10 Best Brad Nailers in 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

This is a complete guideline for the best brad nailer. Learn how to choose the brad nailer which is best for you and value for the money with this in-depth post. Reports and evidence suggest that the use of hammer results from thousands of years back and ever since the modern age started technology has changed our lives to a great extent. 

Imagine hammering the nail, now and then it makes us lose our patience, thanks to the great engineers and no wonder we call them as the future masterminds for one of the best inventions to ease up our day to day activity and sometimes professional use as well. Yes, the one we are talking about is the brad nailer which saves us plenty amount of time as well as energy, but there is one small problem in this and that is which one should you prefer? 

This article is just to give you the best idea of which type you much prefer, also to save up some energy I am presenting you with the top 10 excellent brad nailer available on the market right now. This article exclusively gives you the perfect description of each and every brad nailer along with its pros and cons making this one a perfect guide for the ideal brad nailer.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Ryobi P320


The 10 Best Brad Nailers For The Money

1. PORTER-CABLE PCC790LA Brad Nailer - Top Pick

This is battery-powered, eliminating the need for a compressor, hose, or costly gas cartridges. This nailer features multiple tool-free settings to provide increased productivity and user safety. Reviews from customers suggest that this tool is super easy to handle because of its lesser weight and the best part is, this tool comes with a battery as well. 

The nailer is 100% battery-powered tool as a result compressors, hoses and cartridges are not included. The motor is designed in such a way that it works in almost any weather condition. It has a lot of toolsets making it easy to use. The design itself offers users less fatigue while using it. It comes with a high functional LED light for its usage in dark. the set comes with a 1.5 ah battery and a charger.



2. DEWALT DCN680B Brad Nailer - Best Overall

This nailer is perfect for kitchen work, mold works, cupboards, frames etc. The motor is powered by a DEWALT 20V MAX Lithium-Ion battery the DCN680 which makes it a durable one and mainly it does not need a compressor, fuel or a hose. This machine is driven cordless and there’s no need to restrict your use as you can take it anywhere. It does not have any air hose and it is best for DIY jobs. One hard part is this machine has a slow reload speed. 

The nailer is 100 percent battery powered and has a brushless Motor which maximizes runtime and makes it highly durable. The nail alignment and placement is perfect thanks to the micro nose. The jams are easily released because of the cutting technology involved. This machine comes with a LED indicator to improve work during the night. An integrated system to quickly relieve or reset the driver plates in the event of a stall also The belt hook can be altered to both sides based on the user’s preference. with its low nail lockout misfiring is never a chance.



3. Ryobi P320 Airstrike Brad Nailer - Great Value

This is an 18 gauge brad nailer having a technology called airstrike it eliminates the need for compressors, big hoses or priced cartridges, this results in easier work in the field. It is part of the world’s best 18 v system the RYOBI ONE +. This machine comes with a 3 years warranty, the tool set includes a belt clip, sample nails and a manual for the user except for batteries sold separately. Two types of shaft actuation are possible one is sequential and the other is contact actuation. 

For proper accuracy sequential mode is preferred and for more than 60 nails per minute, contact actuation is preferred. To protect the work surface and the depth of drive or the proper setting of the nail the machine comes with a tool adjustment. The machine also has a good life due to low misfiring along with that it comes with a depth adjustment mechanism. It also has a nail indicator for a better user interface. Overall it comes with a 3-year warranty.



4. DEWALT DWFP12231 Brad Nailer

This is a long-lasting Dewalt brad nailer with the maintenance-free motor that will make you love nailing. This is a pneumatic model. Pneumatic models are more commonly used than electric models. The nailer is sourced or powered by an air compressor which gives us enough power to operate. This nailer is again one of the most powerful nailer in the market. 

Pneumatic guns are generally very light and help us to work on it hours without having a single pain also there are faster than conventional nailers. Coming to the cost aspect this toolset is very cheap compared to other companions. The nailer needs less maintenance and has a long life motor-powered nailer. It has a free jam release mechanism making it easy to clear out nail jams. There is protective exhaust to keep dust away from work and operate at 70 -120 psi. This tool set comes with no nails as a result nails should be got separately outside.



