10 Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Changing Tires 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

Have you ever encountered a flat tire amidst the busy street? Probably, you have sweated like you have bathed newly and still found the loosening of the little but pesky lug nut impossible. It happens when you use a lug or hand wrench for the purpose.

However, to deal with flat tires replacement and rusted bolts, you can always count on the cordless impact wrenches. The powerful and convenient tool makes the flat tire replacement a breeze. Yes, the best cordless impact wrench for changing tires is that good, probably better than your anticipations.

You must be at seven clouds and thinking, yeah, I will get the impact wrench and get the job done.

Wait, mate. Although the impact wrench brings immense facility in tire changing, carpentry, woodworking, and many more sectors, choosing the best one can be tedious.

Are you frustrated reading the challenges in picking the right impact wrench?

Don’t be……..

We have covered the top ten best cordless impact wrench for the money in the article that are super-supportive to change flat tires. Also, we have included a detailed buying guide and FAQ section. So, your vapors of confusion clear away.

Let’s start then.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Top Pick


DEWALT DCF899HB 20v MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil
Best Overall

Milwaukee 2767-21

Milwaukee 2767-21 M18 Cordless Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Kit
Great Value

Makita XWT11R


The 10 Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

Previously, impact wrenches were pneumatic that made it tough to move in the road and work with them. These days, most impact wrenches are cordless and operate with battery. So, these are the portable and perfect match for tire changes.

1. DEWALT DCF899HB 20v MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench - Top Pick

If we ever have to pick only one impact wrench for tire replacement, we would go with the DeWalt DCF899HB without a second thought. Thankfully, the impact wrench brings supreme performance and durability at the same point that deservedly places it in the 1st position.

The wrench equips with a maximum of 700 ft./lbs. And supports 1200 ft./lbs. Breakaway torque. So, you can guess how stealthy the wrench is. Well, such brute power isn’t for show off; rather, it enables the wrench to create a heavy-duty impact.

Next, the impact wrench comes with a three-speed selector at 400, 1200 and 1900 RPM. So, you can opt for the right speed for each project. What’s more, the speed selection is made with one switch only.

With the DEWALT DCF899HB 20v MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench, you can change the tires at dark or when the light is below the optimal level as well. It is possible due to its brilliant LED light.

And for durability, the wrench features a 6 feet drop capacity several times. The only drawback that we noticed of the wrench is its battery and charger sold separately.

Key Features

  • It has a three-speed selection for different projects.
  • Customized storage is possible due to a pivotal organization.
  • Convenient carrying capacity.
  • Superior and consistent brushless motor.




The DEWALT DCF899HB 20v MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench will suit them more who knows how to work with a wrench. It is a professional tool with high torque generation.

2. Milwaukee 2767-21 M18 Cordless Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Kit - Best Overall

Milwaukee is another top-class power tool manufacturer that matches the brilliance of DeWalt head to head and even outshines it at times. The same is true for the Milwaukee 2767-21 M18 Cordless impact wrench.

It comes with 1000ft./lbs. fastening and 1400ft./lbs. busting torque. So, it delivers just about the right power to deal with the pesky rusted nuts with the least of physical effort. But such superman like torque doesn’t make the work effortless only.

It makes the nuts removing and fastening 2X faster too. So, even if you need to replace tires while going to offices quickly, you won’t be late.

The impact wrench has four Drive Modes. But, let’s talk about the Bolt Removal mode that reduces the speed at 700RPM for smoothness and quick fastening. Moreover, the power wrench has friction eliminating feature that works well with the stubborn bolts.

The insane capability of the wrench doesn’t end here.

The tool is so compact that it easily passes through the tightest space. Lastly, it offers a tool-free and responsive socket change that is definitely a cherry on the pie.

Key Features

  • No need to use pneumatic tools due to the Friction Ring elimination.
  • The impact wrench brings 2X faster removal speed.
  • Users will enjoy great control with bolt fastening and removal.
  • Ideal wrench to work in tight spaces.




Milwaukee 2767-21 is the best cordless impact wrench for changing tires comes with everything necessary within the package. So, its starting future benefits nullify the initial expensiveness.

