10 Best Cordless Circular Saws In 2020 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you in search of the best cordless circular saws? Then you’ve got the right place glaring at you! You’ll see the cordless circular saws for building or home repairs, by tagging along with our little guide. We’ve reviewed and shortlisted many grand cordless circular saw for your dream cutting experience, so let it guide you in the routine cutting of doors, building shelves, or home repairs. Are you thinking of a device that is powered by battery now? That was in the days past when circular saws are powered by gas, and dating back to the further era, where one can categorize water-controlled sawmill under cordless circular saw!

It is clear that a water-fueled circular saw cannot be easily controllable or useful in many areas, making it the more reason for considering the cordless model. As you search for battery-controlled cordless saw, let our little reviews assist you with narrowing the field. Our surveys of the top appraised cordless saws available in the market give you knowledge into their best parts, strength, as well as specialized details. We explore the output of their power, speed, control and usability. We inspect their limitations, cutting dept. at any angle of inclination, including their bevel. Lastly, we checked on the blade type used in these cordless saws as well as the needed batteries for operations. We have enlisted numerous brands and their models, and in a quest to reduce the burden for you, we have answers to almost all FAQs as regards to cordless saws in our customer’s guide.

Before we continue, let’s check out these top ten cordless circular saws available right now!

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Makita XPS01PTJ


The 10 Best Cordless Circular Saws

1. DEWALT DCS391B Cordless Circular Saw - Top Pick

DEWALT DCS391B 20V MAX 6-1/2 “Circular Saw has a strong 460 MWO, 5250 RPM sensor which delivers high-class speed and power for reducing the most challenging cuts to nothing! It features a powerful and featherweight magnesium shoe that gives you workplace sturdiness for an extended cut precision. Another special feature of this wonderful device is the optimized plastic ready-made comforting grip which allows easy control and optimal balance for your cutting experience. Its (0-50) Degree bevel competence facilitates violent bevel cuts in diverse applications. The 6-1/2” carbide tilted cutting advantage for chopping 2x substances at (45-90) Degree and other cuts/charge is another unique feature of this Saw. 

Note the following attributes of the Saw; No-load velocity: 5250 rpm, the Arbor dimension: 5/8′, Cutting depth at 45 Degree is 1-5/8′, and, at 90 Degree is 2-1/4.’ And the packaging includes DCS391. This Saw can power through ¾ inches plywood and hardwood skids to chew 2 by 4. It is more than capable of chopping a 4 by 4 which is 6 and a half inches with 2 inches chopping blade.



2. DEWALT DCS570B Cordless Circular Saw - Best Overall

This cordless wonder features brakes (bare tool) that has a brushless machine which provides nearly 5200 RPM. It works by maintaining a uniform velocity under load. It makes use of 7-1/4″ edge that depth of 2-9/16 “with a bevel strength of approximately 57 degrees. The saw provides approximately 100 crosscuts in a pine. This circular Saw is a bare tool device, and the battery is bought distinctly since it’s not packaged together. It features a top handle, 5200 RPM, with a brushless sensor. It cuts down to these depths; at 45 ° = 1-5/8 inches, and at 90 ° = 2-9/16 inches. Other specific attributes of this unique instrument include; 2 bevel stops, end swivel, an electric brake, with maximum watts out = 900 watts. Enclosed also are; 1) 7-1/4 “(184 mm) Circular saw, and 1) 7-1/4” (184 mm) saw. You’ll find included, a varying blade wrench. 

The design on the bottom plate allows the user to have a view of the blade’s chopping activities. It operates in a noiseless mode. It is good to note that; the brushless engine gives 5200Rpm and keeps up speed under the burden, Runtime is 100 cross cuts in a 2×4 (Pine), and the limit is 7-1/4″ edge which provides 2-9/16″ cutting insight. The convenience is at a slope limit of approximately 57 degrees, and the battery is excluded and sold separately with charger.



3. Makita XPS01PTJ Cordless Circular Saw - Great Value

The Makita brushless plunge circular saw unit works accordingly with increased accuracy when you join it with a flexible guiding rail unit. This saw works in collaboration with the rail outline which gives out a precise cut with zero tears. The saw adds works together with the Makita-built brushless sensor, empowered by dual 18V LXT batteries that can automatically switch overuse while in operation. They can change hands with programmed speed and could modify cutting speed and torque while the user is working. Makita Brushless 6-1/2” has a variable speed monitoring dial of 2, 500 – 6, 300 RPM, a smooth beginning and a powerful electronic brake for extra ease. There is a huge 2-3/16″ cut-level of 90 degrees, with inclination power of – 1° -48° with a positive stop at 22.5°& 45°. When you use it with a rail scaffold, though, it’s sold differently, the dive round saw works better than the Table saw. Choose what you want it to do and it is done already. 

