Poulan Pro PR48BT Gas Leaf Blower due to its 2-stroke 48CC engine that can produce up to 200 MPH along with 475 CFM airflow, variable speed option, and many more. Moreover, it is free from excessive noise, which is another plus for those who are living in a residential area.

Makita XBU02Z Brushless Cordless Blower is our next favourite one, as it comes with a variety of benefits, including a higher airspeed rate of around 120 MPH, less vibration and noise, durable housing, etc. Last but not least, it saves battery energy up to 50% that is quite effective for those who are on a trip.

These were our top picks of the best affordable gas leaf blowers. We have provided all the pieces of information regarding a leaf blower so that you can make your eventual purchase easier. Now, the ball is in your court!

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