3. Makita XWT11R 18V Compact Cordless Impact Wrench - Great Value

The Makita XWT11R 18V Compact Cordless Impact Wrench comes with extraordinary fastening performance with a perfect combination of speed controls and extended battery life. The extended run time is made possible with the Makita brushless motor that also serves as a long-running tool.

The brushless motor runs with an Efficient BL technology that enables the battery to run 50% longer than regular ones. There’s even a 3-stage battery gauge. The LED indicator indicates the battery charge to help you know it’s right to condition.

Apart from the durability and run time, it features three variable speed controls at 500, 600, and 800RPM speed to suit a variety of fastening and loosening chores. Also, the speed variation is secure, with one switch control only.

The next big thing about the Makita impact wrench kit is its auto-stop reverse rotation mode. So, the tool stops within two seconds once the nut is loosened adequately. It helps in saving battery life with better optimization.

Lastly, its adequate LED light illuminates the work area so you can change tires even if the light isn’t in perfect condition.

Key Features

  • It has three variable speed controls at 500, 600, and 800RPM.
  • Bright LED light illuminates the surface adequately.
  • The optimized battery has 50% more extended run time.
  • The tool stops within two seconds of nuts loosening.




The Makita XWT11R weighs only 3.2 lbs. Which provides comfortable carrying. And the soft hand grip is ideal for working with the rusted nuts.

4. Makita XWT08Z 18 Volt Cordless Impact Wrench

This is our 2nd straight pick from Makita for the finest cordless impact wrench for changing tires, and it arguably deserves the selection with a combination of high torque and better battery optimization. To speak the truth, the LXT Lithium battery has a 65% more run time compared to Makita BL1830 impact wrench, another brilliant tool.

Furthermore, the pre-built LED charge indicator allows you to know the charging state with a subtle glow. On top of the extended run time, the brushless motor runs with electronic controls. So, you can expect a pretty good endurance from the engine.

Besides, the stealthy motor generates a max 740ft/pounds torque with a 1180ft/pounds breakaway torque to fasten and loosen the pesky nuts with ease. The engine also reduces carbon brushes that enable it to remain calmer and run longer for an extended period.

Additionally, the XWT08Z impact wrench features easy switching between three-speed controls for a variety of applications. Yes, you can adjust the speed and set it accordingly.

You can achieve 220IPMs to make the tires changing a breeze that makes it one of the high-impact and handy wrench in our list.

Key Features

  • Brushless motor remains cool for an incredibly long time.
  • The battery is effectively charged in less than 45 minutes.
  • Switch controlled three-speed variations.
  • An LED indicator for battery gauge.




The game-changer Makita XWT08Z impact wrench is a money well-spent tool with an efficient motor and ergonomic control.

5. NoCry NIW-400NM-DE 20V Cordless Impact Wrench

This impact wrench is a high-performing tool that is made to perform a myriad of fastening and loosening chores. You can use the power tool for loosen and fasten large screws, lug nuts as well as most bolt types.

Both the job is made effortless with 300ft-lbs and 260ft-lbs tightening and loosening torque capacity. The high-performing torque generation quickly removes the embedded bolts. Hence, it is a perfect tool for replacing personal car tires at home.

Moreover, the variety comes handy at tackling numerous repairing jobs at your residence without calling for a professional. What a money-saving deal!

Also, the impact wrench delivers unbeatable power with its powerful motor that generates a maximum 2200 RPMs speed. So, you can quickly remove the flat tires from all vehicles, including cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles, and even the largest trailers.

Therefore, its ½ inches detent anvil handles heavy-duty repairs in construction sites, at home, and assembly line.

Key Features

  • Max 2700IPM rating supports heavy-duty repairing projects.
  • The 20V rechargeable lithium battery runs continuously for 65 minutes.
  • The grip handle is insulated for comfortable and safe working.
  • 0-2200 RPM variable speed for different applications.




It is a professional auto-mechanic tool supportive for residential users as well. DIY workers will love its easiness of performing regular repairing jobs.

6. Milwaukee 2663-20 18-Volt M18 Cordless Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

The 2663-20 impact wrench is one of the top-selling items from Milwaukee partly because of its unrivaled performance and partly due to its comforts at work.

It equips with a 1/2 inches anvil and friction ring that supports one-hand socket changes with the least of your efforts. Also, its ergonomic handgrip makes the tire changing process a painless one, even if you are working with the large trailer tires.