It is the best option to use hands in workshops. The unit comes with dual 18V LXT 5.0Ah batteries, with maximum strength swift in 45 minutes if you use it on an effective rapid charging device. They can switch roles very fast, and they last for a long time to boost production. For more comfort, the batteries have an L.E.D, which indicates the charge level. 



4. Makita XSR01PT

The Makita is an invention in the categories of Brushless sensor technologies and battery inventions. It joins dual 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries in its operation. It features an electrically-controlled BL Brushless sensor that matches torque together with RPM. Makita 18V x2 indicates cordless issues in cutting areas and or in dimensional timber which requires a corded saw. The best part is that you can stay longer using one battery platform. The Makita 18V LXT cordless is an ultimate innovation that ensures special cutting moments with high-quality productivity. These series have the fastest battery charging time and can last during the performance for higher productivity. Makita’s 18V Lithium-Ion platform is making the world very happy with its top cordless sensor which does not allow your device to sit too long on a charger.



5. Milwaukee M18 2630-20

It’s a piece of Milwaukee M18 2630-20 structure, the world’s biggest cordless device empowered by 18 Volt Lithium-Ion batteries. Milwaukee M18 batteries have the quickest charge times in their classifications, so they work more and charge faster. For an enhanced machine functionality and durable battery life, Milwaukee made Star Protection Computer Controls. Star Protection is an additional invention which helps the Star Protection-prepared device and battery to trade data successfully and screen conditions during use. This ensures security against over-burdening, over-releasing and overheating. 

For greater flexibility, the device could be controlled by Milwaukee M18 2630-20 and Compact Lithium-Ion batteries. Take note that a star image shows Star Protection. With 3,500 RPM and 24 Tooth Carbide blade, this circular saw can cut woods no matter the size and depth. However, with magnesium guards, you can never injure yourself.




This item features an Aircraft aluminum shoe-like section that offers enhanced accuracy while functioning. The electronic brakes automatically stop the blade once the machine finishes work. The circular saw is easy to use, portable and compact because it is of lightweight design. Once you touch the saw, you’ll like the soft-grip hand which makes operation easy. The machine is for the overall comfort of the operator. 

The circular saw is of good material, through the Heavy-duty which protects it, it remains highly durable. You wouldn’t stoop so low at any point in time to check the gauge, as the “on-board display unit’ for displaying the battery level is automatically working to do its work.

There is an auto on and off the unit to control the saw and a remarkable speed for a higher functionality! The mere look will not show you the functionalities of this saw until you put it to work. The magnesium watches in the sharp blades protect the saw from knocks and drops.




This item features an Aircraft aluminum shoe-like section that offers enhanced accuracy while functioning. The electronic brakes automatically stop the blade once the machine finishes work. The circular saw is easy to use, portable and compact because it is of lightweight design. Once you touch the saw, you’ll like the soft-grip hand which makes operation easy. The machine is for the overall comfort of the operator. 

The circular saw is of good material, through the Heavy-duty which protects it, it remains highly durable. You wouldn’t stoop so low at any point in time to check the gauge, as the “on-board display unit’ for displaying the battery level is automatically working to do its work.

There is an auto on and off the unit to control the saw and a remarkable speed for a higher functionality! The mere look will not show you the functionalities of this saw until you put it to work. The magnesium watches in the sharp blades protect the saw from knocks and drops.



8. Makita XSS02Z

Here’s another power sensor with its power from the 3,700rpm engine of Makita XSS02Z. It is a strong cutting device which gives a 6 ½” edge and 2 ¼” profundity of cut. At approximately 7 lbs., its portable nature and flexible structure make you comfortable while chopping on and on. 

It’s highly ergonometric in your grasps, calm and easy for what it is. Like the DeWalt, you will notice its sole cutting edge which could slice up to a 50-degree slant. Although it does not have an automatic edge brake, it works perfectly better than most of its categories in the market. 

Makita fans scrutinize through the manufacturer’s batteries in their attempt to know the one that can work perfectly or the one which cannot function with the device. 

