10 Best Cordless Miter Saws of 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

If you’ve been searching for the best cordless miter saw, then you’re on the right page! Miter saws are among the most helpful devices that you must make available in a workspace. They can make an immense range of cuts effortlessly. A miter saw, on the other hand, is a vital venture and you need to ensure you’re obtaining the correct one to suit your demands. Each of these saws would have a marginally unique degree of speed, power, as well as features; in this way, it may be difficult to tell what exactly your taste is. 

Here’s the place we make life simpler for you as we’ll clarify all the main features of the top 10 cordless miter saws we discovered to be accessible. The present saw, which fuses the capacity to perform compound cutting, have incredibly facilitated the liability on the craftsman. It’s primarily eradicating the need to carry out adapting cuts, while substituting them for miter cuts, both for exterior and interior corners, like compound miter cuts.

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Makita XSL06PT

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The 10 Best Tile Saws

1. DEWALT DCS361M1 Cordless Miter Saw - Top Pick

This brand of saw is very nice for both a pro and a novice. Consider buying it for your mini-task! The DEWALT Cordless Miter Saw uses a 20V Max-Battery that delivers on average, 183 cuts of 2×4 Pine, or 275 cuts of 3-1/4 Pine baseboard. It provides a joined XPS cross-cutting positioning system that offers free cut adjustment line signals for greater accuracy as well as visibility. The 7 1/4 Inches Sliding Saw has a left bevel between the ranges of the 3Degree-48Degree left. Together with its 3 1/2 inches maxi-vertical, 3 5/8 inches crown nested, as well as a 2×8 inches landscape-like cutting capacity, enabling it to tackle the most common cuts required. 

The detent plate of this adjustable stainless-steel Saw features 10 positive controls which help to improve productivity and ensures cutting accuracy. The compact, featherweight model (31.6 bs.) enables easy shipping. Its cam lock handle enables quick delivery and accurate angles adjustment, with the precise miter arrangement or system also. Included in the pack are DCB204 20V Max Battery, and DCB112 12 – 20V Max Charger, Users Guide, Carbide Blade, Blade Wrench, and Material Clamp.



2. Makita XSL06PT Cordless Miter Saw - Best Overall

Makita is the renowned innovator in Brushless motor manufacturing, battery technology. The Miter saw modernization has mixed this skill to get this item. Consider getting the 18V X2 LXT (36V) Lithium-Ion item!

The item is powered through the dual 18V Lithium-Ion ac batteries with 36V capacity and performance, plus an 18V LXT platform. Makita Brushless devise runs for approximately 50% longer than other devices in its category. This helps to increase its capacity and speed, with longer operation time. The XSL06PT comes with a well-organized Brushless motor for delivering about 4400 RPM to get quick and competent cutting through programmed speed Change mechanism to configure cutting speed as well as turning force under load for the best piece. 

The XSL06PT features an exclusive dual-steel rail sliding scheme design for sole slide-glide functionality. It gives smooth as well as Dead-On precise cutting exactly the way you want it, as well as a decreased general footprint feature that enables you to position the saw flush counter to a wall. The latest direct-drive gearbox, as well as guard program, is designed for augmented vertical cutting ability (5-1/4”) plus crown edging cutting ability (6-5/8” nested), the greatest within its level. It’ll additionally crosscut a board of 4×12 at 90o degrees.



3. DEWALT DCS361B Cordless Miter Saw - Great Value

This item has special features to give you the best cutting experience. It is made of sturdy material to enable the long-lasting period of use. Consider it!

This Miter Saw without cord uses a 20 Volts Max (DCB204) Battery Pack which gives on average, 275 cuts of 3-1/4 Pine baseboard, or 183 cuts of 2×4 Pine. It gives an incorporated XPS cross-cut setting system to provide adjustment of free cutline signal for the more accurate and visible cut. The 71/4-Inch Sliding tool comes with a sole left bevel that array from -3o Degree down to 48o Degree. With a 3 and a half inch highest vertical, 35/8-inch crown plaited, as well as 2×8 inch horizontal cut-ability, this miter saw can deal with several common cuts required. 

