10 Best Chop Saws 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

If you’re associated with construction, you must be familiar with this power tool called “Chop Saw”. A chop saw is designated to cut different materials like wood, steel, metal, concrete, etc. straight perpendicular (90) to the surface to make them fit for the place. There are many different versions of chop saws that perform different functions on different materials. There are miter saws, abrasive saw, double saw and so on with different cutting blades and specifications.

If you want to invest in a chop saw, this article has all the information about the best chop saws on market and is aims to give you a detailed analysis of these chop saws based on their value, power, efficiency, performance, accuracy, precision and features. 

With rigorous research and thorough survey, we have listed down the top chop saws available on the market. So, you may find out which chop saw suits you best. Further, this article intends to provide you with a comprehensive guide that will help you buy the ideal chop saw. In the end, you will find some frequently asked questions that will clear your concepts further.

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Makita LC1230


Have a look at The Best Chop Saws on the market

1. DEWALT DW872 Metal Cutting Saw - Top Pick

If you are in search of a metal cutting saw that can cut heavy-duty metals precisely, DEWALT DW872 is the best multi cutter saw for this purpose.

This multi-cutter saw possess a carbide-tipped blade that cuts different sorts of metals easily which makes it the greatest carbide chop saw. Its design is such ergonomic that it doesn’t strain the worker and enhance productivity. This power tool has top-notch 15 amp, 4 hp motor that drives towards greater performance efficiency that provides more overload capacity. This chop saw is easy to carry due to its durable metal handle at top.

If one wants to complete the task in a shorter time frame, this DEWALT DW872 saw offers 4x faster cutting than chop saws and 8x faster than band saws. Nonetheless, another factor that makes this chop saw best is that it offers great value, it saves up to 5 cents per cut in comparison to abrasive saw. DEWALT DW872 chop saw is worth choosing over an abrasive saw as it offers a constant depth of cut throughout the blade-life and doesn’t require frequent wheel changing too.



Conclusively, all these benefits and features make DEWALT metal cutting saw an outrageous and one of the greatest metals cutting chop saw to work with.

2. DEWALT D28715 Chop Saw - Best Overall

DEWALT D28715 uses an abrasive wheel and is the older version of DEWALT metal cutting saw. It weighs around 45 pounds that makes it portable chop saw, along with the durable metal handle to help one carry the saw to and from the workplace. Due to the abrasive wheel, it demands frequent wheel changes but with a quick-change system, it allows wheel changes without any wrench. Anyhow, for light-duty, it is an ideal choice. It performs 90-degree cuts, and it is integrated with a 45-degree pivoting fence therefore, it can perform accurate angle cuts too.

The benefits aren’t over now, which makes it worth existing in the list of the top chop saws is the user-friendly design that makes it easy to operate without straining users bodies. Possessing powerful motor and overload capacity, it offers efficient performance with accurate cuts managing rounds that measures up to 5 inches across and rectangular-shaped materials up to 6-1/2 inches. 

It comes with the benefit of the three-year limited warranty and one-year free service. DEWALT offers 3 months money-back guarantee if it fails that gives you a chance to invest and try this product.



Despite, it uses abrasive blades it cuts precisely and is suitable for light duty. Portable, easy to carry and less weighed chop saw with a powerful motor of 5.5 hp providing overload protection along with adjustable spark guard. What else do you need in a chop saw for light-duty shops? Undoubtedly, this chop saw is the excellent portable chop saw for light duty.

3. Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw - Great Value

Makita LC1230 makes up this list due to its versatility. It is a great tool designed to give precise miter cuts. It offers fence adjustments from 0-45-degree for desirable miter cuts. It’s cutting capacity range is also good as it can cut 4.5 inches at 90-degrees to 3.5 inches at 45-degrees to give off perfect miter joints.

In contrast to abrasive wheels, this chop saw has a carbide-tipped blade that is 50x more durable and gives off quick, clean cuts that are cool to touch with reduced dust. This tool is safe to use and doesn’t fall apart due to its safe design along with the benefit of shaft lock and shavings collector. With this tool, you don’t need to worry about accidental startups as it is integrated with a D-shaped handle that has a 2-finger trigger and lock-off button. 