However, if you’re thinking of the Makita group of instruments, and going with the batteries, this saw is what you need.



9. Makita XSH04ZB

Makita made another class in cordless with 18V LXT Sub-Compact devices. Makita Sub-Compact offers a 12V unique moment with 18V executions, and this is similar to the world’s biggest 18V cordless device backdrop. The XSH04ZB is built for chopping and tearing applications, and is perfect for workers looking for growth in their encircling, material, and forming work. And as a Sub-Compact 6-1/2″ round Saw has a minimized and ergonomic plan at just 10-5/8″ and 6. 4 lbs. Fans review the functionality of the 18V LXT Solid 2. 0 Ah batteries and its charger, although, it is being sold independently. The minimized size joined with the Makita-developed brushless engine delivers up to 5, 000 RPM and a better force, against huge weight. 

The saw is modeled using Makita’s Automatic Speed Change device, which changes cutting speed and torque under heavy-load. The brushless engine is electronically controlled to give an optimum run time than non-brushless engines. In run-time testing, the XSH04 got up to 350 cross-cuts per charge in a 2×4 SPF mix-up with one 2. 0Ah battery independently. 

When you need to increase the run time to suit you, you can stack up a high amp-hour 18V LXT battery. You can get; 2. 0Ah (BL1820B), 3. 0Ah (BL1830B), 4. 0Ah (BL1840B), 5. 0Ah (BL1850B) or 6. 0Ah (BL1860B) from the market places. 

The sensor has double L. E. D. lights, electric brake, worked-in-tie-step, and the “Extreme Protection Technology” (XPT ) for water opposition and easy residue in brutal work-place conditions.




On paper, the Porter-Cable PCC660B works mostly like our choice models. Its 6 ½” cutting edge gives 2 1/8″ cut profoundness and up to a 50-degree slant cut. It has a 4,000rpm engine, for power. At 6.5 lbs. it’s portable to be anything but difficult to use for a full day. 

Many cordless force device manufacturers of PC make fleets of tradable batteries. As the sloping shoe rotates up to 50 degrees in old cutting devices, so does this saw offers a shaped-over-formed handle streamlined for long-lasting comfort! The saw eradicates place of work weariness as it tips the scales at just 6.5 lbs. This unit is a piece of the 20V Max System; an elite cordless stage! 



Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Cordless Circular Saw

Here are some tips for your purchasing a Cordless Circular Saw!


There is no way a cordless device can do it all. A cordless saw can work very well at small distances from your house or in some lighter tasks. However, where you have rock-like chopping activity, the corded saw is the better decision.


In comparing the sizes, there is no way you can get a big saw that is of small size. Therefore, if you desire to have heavy saw for heavy functionalities, get saws with cord. But if your work requires mini-device with little edges for cutting, you can always go for the cordless.

But there are times when the cordless can get all the work done as well as you want it. It all depends on the type of work you engage in!

Blades, Sharp Edges, Cutting Edges

Some would oppose that the decision of a sharp edge makes up your saw choice. This can spoil it all for you. Check the manual to see what the manufacturer stated in the specification section. This should be the basis of your choice of a cutting blade.


Corded saws need a dependable power source to take you all through the day as you wish. But do you know that the cordless lasts as long as the batteries could take you? You have to think over the time span in your work and what you want from the saw before you could conclude what saw to purchase. Check your battery strength if it all it takes to make a day for you. If it is okay with you, get a cordless fast! Then consider where you are going to work, is there power supply there? With no power readily available, you won’t saw anything.


The best in class corded saw won’t work at a place of work that hasn’t been wired yet. If that’s your spot for whole day work, you’ll need to go with a cordless model. Each cordless saw is more convenient than its corded cousin.


Cordless saws are lighter than corded saws. Including a battery pack would add extra weight, although the weight you would add will be according to your battery juice. Do you carry out a lot of chopping in front or beyond your head? Do you saw all day long, or do you split it up with diverse activities that engage more of your muscles? A cordless saw, even one that is a little bit weightier than a saw with cord, is going to be your ultimate choice for sawing in a contortionist style. However, if you’re always sawing at a sawhorse, you may not have the power to hold it over your head for a very long period of time in a day!


The safety of use is vital in any saw. If you’ve other people working in a little space, it’ll be a test to avoid stumbling over one another’s cord, not to mention, slicing through them. Cordless devices are easier and highly safe in populated workspaces.