5. Metabo HPT NT50AE2 Brad Nailer

This is ideal for trim work, furniture building, and other finish applications. Nails of size .4 inches to 2 inches are allowed on this and the pressure difference allowed is 70 -120 psi only. The capacity of the nail magazine is 100. The best thing about this nailer is it comes with a whopping 5 years of warranty making it a really good choice. 

This tool makes it easy for users to drive through almost all material. It also has a very good balance. This nailer is not that bulky hence feels good on hands. The nailer Accepts 5/8″ up to 2″ brads and is best used for trimming and nail works on furniture. The machine has a tool-less depth of drive and prevents dry fire lockout. This set comes with a high warranty of 5 years. The actuation in this nailer is a selective type.



6. CRAFTSMAN CMCN618C1 Brad Nailer

This has a cordless finish which helps in removing compressors, large hoses or expensive cartridges etc. The motor delivers good power usage in various weather aspects. The single battery is almost sufficient for the entire running of the nailer, the depth alteration feature allows us to calculate the depth required. 

The tool comes up perfectly that nail jamming won’t be an issue at all thus making this nailer almost perfect. This nailer is cordless and is very light for use. Overall it gives us a very comfortable work experience. The nailer has a very high power output which enhances its usage in various areas and its application speed is enormous. Changing the nails is very easy and it has a good quality LED light for work illumination.



7. Stanley TRE550Z Brad Nail Gun

This nailer operate as a staple gun for use with materials such as ceiling tile and carpet padding and as an electric nailer, it is best used for frames, border and moldings work. It has a power altering feature to give the perfect output on your product. This nailer comes with an anti-jam feature and the soft handle gives a comfortable experience. This product is considered old school and can support various types of nails and brads. 

The firing depth can be adjusted with just a small turn. This makes it a good choice for users who wants a durable kit. This nailer is again used for various works including application on boards, frames etc. With its dual levers help, we can use it on hard and soft materials. Flush-nose design assists with stapling in tight spots, hence we can say it is one good type for better application in various places.



8. BOSTITCH BT1855K Brad Nailer

It is perfect for utilization in indoor conditions also good for use on various surface finishes. The nailer incorporates one thousand two within. This nailer is completely devoid of oil. This 1 gauge kit is completely soft on hands and very little maintenance is required, also there is very light giving us a very good experience to work on. 

This nailer requires no oil as a result we can avoid oil stain, has a very good sequential contact function. During low nail condition, the machine has a lockout to avoid dry firing. Moreover, it helps in better maneuverability with its inner fresh air fitting swivel. This set comes with a hook for a bundle led pad and sharpener.



9. Makita AF505N Brad Nailer

The operating pressure is sixty to hundreds and five psi. This is an 18 gauge nail from .4 to 2 inches. The magazine comes with a capacity of 100 and has a quick lock release to open the assembly to remove the jammed nails. The cast-and-machined nose piece is mastered for good contact on surfaces, with a non-marring rubber nose engineered to protect the work surface. 

This nailer has a very good jam release feature, therefore, giving us a work experience that is less hectic and comes with a depth adjustment feature for very good nailing accuracy. With its narrow nose, it helps us in working in tight areas. Nails can be hammered very efficiently without having a scratch on the surface. It has a rotation of 180 degrees and can be easily carried to places. It has a rubber grip we can ensure better handling of the tool. Overall it comes with a good warranty of 3 years.



10. WEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer

This is by far the most affordable entry on our list, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer a useful range of functionalities or promise dynamic performance when you need it most. And weighing in at just over 2.5 lbs you won’t need to worry about fatigue slowing your productivity. The 106 capacity magazines make it easy to tackle long jobs without stopping frequently to reload and the adjustable exhaust port means that you can direct pneumatic air output in whatever direction you wish according to your setup. 