This is nonetheless one of the greatest carbide chops saw to invest in, as it saves time and money by eliminating the needs of preparation grinding and is speedy enough along with the lesser wheel changes as compare to abrasive blade saw.



If you are willing to invest in a chop saw that will give you straight and miter cuts, this is an ideal metal cutting chop saw on market along with the quick release system and ergonomic design. It will help you complete your tasks quickly without any wrenches.

4. Makita EK7651H

Makita’s products are good in terms of efficiency and performance. One of their power tools is Makita EK7651H MM4 power cutter, it is the world’s first 4-stroke power cutter especially designed to handle concrete materials. For getting accurate cuts on your concrete this is the ideal chop saw power cutter. 

What made us choose this as one of the excellent chop saw is its engine’s durability. Firstly, it doesn’t require any oil mixing that minimizes the probability of engine failure or piston seizure. Secondly, its designing includes a three-ring piston that enhances its commercial durability too. Thirdly, it has special five-stage filtration system called foam-paper-nylon filter that filters out the air and provide cleaner air that further makes it a durable engine.

It weighs only 28 pounds approx. that adds to its easy transportation and portability. Besides, it provides an easy startup, requires up to 40% lesser pull-start force. You can use it for continuous tasks due to smooth idle, likewise, it produces low noise of about 92.7dB, so, it doesn’t strain your ears.



If you are looking for chop saw for concrete cutting solutions, it’s is our finest pick for you.

5. DEWALT D28730 Chop Saw

DEWALT D28730 is another chop saw in this list that uses an abrasive wheel too. Due to its ergonomic design and ease of operation, this is the excellent chop saw that doesn’t cause fatigue or strain user body. A 2300W motor drives the blade at a maximum output speed of 4000 RPM. Its cutting fence provides 45 degrees angled cuts too accurately.

The newer version of this chop saw uses a carbide-tipped blade, but this version uses an abrasive blade and is good for medium-duty tasks. This chop saw can hold different materials tightly with a firm grip due to the quick lock vise system, produces finest cuts.



DEWALT D28730 is a better chop saw to invest in if you need it for daily medium-duty tasks.


When it comes to a power tool that offers great performance and efficient working Porter Cable PCE700 is one of the best choices. With a 15 Amp motor that drives blades on a maximum speed of 3.8K RPM, it delivers clean cuts way too quickly. 

Along with the provision of straight cuts, the cutting fence is adjustable to 0-45 degrees to give miter cuts too. For user convenience, its design offers a quick release clamp that allows easy material removal. Though it uses abrasive blades, it has good speed.

Due to its heavy steel base, it offers great stability while cutting that makes it better for high duty tasks. It offers a good depth of cut measures up to 4-3/4” x 5-1/3” round that makes it a suitable power tool for many contractors and engineers. It’s a safe tool with spark deflector and spindle lock that provides ease in blade changes.



Porter-Cable PCE700 is one of the excellent abrasive chop saw in terms of accuracy. Weighs 37 pounds and has a steel base so it can be used for heavy-duty tasks. It is the finest pick if you are looking to invest in an abrasive saw for heavy-duty tasks.

7. Evolution RAGE4

This power tool from Evolution is an ideal multipurpose chop saw to perform a wide variety of cutting operations on different materials. Its built-in blade can handle many materials and cuts off way too precisely for efficient results. This is one of the excellent portable chop saws weighing only 19 pounds that makes it an ideal choice for the engineers, HVAC, farmers, electricians, and plumbers. It is the safest tool, that doesn’t generate sparks giving off finest steel/metal cuts without any heat generation. 

It saves time and allows you to complete tasks quickly as you don’t have to wait for the metal/steel to cool down as required by abrasive ones. With the fast action swivel clamp having a miter capacity of 0-45 degrees, it includes a diamond blade too to cut stones, concrete and bricks. 

It is the better chop saw so far that replaces abrasive saw in terms of value because throughout the blade-life you are going to get a constant depth of cut 2” round with no frequent blade changes.



If you want a multipurpose chop saw to get your job done quickly, Evolution RAGE4 is the right chop saw to invest in. One blade for a wide range of materials, faster than abrasive saw saves time and money and whatnot, it is one of the finest chop saw on the market.