Then, the real-time battery gauge allows you to check the battery charge and estimate how long it will work. So, you can stay ahead of the alerts and prepare the plan accordingly.

Furthermore, its 475ft-lbs power is adequate to remove bolts from cars, commercial vehicles, trailers, and what not! Additionally, the four-pole motor comes handy at maximizing the potential with the best of its effect.

The power wrench supports fatigue-free working with a compact design and even weight distribution. There’s also overload protection that reduces the chance of unwanted damages.

But the best part of the 2663-20 impact wrench is its speed variable ranging from 0-2200IPM with a trigger press only. So, you can quickly shift between the variable IPM and RPM to perform various applications.

Key Features

  • The Milwaukee 2663-20 has 0-1900RPM and 0-2200IPM capacity.
  • It generates 475ft-lbs torque to remove the bolts in a flash.
  • One hand socket change possible.
  • The frameless motor has a high impact mechanism.




The Milwaukee 2663-20 cordless impact wrench has the top-class performance. However, you need to invest in the battery and charger separately, which is a diminishing point.

7. CRAFTSMAN CMCF900M1 V20 Cordless Impact Wrench

Some tools are made to perform specific jobs with perfection, and the saying goes hand in hand with the Craftsman V20 Impact Wrench. We call it a game-changer wrench because it equips with a ½ inches Hog ring anvil. So, you can change the sockets in a flush.

It has 0-1700 RPM and 0-2500IPM ratings to remove even the largest fasteners at ease. Moreover, the motor generates 350 ft-lbs. the Torque that gets the tire changing job done quickly too.

Craftsman has equipped the powerful motor with a 4Ah battery that delivers professional-grade runtime with the newly improved energy-cells. The longer runtime means you can work in the construction sites and professional garage where battery-draining can be an issue.

The longer runtime supports heavy-duty job site applications. Also, the motor has been optimized to remain cool for an extended period. So, it enhances performance without causing significant damage.

Key Features

  • The impact wrench has a 0-1700RPM and 0-2500IPM rating.
  • 4Ah battery runs for an extended period to support a professional job site.
  • It is useable with the updated Versatrack hook.
  • LED lights for better visibility in darker conditions.




This Craftsman wrench is the excellent cordless impact wrench for changing tires with professional performance. Also, it is priced consumer-friendly.

8. DEWALT DCF890M2 20V MAX XR Compact Cordless Impact Wrench

Changing tires at home or in the street can be perilous if you fail to get the right tool for it. Thankfully, the DeWalt DCF890M2 is just about the right impact wrench that will make tire and socket changes easier than you ever anticipated.

The combination comes with a fully functional socket set with eight (8) standard sizes ranging from 2” to the smallest ¼.” So, you get excellent adaptability with the unit.

On top of the adaptability, the impact wrench set comes with a quality brushless motor. It has an extended runtime with better battery optimization. So, you can use the wrench set for the heavy-duty and professional job site.

During our review, we also liked the lightweight construction of the power unit. In fact, it weighs ardently only 2 lbs., and so, you won’t feel fatigued even after hours of working. However, the efficient impact tool does every job in a flash that won’t require long working hours.

Lastly, the unit features a friendly trigger system to adjust the speed variables. The speed variable enhances control and convenience.

Key Features

  • The brushless motor has increased efficiency and longer runtime.
  • The socket set includes eight standard sizes.
  • Enhanced control with variable speed trigger.
  • Three LED lights for adequate visibility in dark places.




We recommend the 2-in-1 wrench and socket for those who often perform repairing jobs at home. It also delivers just about the true power and control for professional use.

9. PORTER-CABLE PCC740LA 20V MAX Cordless Impact Wrench

Our next power tool for the excellent cordless impact wrench for changing tires comes from another reliable brand, Porter-Cable. The PCC740LA from Porter-Cable offers a lasting, convenient, and consistent performance at loosening and fastening the bolts for tire replacement.

It generates 260ft-lbs power with consistency. Therefore, it is usable in heavy-duty applications for changing tires from cars, commercial vehicles, trailers, and more.

It drives a maximum 1600RPM speed that makes removing large fasteners effortless. Also, the unit features adequate IPM to work with every type of nuts and bolts.  The RPM and IPM cooperate with sufficient power to make the task easier.