The configurable stainless-steel miter detent plate features 10 progressive stops to boost productivity as well as guarantee cutting preciseness. A large bevel ruler makes adjustments of the bevel angle accurate as well as easy. The sturdy, easy to carry and portable design (31.6 lbs.) enables you to easily transport and store it. It comes with a miter handle cam lock that gives speedy and precise miter angles, together with an accurate miter system as well as machined base hedge support for enhanced stability and cutting precision.



4. Ryobi P551

This particular saw is a great one from Ryobi. This is because Ryobi’s products have a battery replacement option whereby you can replace the old battery with a new one and continue your work.

The cordless Ryobi 18-Volt 1+ 7-1/4 in. Saw Kit can be selected online or assessed thus, while it is on sales. This wireless miter saw is empowered by lithium-ion innovation for your newest cutting experience. This Cordless Saw is full of amazing surprises with its lightweight and compact body. Its special feature is the 24-tooth carbide-tipped cutting blade, which enables smooth execution and quick, clean cuts. You will experience an additional feature that allows a precise line customizable laser arrangement system. 

This framework precisely adjusts the cutting line with the blade. There is an enclosed 18-Volt 1+ High Volume Lithium-Ion Battery (P105), or sometimes other types of Ryobi 18-Volt 1+ battery to empower your cutting period. There is also an enclosed IntelliPort Double action Chemistry Charger to make a short charging period of 60 minutes, yet a long-lasting operation period. An IntelliPort Dual Charger secures the battery cells, boosts battery life, as well as helps in energy conservation.



5. CRAFTSMAN CMCS714M1 Sliding Miter Saw

The CRAFTSMAN is one of the cordless sliding systems that is empowered through the most powerful device operating at 3, 800 RPM. It is modeled for chopping 2x sized lumber, trim, hardwoods, and baseboard with high-classed simplicity. Its sliding 7-1/4 inches cutting-blade enables a cross-cutting experience of nearly 8 inches.

It’s a V20 cordless unit of 7-1/4inches. This V20 20V maxi-saw has the most powerful 3, 800 RPM device for your 2x dimensional cutting experience in cases of lumber, trim, hardwoods, and baseboard. Its Sliding capacity enables for 8 inches cross-cut at 90 degrees with 5.5 inches cross-cut at an angle of 45 degrees. It is empowered to chop 3-5/8 inches, nested Crown plus a 3-1/2 inches, baseboard vertically. The item of discussion is a lightweight model at 21.8 pounds with side carrying handles. Thus, it is an extremely portable kit. It is backed with a 3 Year Limited Warranty. The 9 Miter detents, as well as sole bevel blade, enable angled cuts. And the LED light display eliminates shadows with accurate cut line follow-up.



6. Makita XSL02Z Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw

This brushless Cordless miter saw of 7-1/2″ Dual Sliding units, the Makita is the pioneer in the world of brushless machine technology as well as battery innovation. It is the high-classed 18V X2 LXT (36V) Lithium-Ion Brushless 7-1/2 inches Compound Saw joint together, and the tool only! 

The Powerful BL machine provides 5,700 RPM for quick cutting. Makita XSL022 is empowered through dual 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, which enables its 36V performance and power while remaining in the 18V LXT boards. The BL Brushless Motor efficiently provides 5,700 RPM for a very fast cutting experience. The exclusive Auto-Speed adjustable technology changes cutting speed as well as its torque for maximum functionality under load. 

The feather-like weight of 28.2 lbs. with battery, although not included, allows easy portability. Large-sized lumber cutting ability of 2 x 12 inches at 90Degree plus 2 x 8 inches at 45Degree, makes this item an ideal motor. The 4-Steel Rail-Sliding arrangement helps to boost rigidity for superior cut production ability. The 5,700 RPM is for quick cutting experience, and the auto-speed change alters cutting speed to requirement and torque.