The nailer shoots 18 gauge brad nails of length 3/8 – 2 inches in length while operating power is 80 to 115 psi. It features a depth adjustment wheel, a nail gauge, a rotatable exhaust, and has a quick-release 106-nail capacity magazine. It comes with an easy jam clearing mechanism as a result work experience is improved.



Buying Guide for the Top Brad Nailers

Do not let the money blindfold you that is the only reason we have mentioned a variety of nailers because the best don’t come for cheap. Emphasis on safety should be given the importance to the same way you give for the money. Just like how you decide which car to buy there a lot of o parameters involved while deciding which nailer to buy as well. Don’t worry we will also cover up there for you!

Remember a compressor is required for every nailer so If their product has not mentioned any compressor it is a must to buy it. Externally, also the number of nails, oils and nose pads mentioned should be checked if not then additional is required. Most of the product comes with a good warranty and this plays a good role in the long term so having a brand which has a good warranty is also a must.

Below are other important aspects that must-see in a nailer.

Coming to the Nail power sources:
  • A pneumatic nailer is governed by the compressor. The nails are driven using the air pressure from the installed compressor. Normally the rule indicates that the ratings of the compressor’s Pressure ( which is measured in pounds per square inch or shortly known as PSI) and the volume ( which is measured by CFM or cubic feet per minute) should be in par with thee Nailer or even more than Nailer.
  • For great mobility, the cordless and battery-based nailer is highly recommended than the pneumatic model because the cordless nailer doesn’t need the air compressor’s help or the hose’s. Even though the cordless nailer does not have the power of the pneumatic nailer, it has quick startup time.
  • In the case of a cordless nailer that is driven by fuel, it uses the combustion to drive nails easily. The mechanisms involve the movement of the fuel from the disposable gas chambers to the combustion chamber. A battery setup is installed to ignite the fuel at the time of work which will lead to an amazing explosive force that can drill the nails flawlessly.
How to choose a NAILER based on its specifications?
  • Look for jam clearing systems
  • Look for an LED light system for better use at night
  • The tool’s exhaust can be channeled by using the directional exhaust systems that are present. This is highly beneficial in dusty and dirty workplaces.
  • With the presence of large triggers, it is convenient to work with gloved fingers also.
  • The carrying cases are cushioned and it helps to protect the nailers during transport or any external damage.
  • It is necessary to have protective guards to protect the tools and flying debris. It is easier if you pick guards that can be replaceable so you can change after they wear out.
  • Different tasks need different nails which makes the nail size adjustments necessary.
What is Gauge Rating?

Another factor to consider is the gauge rating, gauge rating generally refers to the thickness of the given object, and here it refers to the thickness supported by the nails and staples that we use. Usually, the nailer offers 18 gauge for brad types. A higher gauge rating refers to thinner nails.

Never forget Power Rating!

You should also check the power rating of your brad nailer before buying one to ensure that you do not run into any power issues. This is given in PSI for pneumatic brad nailers as 70 PSI to 110 PSI or 80 PSI to 120 PSI. Generally more the power rating more will be the performance of the nailer. As for electric and battery-powered brad nailers, this power rating is given in volts. It has to be you who has to decide which one you need is. It going to be a work in lab, house, hospital says it knows the compatibility and refers the features this should allow you to choose the best one for you.

Nose structure and design

This is that part of the nail which comes in contact with the surface we apply the nailer on hence it is called the tip of the nailer. This nose design affects the precision of the nailer so importance should be given to this part in other words the tip of the nailer gives a better line of sight to place the nail. Sometimes the tip of the nail determines if the nailer could be used at that spot for example in tight space.

Free jam release or nail remover

This refers to nails that get stuck in the assembly. It is always a problem if the nails get a stuck system that offers an easy solution to this is much preferred. This cleaning is not hard work, the kit comes with a lever which you can flip to open at the nose to remove the jammed nail.

Exhaust air control 

Once the air has fired the nail it is necessary to let the air leave the system, this is what we mean by an exhaust system and the best we must prefer is an exhaust system at the rear of the nailer as we don’t want it to be at the front because that may impose a poor design.

