10 Best Chainsaw Under $200 In 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

Everyone loves working with a power tool like a chainsaw, mainly because it makes your job easy. Especially if you are someone who owns a fireplace, a yard, etc. you need a chainsaw to make your life easier. This would allow you to cleanly cut and break the logs. Not many people are willing to spend a huge amount of money on a chainsaw and why should they when they can get the best chainsaw under $200. 

It is not a regular occurrence that you go and buy a chainsaw so you must get the appropriate one for yourself when you buy it. Buying a power tool like a chainsaw can be overwhelming because of all the options we have out there. It is also pretty important to get the one which does the job perfectly otherwise what’s the point of investing in it?

For buying a chainsaw you should first consider why you are buying it. Once you know your requirements you can make an informed decision. However, there are more things to look out for while buying a chainsaw than you think, which is why this article is going to be your ultimate guide for buying the top rated chainsaw under $200 available in the market.

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Greenworks 20262

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The Top 10 Chainsaws Under $200

1. DEWALT DCCS620B Chainsaw - Top Pick

Dewalt DCCS620B includes in one of the chainsaws that are low weight which means you would get a better control due to its lightweight design and it helps in decreasing fatigue that an operator has to go through as they use a chainsaw. 

It has a 12 inches low kick back which is ideal for outdoor cutting and construction applications. Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors. This saw has the brushless motor which means you will get a longer run time with the battery charge and also a longer motor life. 

This Dewalt’s chainsaw has a 5Ah lithium-ion battery which in simple terms according to Dewalt means you can expect 90 cuts on 4×4 posts. Reportedly, users have observed a 40 to 60 minutes of cutting time. This time, however, depends on the intensity of the cutting operation. The battery quickly charges back in an hour as you take a break from the work.



2. Greenworks 20262 Chainsaw - Best Overall

Greenworks cordless 20262 chainsaw is one of the famous small chainsaws available in the market. This is the most functional small chainsaw that you can use to easily cut and trim small branches from your yard. This saves your time and also provide you with brilliant cutting.  It has a 12 inches steel chain. This chainsaw provides you ease for working with its high performance. It also gives minimal kickback possible. This chainsaw is designed for people to do a simple task without much strain and fatigue. 

The GreenWorks chainsaw has an auto oiling system that is there to oil the bar and chain automatically when required. This provides user efficiency and durability. The chainsaw also has a 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery which provides a good 25 minutes of cutting time. This timing may not seem to be a lot but when you are using a chainsaw even 15 continuous cutting minutes can be tiresome, especially if you are not a professional. The battery, however, charges pretty quickly and till it charges you can take a quick little break to wash off the exhaustion.



3. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Chainsaw - Great Value

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V chainsaw is an ideal chainsaw for carrying out simple tasks like cutting and trimming of tree branches and other such light and simple cuttings. This chainsaw has a lightweight design which gives it extreme portability and also makes it easier to carry around and use wherever you want it. For example, if you are climbing a ladder to cut a tree, you can climb it easily as you hold this light chainsaw in one hand. 

Speaking of its ease to use, it also has a wraparound handle which provides a firm grip making it easy to operate and cut. The chain requires lubrication manually, though. The battery life of this chainsaw is pretty good and it remains charged for a while during which you can easily take care of your business. After the battery exhausts, you can charge it quickly and use again.



4. Oregon CS1500

Oregon CS1500 is one of the best small chainsaw. This is great for all your yard work. This lightweight chainsaw is designed especially for small to medium-duty operations. This includes trimming trees, removing small trees, cutting cords of firewood, etc. you can use this chainsaw anywhere inside the house and outside where there is the main power outlet. 

The usage time for this chainsaw is not specified as it is not a battery-powered chainsaw. So, this can be used as much as you want it. Its lightweight makes the work even easier. The most amazing feature of this chainsaw is that it has a PowerSharp which allows it to self-sharpen. You just have to pull the lever one or two times and the chain sharpens within seconds. This allows you to work with a sharpen chain all the time, which allows it to cut through faster and cleaner.