7. Makita XSL04ZU

Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Saw, AWS and Laser, triple action, Tool Only! Makita emerges in the world of the brushless motor technological battery system, miter saw invention, with a merger of; 8V X2 LXT (36V) Lithium-Ion Brushless 10 inches double Bevel adjustable compound Saw and AWS.

It’s enabled through dual 18V Lithium-Ion batteries to full capacity functionality, speed plus quick run time, without escaping from its 18V LXT platform. The motor is fortified with an “auto-start-wireless-system” (AWS) making it a cordless device. Its connectivity is high and the AWS-equipped dirt extractor makes it classic innovation. 

The effective BL Brushless motor-powered item provides approximately 4, 400 RPM for faster and more efficient cutting. The XSL04ZU’s 2-steel rail slide system enables single slide-glide activities for easy and precise cutting anytime. The direct-drive gearbox plus guard system boosts vertical cut capacity (5-1/4”) plus crown-molding cut-ability (6-5/8” nested). Its bevel Lock can be seen at the front for easy use and fast adjustments from 0°-48° (left and right).




This is a must-have saw for your daily tasks! The Flexible power saw offers great convince in use like the corded but it is just cordless. It miters 0°-60° left and right, and positively stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° & 60° left/right. When its trigger is freed out, the dirt remover powers-down. The first battery innovation globally which automatically adjusts voltage whenever the user changes the tools. Runtime; is approximately 289 Cross Cuts within 3-1/4 inches baseboard molding. 

The powerful 120 Volts Brushless device offers long runtime when compared with other brushed motors. The CUTLINE edge positioning system easily adjusts the free cutline display unit indicator. The weight is 56 lbs and a Cutline free Blade Positioning unit enables visibility and accuracy. Highly visible bevel scale enables bevel angle change accuracy. Tall slide fences aid crown molding to 7-1/2 inches nested. The base molding is nearly 6-3/4″ vertically on the fence.




This battery installed saw kit is another innovation in the world of cordless motors. It alters voltage automatically once the user changes tools. Change the future of work with the Flexvolt system now!

It features crucial power flexibility which provides the convenience of a wireless saw while still working like a corded saw. The energetic 120V brushless engine offers a long run-time period than the brushed motors. The joint adjustable-free cutline edge Positioning System enables accuracy as well as visibility. High-class visibility bevel gauge allows easy and accurate bevel angle modification. Tall sliding walls empowers the crown molding to 7-1/2 inches nested together with a base molding of 6-3/4 inches against the wall vertically. 

The adjustable stainless-steel saw detent plate, having 11 detents, with 60 degrees towards the right plus 50 degrees towards the left, gives higher capacity in performance. The included 120V MAX AC adapter allows usage as both corded and wireless power. It comes with DHS716 fragile miter saw a blade, a wrench for blade change, a dust bag, a fast charger to charge the two 60 Volt Max Li-ion batteries, as well as 120 Volt AC adapter.



10. MILWAUKEE 2734-21HD

This Double Bevel, Gliding, Compound Saw, of 10 inches is what you need in your daily cutting tasks. It’s durable with easy carrying handle for your cutting comfort.

The saw is a convenient and high-classed tool for trimming and cutting small chips of wood. It can cut through a 2×12 inches, but, go a little bit slower with this device! Milwaukee makes this tool to a high-classed level with the three unbeatable battery platform. It is ultimate for use by a great professional. The high-quality aluminum material enables durability and sturdiness. 

The size is 10 inches and the measurement is in the metric system. The dimension is 34.5 x 27.5 x 27 inches and the weight is 45 lbs. You need to use it with a lithium battery. This machine tool comes with power saws, power miter saw, miter saw, instruction guide, carbide blade, as well as a blade wrench. It comes with a 5-year guarantee, 4,000 RPM motor, a miter cam locking system, dual bevel, as well as Red Li-ion battery pack. It features a shadow cutline signifier to make accurate cuts and a clamp to hold pieces for cutting.