The incredible benefit of the PORTER-CABLE PCC740LA doesn’t end here.

The hog ring is ½ inches long that supports quick and secure socket changes. Henceforth, it is a versatile power tool.

Moreover, it has triggered variable speed for the right control on every application. Then there’s the professional-grade lithium battery. It has an extended runtime that suits heavy-duty performance.

Key Features

  • It generates 260ft-lbs torque for professional-grade performance.
  • Its 1650 RPM quickly drives even the largest fasteners.
  • The power tool supports variable speed adjustments.
  • It has the minimal self- discharge in our list.




You can get most of your residential replacement works smoothly with the PORTER-CABLE PCC740LA cordless impact wrench. Also, it is affordable.

10. Milwaukee 2864-20 Cordless Impact Wrench

This is our third selection for tire changing impact wrenches in our list from Milwaukee that takes some quality for such inclusion. Luckily, the 2864-20 electric wrench exceeds our anticipations with 1500ft-lbs breakaway torque and 1200ft-lbs of quick fastening torque.

The most highlighted feature of the impact wrench is its red link patented plus intelligence. Its smart intelligence prevents overheating and overloads to protect the tool from undesired damages. It comes handy to extend the lifespan of this excellent impact wrench.

Another feature that we liked most about the product is its M18 fuel capacity and one-key technology. These together bring the most repeatable impact performance in the industry.

Additionally, the power tool is compactly made. So, you can quickly reach the hard to reach areas with ease and get the job done. It weighs only 6.9 pounds. So, you can use the wrench for a long time without being fatigued or stress.

The 18V lithium battery runs down for an adequate period so you can accomplish the tire changes without a 2nd charging.

Lastly, Milwaukee offers a 5-years warranty with the electric wrench. So, you can replace it anytime if there’s any manufacturing defect.

Key Features

  • Its variable speed is controllable with a trigger function.
  • The 1500ft-lbs are fastening, and 1200ft-lbs breakaway torque is adequate for most applications.
  • The power wrench has overload and overheating protection.
  • Its optimized battery has a useful lifespan.




The impact wrench is an affordable alternative. However, it serves quite brilliantly despite being a cheaper unit.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Changing Tires

An impact wrench is a utility tool that will make your vehicle tire changing a breeze. Also, it comes handy in tackling home repair jobs. However, for such immense benefits, you need to get the best tool.

We sincerely hope that the reviews listed above will be beneficial to choose the most appropriate impact wrench for your use.

Are you still heavily confused about which one to pick?

Well, then you should take a close look at our buying guide for cordless impact wrench for changing tires. We have enlisted effectively all the possible factors that you should consider for the electric wrench.

So, it should help you.

Understanding Your Requirements

An impact wrench specializes in a myriad of repairing chores. However, not every unit can perform all these utilities at the same time. So, you need to decide your requirements first.

The requirements include the followings:

  • What kinds of repairing jobs will you do?
  • How frequently will you use the impact wrench?
  • What is your purchasing purpose?

You need to answer all these questions before you make the selection. For instance, if you are going to engage in massive and intensive replacement tasks, the impact wrench with high torque and robust motor.

On the contrary, DIY workers can invest in an affordable option to save some money and get a mid-range tool.

Torque Capacity

When it comes to torque selection for the cordless impact wrench, you need to consider not one but two types of torque capacity. These two are

  • Fastening torque
  • Loosening torque

The fastening torque needs more power since removing a bolt needs more power than to tighten the bolt. So, it needs your attention.

As you see on our list, most units come up with 150-400 ft-lbs. Torque, and that’s sufficient to replace most tires. However, if you want to engage the wrench in some heavy-duty application, try getting one with higher torque.

Battery Performance

The battery performance also requires much attention when you are going to opt for a suitable impact wrench for changing tires. It is essential since, at most times, you may carry the unit with your vehicles, in case you need to replace the flat tires at the road.

And even if you are going to use it at the garage, the last thing you won’t want is to change the battery frequently in the middle of the tire changing.

That’s the reason you need to get an impact wrench with adequate capacity. Ideally, you get 18V and 20V battery with 3Ah to 4Ah capacity.

You can choose from two battery types:


The lithium-ion batteries are an expensive option but deliver an extended runtime. Also, these are light in weight. The lithium-ion batteries have a minimal 5% self-discharging.