5. Greenworks 20322

GreenWorks 40V cordless chainsaw is a medium weight chainsaw that is great for those people who want to make their house chores easier. This chainsaw is ideal for cutting and compared to gas chainsaw like this electric chainsaw is so much better and efficient. Not just efficient this chainsaw is lighter than the gas ones as well which is a positive thing about this chainsaw. 

One of the features of this chainsaw is that it has a brushless motor that helps your chainsaw motor to have a longer run time, power and torque. Due to more torque and power there would be less damage to the chainsaw and it would last longer that is beneficial in the long run as people can use it well to achieve their goals properly. 

Its chain pitch allows it to provide the user with the appropriate capabilities so that you can trim your tree or cut it with minimal kick back. The chainsaw also has a 16 inches chain and bar. The chain and bar have a tool-less chain tensioning. This eases the usage and increases high-quality performance. This runs on a battery of 4.0 Ah. It also has an automatic oiling system. All you have to do is unscrew the cap and fill it in with oil for the chain.




BLACK+DECKER LCS1240 chainsaw is a small and convenient solution to all your cutting problems. Even if you are not a professional but you own a garden then this chainsaw is definitely for you. This small but high-quality chainsaw is going to help you with trimming a lot of your tree without making you fatigued. 

This convenient and powerful chainsaw doesn’t run on gas or with cords and so is extremely portable. It has a 40V lithium-ion battery which is known to hold a charge till 18 months. It also has a 12 inches chain and bar which makes cutting operations a breeze. This chainsaw also has an automatic oiling system which provides the chain and bar with continuous lubrication. It also has a wraparound handle which makes it easier to hold the saw firmly. It also allows operating the chainsaw in different directions.



7. EGO Power+ CS1400

EGO POWER+ CS1400 chainsaw is a powerful tool with a not so conventional design. This chainsaw is designed uniquely and not many of you would have seen anything similar to it. This chainsaw is a cordless one. This makes it portable and convenient to be used in an outdoor setting where there is no power source to get it connected to. 

The safety of this chain is also a major point to be discussed. It has a chain brake that works as a safety kick back device and also it provides safety when you are working on the saw by ensuring that the saw doesn’t activate. This EGO POWER+ CS1400 chainsaw has a brushless motor that allows the motor to run without getting heated resulting in less wear and tear of the motor. This increases the shelf life of your chainsaw and more efficient working takes place. It has a warranty of 5 years.



8. WORX WG303.1

WORX WG303.1 chainsaw is a sturdy chainsaw that is ideal for doing different house jobs. If you are looking for something that is not as huge as your gas one and not as small as your electric one then this is what you are looking for. This chainsaw is lightweight but sturdier than an electric chainsaw. You can easily cut or trim trees or bushes, cut up firewoods, etc. It has an automatic chain tension system. This auto chain system has a large-sized knob that maintains the accurate tension as you work by holding and securing the bar and chain in place. 

This chainsaw has an automatic oiling system that provides lubrication to the chain and bar. It also has a minimal kick back along with chain brake for safety measures. There is no such thing as too much safety, especially when you are using a power tool like this. This chainsaw is very safe due to the added preventive and safety measures.



9. Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II is a gas-powered chainsaw that is also lightweight. This means that the home owners can utilize it efficiently for their day to day chores. This can be used for clearing up bushes or trimming them, it can also be used for smaller projects. This gas-powered chainsaw is relatively smaller than other gas-powered chainsaw and so it is mainly targeted towards light duty work. One of the good features of this chainsaw is that it has a larger gas tank than the other models. This allows 120 Mark II chainsaw to run longer making your work easy. 

This chainsaw is not just a lightweight chainsaw but it is also designed to have LowVib powered by Husqvarna which dampens the vibration. This is done so that the user doesn’t get tired quickly. It is also easier to start this gas powered chainsaw due to its Air Purge system. This system removes air from the fuel system via the primer bulb.



10. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Chainsaw

BLACK+DECKER LCS 1020 chainsaw is an ideal chainsaw for cutting up small logs up to 10inchesdiameter and for pruning purposes. This small log is a great addition to your tools and would provide you with a great solution to your outdoor or indoor small house chores or when you are going for camping and need a light weighted chainsaw companion with you for cutting up firewoods. 

This chainsaw is portable and you can use it outside or in a place where there is no main power outlet. We are not saying that your average gas chainsaw cannot do the job but for smaller operations, you wouldn’t want to tire yourself down by holding a big blade chainsaw. The battery is 20V lithium-ion. The 20V is its maximum voltage; however, the nominal voltage is 18V. The nominal voltage is the voltage that is recorded when the battery is neither fully charged nor exhausted. It is also commonly known as the normal voltage. This chainsaw has a manual oiling system. All you have to do is press the primer bulb located on the oil cap at least 3 times to release oil before cutting.



Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Chainsaw

Buying a chainsaw for the first time can be intimidating. There are so many things to look at and obviously, you wouldn’t want to end up making the wrong choices. If you want to buy the chainsaw under $200 which is great for you & value for the money, then this is your guide to get the right one. 

Why Do You Want to Buy a Chainsaw?

We believe that even though, buying a chainsaw can be intimidating at first but if you break it down in steps and make one decision at one time then you would get a lot done in a small amount of time.

First of all, see what you want the chainsaw for. This would help you a lot in further steps as you choose chainsaws based on their specifications. Knowing what you want always eases the job. 

Once you are done with making a list of must-have specifications, you can easily choose a chainsaw. Possibility of you wanting a small chainsaw is large as you opened this article for top chainsaws under $200 and by now you would already know all your options. Depending on what type of chainsaw you want, like electric, battery-powered or gas, you can check their specifications and rule out the best one for you. 

Now that you know what you want let’s take a look at a bunch of other things that you should look for while buying a chainsaw. 

Length of Bar

It is one of the most important parts of the chainsaw as the ability of cutting depends on it. It is an area where the blade attaches the chainsaw. The power of a chainsaw mostly depends on the motor and the chain, the cutting ability is dependent upon the length of the bar and blade.

The longer the length the lesser cuts it would take to cut through trees. 

If you want to get a chainsaw for your house chores like trimming, pruning, cutting and clearing trees then a 14 inches bar length is ideal for you. However, if you are a professional then you might want to get a 16 or 24 inches bar length chainsaw. 

Safety Features

No matter how big, small, light or heavy your chainsaw is, it is still a powerful tool and you should always be careful around it. While buying a chainsaw you must always make sure that it has some safety features present in it. 

For example throttle lock, chain brakes, minimal kick back chains, etc. 

Overall Performance

When you are buying a chainsaw you must always check out the overall performance of the one you are deciding to buy. First of all, look at the size of the chainsaw, its model and the features it says it has. Secondly, the length of the bar & chain and the size of its motor & blade tell the speed and operation time of the chainsaw. 

Then there are other design specific things that you should look out for such as handle design. This tells how easy it is to use the chainsaw. 


Just getting a high performing chainsaw is not everything you would also have to make sure that it is made up of good quality material and is durable. 

This would make sure that your investment does not go in vain. The more durable the material of your chainsaw is the longer life it is going to have. 

Some Other Things to Look About

While buying a chainsaw it is also better to check what you would be using it the most for and where you should be using it the most. For example, if you are going to use the chainsaw outdoors most of the time where there is no power source to connect it with then buying an electric chainsaw is not in your favor. However, if you have a small yard that does have a power source nearby then you should not be hesitant in buying an electric chainsaw. You can also use an extension for a place that your chainsaw’s cord does not reach. But what if you want to take your chainsaw out for camping?

These are small things but may become useful in future use. If you are making an investment then we believe that you should get a 100% benefit from it.