Buying Guide for the Best Cordless Miter Saw

These are the important aspects to need to check before purchasing any cordless miter saw:

Battery Power

An area at which cordless saw was lowered previously is battery power. The latest Lithium-ion batteries utilized currently are a great upgrade. The voltage is extremely vital and featuring a low energy-consuming saw, you won’t get left out because of low battery.

<17 volts 

Anything that is lesser than <17 volts is in danger since it would not give you the exact power needed. The entire saws we’ve explored are higher this <17 volts and a low-powered saw will be money wasted.

>17 volts

The normal voltage lean towards 18, always discovered as two 9v batteries. This is the power level that you ought to be opting for and getting anything above >17 volts is an extra.

Don’t purchase anything with low battery voltage. Cordless tools work exactly like corded power when the right battery is inserted. So this is important.

No-Load RPM

The RPM digit that you would discover for cordless miter saws determines the spinning speed of the saw minus any resistance. It’s normally linked to the power of the battery but you need to ensure it attains the lowest standards.

<4,000 RPM 

These would make a great certified miter saw for simple home tasks. Even most budget alternatives are faster than this; however, going for one with extra speediness is worth the deal.

>4,000 RPM

To make those cuts as neat as can be, you need a speedy spinning blade. Any RPM figure that is greater than 4,000 would make heavy load tasks to become light. It would be perfect for experts or those in search of maximum quality.

Safety Features

This is a very important part you must not miss. Check them out!

  • Guard: All miter saws have a guard for protecting you. It’s vital to ensure it’s the ideal size for your demands. Ensure the guards are set up before cutting to avoid getting in the way.
  • Weighted: Ensure your miter saw it precisely weighted. If it falls or coils back very quickly, then you’re probably going to be in trouble.
  • Brushless motor: There’s a standard brushless motor on every high-end model that absorbs excess strain from the motor and would prevent overheating.
  • Controls: Ensure to check for the controls and how to use it. If you are left-handed, ensure to check for the one that would be usable.
  • Firm base: The saws feature a subtle balance between offering you a firm base plus being handy. If you would be at a long-lasting world post, then you’ll need a saw to bar into the outward.


  • Weight: It’s the undeniable part of moving your saw around. These saws possess different weights and if you’ll move it enormously, it’s acceptable to get a lightweight saw. 
  • Bulk: Bed is an excellent example of a non-conveyable thing because it’s not lightweight. This also applies to all products, if it’s wide with uncooperative shape, it’ll be difficult to convey. It’s another thing to consider for a portable model. 

Bevel Angles and Cutting Profundity 

Having the option to cut at various angles is significant and you need a miter saw that can cut a 45 degrees bevel. Also, ensure to set up increments to ease your bevel cut. 

Without this attribute, it may be a difficult activity to continuously attempt and set up the angle of the bevel. The cutting profundity is significant too, however, it’s genuinely standard. Ensure it’ll be adequately large for your requirements. 

Additional Features 


Several miter saws have the cord and can be battery powered. Since this could take insignificant personal time, you’re still with a cord issue; however, it could be a valuable component. 


There’s little use possessing the most remarkable battery on earth if it just goes on for 300 seconds. Perfectly, you need a battery ready to adapt to a whole day of activity. 

Cutline Indicator 

Having a movable cutline indicator would permit you to progressively accomplish precise and exact cuts. The majority of items feature this, on the other hand, most of them are much preferable to the others when it comes to having the ability to provide you with an adequate guide. 

Sliding Framework 

Not every miter saw comes with a sliding framework for your calculated cuts, however, it ought to be discovered on proficient quality cuts. It’s an extraordinary attribute and one that would make you live a much simpler life.