8. Proxxon 37160

Micro chop saw, as the names indicate is a small chop saw weighing only 12 pounds, yes you heard it right, only 12 pounds. For a limited workplace area this is the ideal chop saw, takes up very little space. It is micro in size but mega in operations possessing with powerful but quiet DC motor that delivers 5,400 RPM. Its modified and user-friendly design makes it easy to operate. It has a counter-rotating table rotates on both sides at 45 degrees with positive stops at 15 degrees so you can have opposite angles for two same framing materials that lead to an accurate miter joint. This tool is effectively used for miter cuts.

The lateral movement of the saw head helps to get closer to the vise holding the material to produce virtually burr-free cuts. It is ideal for thin or round workpieces too as it is integrated with a tightening mechanism having self-centered clamps. Last but not the least, its carbide-tipped blade protected with polycarbonate ensures its durability.



For a small workplace area, this is remarkably the finest chop saw you can invest in. Great value and many benefits. Best miter cutting saw is here.

9. DEWALT 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw

DEWALT DW872 uses 14-inch 66 teeth carbide-tipped blade modified with 12% titanium carbide is an ideal ferrous metal cutting chop saw you can find in this list. This multi cutter offers great versatility and impressive design. The hand-held DEWALT metal chop saw with 66 tooth ATB geometry gives burr-free clean cuts.

Its ergonomic design makes it worth choosing. It saves money because the carbide-tipped blade is more durable than abrasive blades, further it cuts 4x faster than an abrasive saw and 8x faster than the portable band saw. It saves time too as doesn’t require wheel changes also eliminates the need for preparation grinding, gives off cool cuts with no burrs. 

In terms of power, it is a powerful tool with 15-amp motor providing overload protection, and with a 66-tooth blade, it can cuts off ferrous metals cleanly. The tri-foil braze-on blade makes the tip last longer by reducing the stress.



This is an ideal multi cutter saw having ATB tooth configuration to give precise miter cuts. So, if you want to buy a miter cutting was this is the one is better choice for you.

10. Makita XSC01Z Metal Cutting Chop Saw

Makita XSC01Z is the fastest metal cutting chop saw. It is a battery-operated cordless saw with a powerful motor that delivers 3,600 RPM. It is the lightest weighted chop saw among this list weighing only 5.7 pounds that makes it compact and easy to carry portable chop saw. It is ergonomically designed and doesn’t strain the user nor causes fatigue, ultimately increases productivity. It is equipped with an L.E.D light and illuminates the working area. 

Further, it has star protection computer control that helps you protect the battery from overload, over-discharge and over-heating. It has LXT advantage which means 3x faster charging, 50x more running hours and efficient powers management with the Star protection.



Buyer's Guide

Here we have enlisted some points that you need to consider before buying a chop saw, considering these points will help you to select the best chop saw. 


The first and foremost thing you should consider when buying a chop saw is the size, design (teeth tooth configuration), and quality of blade you need to handle the material.

  • Size: Chop saw usually comes in 8,10,12 and 14-inches depending upon its intended use, the larger the size of the blades, the larger size it will cut through the material. You should choose wisely how many large or small cuts you need in an operation.
  • Teeth count: Teeth count of the blade is also an essential thing you need to ponder over; teeth count is related to the smoothness of cuts and speed of material removal. If you want smoother cuts than usually more teeth per blade is required that means less material removal per tooth, and if you want fast removal from the material you should go for a less number of tooth blades. 
  • Tooth configuration: The tooth configuration is also another important factor in a chop saw to consider and is based on the material you want to cut. For example, ATB alternate top bevel configuration of teeth is used for generating smoother cuts in veneered plywood and flat top configuration is used for softwoods as they create fewer splinters. 
  • Quality: Quality of the blade, its durability and performance are the key factors to consider when selecting the perfect chop saw for the project. Many chop saws use abrasive wheels, and many uses carbide-tipped blades, the abrasive wheels are likely to fall apart and give lesser cuts per pound as compared to carbide tipped blades. But the choice also depends upon the material to be cut down. As the diamond blade is used for cutting stones. Anyways, Carbide tipped blades are much faster and offer great durability. 