So, you won’t have to worry about the charge holding capacity of the battery.


If you want an affordable electric wrench, you can invest at one with a nickel-cadmium battery. It has a fast self-draining and so, is the least popular battery in the market.

Besides, the battery you also should focus on its recharging capacity. And finally, get a unit with fast charging capacity.

Variable RPM and IPM

An impact wrench with variable RPM can perform a variety of tire replacing unit. The RPM variation should be more comfortable with a trigger switch. Higher RPM facilitates faster bolt removing and fastening while lower RPM lengthens the work.

Also, variable speed suits different applications. Ideally, most impact wrenches come with 0-2000RPM, and it works well in replacing all types of vehicle tires.

The IPM, on the other side, refers to rotating capacity, which is linked with the RPM. As you see, most of our units have 0-1500IPM that suits most fastening applications.

Drive Length

The drive size enables the wrench to generate the maximum output. Higher drive size supports higher torque generation.

All the impact wrench drive size varies between ¼” 3/8” and 1/2”. Ideally, you should get the impact wrench with ½” drive size since it generates the maximum torque output.

Weight and Grip

These are handheld power tool, and so, the gripping play a crucial role in the overall selection. The unit needs to come up with an ergonomic handgrip. Some high-end appliances have a soft grip for further comfort.

Additionally, lightweight impact wrench will save you from fatigue and stress. So, you will be able to work for longer work time with the unit. Hence, consider the weight and gripping comfort for your convenience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between an impact wrench and pneumatic wrench?

Pneumatic wrenches work with airpower, whereas the impact wrench works with electricity, mostly. That’s why sometimes pneumatic wrenches are also called as an air impact wrench. The pneumatic wrenches have more power compared to the electric impact wrenches. However, they are often heavier than limits carrying capacity.

Between 18V, 20V, and 36V, which voltage impact wrench should I choose?

It is simple- higher drill voltage refers to a more powerful impact wrench with higher torque. However, this doesn’t profoundly mean you should always get a 36V drilling voltage capable power tool. Instead, it will depend on the type of work you will mostly perform. For most home repairs and tire changes, both 18V and 20V works well.
Nonetheless, for heavy-duty applications such as removing frozen nuts, you can get the 36V impact wrench.

What do we mean by variable speed trigger?

The variable speed trigger of the impact wrench refers to its capacity to reverse the rotational movement of the unit. The triggering is made possible with the press of a switch only. When you trigger the switch, it cooperates with the other parts of the device to make the reverse rotation possible.

What are the differences between torque, IPM, and RPM of an impact wrench?

RPM stands for the device rotational ability per minute that defines the wrenches’ working speed. The IPM, on the contrary, refers to impact per minute, which represents the working performance of the impact wrench. Lastly, the torque relates to the overall power generation ability of the power unit. These three are closely linked—higher torque results in higher RPM and IPM and vice-versa.

Are battery-powered or cordless impact wrenches ardently any good?

Well, battery-powered or cordless impact wrenches generate less torque compared to pneumatic wrenches. However, cordless wrenches are lightweight and easy to carry. So, you can store it in the vehicles that help you change the tires in emergencies. Also, a battery-powered impact wrench is quite good at handling most bolt removing and fastening.

What is the best overall impact wrench for auto repair?

Several brands such as DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and ACDelco manufacture an array of good corded or cordless impact wrench for auto repair. We have enlisted the top ten cordless impact wrenches for the same purpose. Other best impact tools may include ACDelco and Hammer Head HDIW075 Electric, Impact Wrench.


So, this is our list of ten best cordless impact wrenches for tire changing function. We aspire that you won’t face any more challenges when it comes to change the flat tire of cars, commercial vehicles, trailers, pickups, and more.

Most of our unit has a ½” drive size that operates with the quietest function possible. Also, each of the selected impact wrenches specializes in different services.

We recommend you Milwaukee 2767-21 M18 Cordless Impact Wrench with Friction Ring Kit if you want professional-grade performance. And for comfortable residential usage, you can getDEWALT DCF899HB 20v MAX XR Cordless Impact Wrench.

Nonetheless, other units are highly capable of tackling most of the bolt fastening and loosening chores with ease. Thus, you can trust the selection and pick any one of them that fits your budget and requirement.

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