Important Factors You Need To Know

What is the Top Chainsaw under $200?

Depending upon the type of work you want to do with your chainsaw, above mentioned are ten amazing chainsaws under $200. Some of them are electric, some are battery powered and there is also a gas one. In short, there is a little something for everyone. Depending upon your required specifications, you can choose any one of them. 

Which chainsaw should I buy?

As we already mentioned above, you must know what you want it for. Before making an investment it is best to weigh all pros and cons. above reviewed chainsaws are some of the best ones available in the market. 

If you are looking for a chainsaw to carry out small household chores then a 14 inches blade is ideal for you, however, if you want the chainsaw for professional work then you must look for a 16 or 24 inches blade. 

If you are using a chainsaw for the first time then make sure to check the safety features that it has. 

How to sharpen a chainsaw?

Nobody wants a dull chainsaw when they are working out in their yard. This bums out the user and decreases the morale for carrying out the job.

You can sharpen your chainsaw using the filing kit build for chainsaws. Sharpening a chainsaw is not scary if done right. Make sure you check out a manual guide over YouTube to clear out any doubts. 

If you are still scared of sharpening the chain of your chainsaw then you should invest in Oregon CS1500 chainsaw. This chainsaw has a Power Sharp feature which auto sharpens the chain. You just have to pull the lever a few times and it sharpens the chain within seconds. 

Chainsaw to cut firewood?

There are plenty of people who want to invest in a chainsaw simply because they own a fireplace. Due to this reason, they are looking for the right chainsaw for doing that. 

Cutting firewood is a simple task and can be done easily by the above reviewed chainsaws. It depends, however, where you are using the chainsaw? 

If you are out camping with your family then you might want to look for a cordless option either a gas one or a battery one. If you are at home in your back yard doing this job, then you are free to use an electric chainsaw or any other chainsaw gave that there is a power source nearby to connect it with. 

It also depends on the fact of how much you want to use it. If you are going to use it for a long time then you should choose a lightweight chainsaw. 

Lastly, the type of wood you would be cutting should also be considered. Always make sure that your chainsaw is powerful enough to make the cut through the tree easily without causing you much fatigue. 

Chainsaw without kickback?

Kickback is the sudden upward movement of the bar of a chainsaw. This is a reason for the majority of the accidents caused by a chainsaw. 

Some of the factors that can increase kickback of a chainsaw include dull chain, bad maintenance, loose chain tensioning, broken or crooked chainsaw parts, etc. 

To decrease the chances of a chainsaw kick back you must follow the instruction given as you are using a powerful and somewhat of a dangerous tool. Always stay alert and cautious while working with a chainsaw and make sure you are cutting through a tree very carefully. 

The above mentioned chainsaws have a minimal kickback and some have close to none. This is why we recommend you to buy one of these, especially if you are a newbie to this chainsaw job.

How does chainsaw oiler work? 

Many of the modern chainsaws come with an auto oiling system for which you just have to press a lever or a button and it releases oil for the lubrication of the bar and chain. 

The manual chainsaws are also pretty easy to use but you have to be careful and alert around them as they are a powerful tool. Make sure you close the chainsaw before you start working on it. 


To wrap it all up, this article is a simple and friendly guide to the chainsaw users. It is very beneficial for you to read especially if you are a beginner to this. Getting a chainsaw is indeed intimidating but if you follow through our reviews and buyer’s guide you would find it easier to make your decision. Investment without knowledge is never good news. 

All we want you to take from this article is that you make an informed decision. There are three things that you should take away from this article and that are, make sure to look at the pros and cons of the chainsaw you are going to invest in. Make sure that you know what you want from your chainsaw, we recommend making a list of specifications that must be present in your chainsaw. Lastly, always be safe, alert and cautious while using this powerful tool. It may look and feel simple but it is not. 

At the end of this article is some additional commonly or frequently asked questions, you can seek some advice from there if you like.

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