The power and performance of a chop saw are what makes it the excellent chop saw or worst chop saw. A powerful motor is all you should look for while getting yourself a chop saw. Many chop saws come with a powerful motor of 15 amp and deliver on average about 3000 to 4000 RPM no-load speed. This is the performance ability you should look for otherwise, a motor with less power and lower RPMs doesn’t work that much better.


Chop saw vs miter saw? What if you get chop saw and miter saw both? Chop saw is designed to give straight, square cuts but there are many chop saws available on the market that offers adjustable cutting fence 0-45 degrees and can give straight and angled cuts booth precisely. Depending upon the intended use, choosing chop saw with miter adjustments is more versatile to have in the workplace.


While shopping for a chop saw look for some safety features to ensure the protection.

  • Spark deflectors:

A chop saw for metal, iron or steel cutting must contain spark deflectors to ensure that the sparks don’t encompass the workers or materials. They are also important to provide a clear sight while cutting metal to give precise cuts.

  • Blade guards: 

Blades of chop saw must come with blade guards to ensure the safety of the user. During woodcutting, blade guards lift and allow the wood shaving to fall off providing clear sight to the user

  • Locking and clamping system:

Lockdown pins must be present on a chop saw to allow saw head to be covered during transport and must have spindle lock too to help in blade change. Likewise, a lockout trigger must be present to prevent accidental startups. A chop saw must be equipped with proper tightening and clamping system to avoid any accident and injury in case of material fall.

These are some important things that will help you buy the best chop saw for the intended purpose. I hope it helps!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chop saw?

It is a power tool used to make straight cuts in different materials.

What is a miter saw?

Miter saw is a tool aimed to provide angled cuts. 

What is an abrasive chop saw?

It is also a chop saw called cut off saw that is used to cut metals and concrete. It has an abrasive wheel.

What does a chop saw do?

Chop saw is designed to make cuts in materials i.e wood. If it has the feature of cutting angularly 0-45 degrees than it is called a miter saw. They come with a different configuration that makes them different from chop saw.

How do I change the saw blade?

Remove the spindle cover and then rotate the blade guard on the upper side, then remove the blade. Press the spindle lock to lock the spindle completely. Then replace the blade.

How to sharpen chop saw blade?

Clean the blade, remove all dirt. Get a sharpening tool and put the sawdust on the edge of the sharpener rub it, then place the blade on the sharpener and move it around it, you will get a sharpened metal blade after this. 

How to unlock chop saw DeWalt?

The lock consists of a knob and pin. Pull or push the knob on the end of the pin to release or lock the blade. Depending on the model, it may require twisting, but typically is only an inward, outward movement of the pin. The blade should lift automatically when the pin is released.

Which is the best chop saw to buy?

Here is the list of top 10 chop saws available on the market:

  1. DEWALT DW872 Metal Cutting Saw
  2. DEWALT D28715 Chop Saw
  3. Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Saw
  4. Makita EK7651H
  5. DEWALT D28730 Chop Saw
  7. Evolution RAGE4
  8. Proxxon 37160
  9. DEWALT 14-Inch Multi-Cutter Saw
  10. Makita XSC01Z Metal Cutting Chop Saw 

When to replace chop saw blade? 

When it is dull, you observe that it is not cutting smoothly and binds up with the blade, and when you cut off wood it chips rather than cuts, its time to change the blade.

Can a chop saw cut aluminum?

Yes, a chop saw equipped with carbide-tipped blades can cut aluminum


This article aims to provide you a thorough review of the top chop saws on the market that includes excellent metal chop saw, top chop saw for wood and top chop saw for different materials. A chop saw is a tool that one requires for low to heavy-duty tasks mostly used by farmers, engineers, HVAC, and contractors.

This article has so far covered the primary information about chop saw then provides a brief product review along with their pros and cons to make you select what’s best suitable for you. This writing is an ultimate buying guide and has got all the information necessary to get into your knowledge before you run to the chop saw market. 

What makes us choose these chop saws as the great chop saw is the durability, portability value for money, performance, speed, and efficiency of these chop saws. Ponder over all the basic points and characters listed above to get yourself the better chop saw.

Hope this article helps you find an ultimate chop saw for your work.

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