Cords are clumsy to handle. They get tangled, they become dirty, they become distorted, and toward the end of the working period, you need to gather them all up and in one way or another store them. Cords are cases to all; while battery packs line together cozily on the channel back home, charging for the following day. Tossing all the battery packs into a canister is the best technique to end your day than dealing with all the cords. 

Flexibility and Brand Loyalty

Manufacturers of notable brands offer varieties of battery packs that fit all their cordless machines. If you stay with one brand, you can see that all the instruments make use of the same batteries. Chose a brand that will offer the use of other forms of batteries and ensure you are dealing with straightforward brands too. A few toolmakers make a fantastic job of making it simple to change out batteries and give such batteries at values worth their intensity levels. Some producers are fake in the field of the cordless saw, while, none of this applies to corded instruments since they each have their own devoted string. 


Their costs are not too gapped! But, be certain to check if the cordless model you’ve your eye on comes with a battery – many don’t. If already, you have a tradable battery from that group of instruments, no problem, and if not, buy to the cost of the cordless model.



How does a Cordless Circular saw Work? 

This kind of saw takes a shot at battery power, meaning that the cordless circular saw instruments don’t need connections to a power device to work. The battery-powered electric saw turns round the cutting-edge blade and this is the thing that cuts into the wood, metal or plastic. You should choose the right slicing sharp-edge for the material or you could harm the saw edge when using an edge for cutting wood or metal. 

Our kind of cordless circular saw devices has handles on/off switches and an arbor nut that holds the cutting edges in their place. They feature gatekeepers to protect the client from the harm of the blade when it turns. They are very good and the ultimate choice of many users. you should adhere to the instructions on your manual for your particular image to help you understand the offerings of the saw you are buying. 

Which saw is the best for a novice? 

When taking a look at getting a saw for the novice welfare, ease of use and comfort, think of security. Security is vital since these cordless circular Saws are electrical appliances. These devices can be perilous when you handle them carelessly. A saw with an electric brake that will stop the cutting edge some seconds after the force is released is powerful and not easy for a learner. 

The top kinds of these corded handouts saw instruments, for example, the Hitachi C18DGLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion Circular Saw which we chose as top out of the best 10 available has what it takes to protect a novice! You will find it easily understandable with the specific numbers and clearly fixed switches. You’ll enjoy the flexible handles as an additional incredible choice for an amateur to use.

How perfect do Cordless Circular Saws Cork? 

This kind of cordless circular saw can function perfectly for smaller and more slender material, for example, compressed wood, and work for drywalls. Although one can say that the appearance of the lithium-particle battery has changed these 18V saws into something much more significant than past renditions, and some of them are authentic pedal to the metal 6.5″ mammoths which can rival their cousins. 

How long-lasting is a Cordless Circular saw? 

A cordless circular saw is sturdy and will last for a very long time if kept clean. Also, it lasts according to the use of which you put it. People who use their occasionally find that it lasts longer than those who engage their own in continuous use. Batteries have a life expectancy so you should think of what you have done with the battery all the time of use, this will help you understand how long-lasting your saw could be! All the same, remember that all equipment is to be kept in proper places after you. Don’t expose them to moisture and always check the batteries before use. If any battery runs down, you have to replace it with a good battery for better functionality.


Many people still ask if it’s a good idea for them to purchase a Corded or Cordless Circular Saw. The issues are that both the corded and cordless circular saw instruments are valuable in their own specific manners. The corded saw is used for cutting a lot thicker material than our ground-breaking cordless saw; yet, the corded saw is not the ultimate in some cases. However, we can’t use that to conclude that this is better than this! Each has its own area of high-classed functionality. If your task entails cutting off thick materials and you are to work in places where electricity supply is the issue, for example, in business regions where the corded saw is not an ideal choice, use the cordless with a pack of batteries.

Likewise, when the workload is high and the innocent cordless saw cannot do it all for you, don’t stop to think of a corded saw. People who work for a very long period of time may make the corded their choice too, but if it entails prolonged use of your muscles, you are asked to make do with the lighter cordless saw. Where you are a novice in using this kind of device read the guide very well and follow it religiously. You will start to enjoy the cordless. It can go where you go and do what you want it to do. What else do you want from a saw?

Finally, we are selecting these best cordless circular saw brands after a thorough check, and not just to promote any brand. So if you are considering getting any, we guarantee you the best of performance and functionality. You will get your money worth as you consider trying them!

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