Free depth control

Sometimes we have a situation where we want to specify how deep the nail has to go, in this situation the nailer comes with a clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation mechanism which helps to control the depth. This is something we need to look for in a nailer as this feature is very important.



Brad nailer not firing?

This usually occurs when the nail gets misfired as a result the nail gets jammed in the nailer’s assembly. Usually, this occurs at some point in time of very nailer and there is no need to worry about this too much as it can be solved very easily once we get to know the cause and reason for it. Follow the below-mentioned steps to solve this problem if this continues to be still unsolved try to contact the seller.

  1. Disconnect the Power Source
  2. Take away the leftover racks or strips of fastener
  3. Remove Stuck or Jammed Nail(S)
  4. Organize and Reload the Magazine
  5. Restore power source and test
Which brad nailer is the best?

It often depends on your usage. Buy a powered nailer for stronger penetration, look for safety if that is your concern, check the price if you are bankrupt etc.

Where to buy brad nailer?

Most of the brad nailers can be bought from local electronic / tools stores, for specific brands checking out top online retailers can be a good choice.

Why should I use an 18 gauge nailer?

You should get an 18-gauge brad nailer if you’re willing to attach trim molding and other delicate trim pieces. 

Which temperature is perfect for functioning the tool?

The tools will work perfectly at the temperature range of 0° C and +40° C.

Can the nails of the cordless tools be used for the pneumatic models?

Yes, the nails can easily be used for both models. They are perfect for Bostitch pneumatic models. In some cases, the fasteners are collated with differing lengths and collation bonds to be compatible with the cordless tools.

What if I still do not get when the trigger is pressed hard?

You have to check the indicator lights before you start. Make sure the battery is charged.

Is it necessary I have to oil the cordless tools? If that’s the case, is it supposed to be done often?

It is vital for cordless tools to be oiled at every cleaning interval. The cleaning and maintenance guide has particular and specific instructions for the tools so that the tools can be cleaned and oiled perfectly.

How different is a Brad nail gun?

The Brad nail guns designed to work at perfect 18-gauge brads that would range from 5/8 to 2-inches in length. While this type of nail gun is mostly confused with their finishing nailer counterparts, but both nailers are entirely different in their specifications.

What is an Electric nail-guns?

These function pretty much like pneumatic nailers but are relatively lightweight. They are best for residential applications. They do not only produce less noise but are also fairly more affordable.

How many hours do I need to charge a battery-based brad nailer?

Normally, it would take about 3 to 8 hours to get it fully charged. Some may take shorter than the others.

What is the major difference between a brad nail and a finish nail?

The difference between the former and the latter is smaller. Normally, brad nail guns are constructed utilizing 18 gauge steel wire. Meanwhile, the finish nail uses 15 or 16 gauge steel wire for its construction. This way, the finish nail guns seem to look a lot thicker compared to brad nail guns.

How dangerous is the nail gun?

These guns should be highly prevented from children’s hands as the nails travel at a very high speed. Sometimes necessary safety kids such as glasses or shields should be worn at dust vicinity areas to prevent debris from entering eyes etc.

Where can I buy a brad nailer?

These are usually sold by local dealers and retailers, if a specific brand is required online purchases can be a very good choice. One kind of word always checks all components are included in the toolset before buying as missing certain parts can be a problem.


While working in the kitchen, laboratory, cupboard or anything to be precise finding that top-rated brad nailer requires you to consider several factors. Look for power output, safety measures, number of nails, presence of all parts, warranty etc. If you are highly not sure how to search for the best brad nailer look above into each of the nailer specified, this guide has to give you all the necessary things to choose for the best nailer. 

Look into all the pros and cons specified to give you a base idea of the gun. Mostly we would prefer buying a nailer from an authorized seller as the parts inside are vital for the proper working and any damage to it should render the nailer useless. Finally, we would like to conclude saying a brad nailer is a must for every project and finding the one could be a bit hectic but not impossible. Thereby hoping this guide is best for you.

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