Every miter saws ought to come with a dust bag as well as a vacuum that would be capable of gathering tat sawdust. You don’t need this to be excessively filled as it could alter the saw’s balance and rather, you need your saw to have a little impression.



Let’s check out the frequently asked question for a beginner!

Ø What can you perform using a cordless miter saw?

A corded or cordless saw cuts angular as well as straight cuts over the layer and on the surface of the piece of work. It’s used for crosscuts, angular or miter cuts, bevel cuts as well as a permutation of crosscuts in addition to miter or bevel and bevel cuts.

Ø How do I differentiate between a chop saw and a miter saw? Is there any difference?

Chop saws are for crosscuts, that are straight cuts at right angles to the length of any workpiece. But, miter saws cut 90-degree crosscut, cut alongside an angle as well as generate bevel cuts. Also, a chop saw is a heavy-duty machine that cut a vast assortment of material. In general, rough parting-off wheels are made use of as cutting blade.

Ø Do I have to get a miter saw, even as I already have a circular saw?

Yes! Circular saws are the extremely multipurpose tools that may carry out most kinds of straight cuts; however, it is not always accurate. On the other hand, miter saws are precision machines built mainly for angular cutting.

Ø Heard about double bevel miter saw. What does that mean?

You heard right! A double bevel multiple miter saw may generate bevel cuts within both left as well as the right direction in the unchanged settings of any workpiece. That simply means you don’t need to flip and move your work to create a bevel cut within the further direction.

Ø Checking out 10-inch versus 12-inch miter saw, which one of them is ideal for me?

The item for cut matters here! 10 inch and 12 inch miter saws are very famous sizes now! 12-inch saws cut wider as well as deeper than 10-inch saws with its larger diameter blade. If the cutting size is greater than 2 x 6 inches, go for a 12-inch saw. But if it’s smaller, get a 10-inch saw.

Ø How much and how deep can 10-inch miter saws cut?

The size of what you’re cutting may be based on the angle measured for the cut. The normal 10-inch saw cuts crosscut at angle 90-degree, which is about 5.5 inches large or 2 x 6 boards and miter cut at angle 45-degree, which is up to 2 x 4 boards. To cut plywood, a 10-inch miter saw would cut thickness till the depth of 1.25 inches.

Ø What is the cutting size of 12 Inch Miter Saw?

A 12 inch saw cuts as large as 7.5 inches nearly to 3.5 inches thickness. It may easily chop a 2 x 6 board at 45o degrees plus a 2 x 8 board at 90o degree crosscut.

Ø Can you make use of a miter saw to cut a metal workpiece?

Yes! The cutting blade as well as the sturdiness of the metal material enables this. An HSS (high-speed steel) blade cuts laxer metals such as Aluminum, while sturdy metals need carbide blades to cut well. Go for a carbide angle blade for metal cutting activities, for 100 percent durability.

Ø What the secret? Why do contractors and DIYers prefer using miter saws regularly?

They’re adaptable, speedy angle resetting, which is restricted in construction and woodworking industry, as soon as they start working on something huge. They cut accurately, portable and they make the swift cut, with no time waste.

Ø What is the cross-cut aptitude if we utilize the whole sliding action?

On plain 90, you can cut 8 large boards. On 45, you may cut precisely up to 5-7/8. These saws are an elite addition for you, as you could be regularly working in areas far from the nearby power source.

Ø If vertical max of these saws is 35/8, could it cut 4 by 4 plank?

Not one cut can do that. You’ll need to keeping turn the plank over. Similar to handheld circular saws, you can use a blade with 71/4 diameter. Sawing from the teeth tip to the washer edge will give you 27/8.

Ø How properly is the product packed?

The products are efficiently packed to remain secured in the shipping process. This method makes customers receive exactly what they ordered for without a scratch. The packaging of the manufacturer covered most of the safety and it was 100% over-boxed.

Ø Is there any difference between a DCS361B miter saw and a DCS361M1 miter saw?

Yes. DCS361B miter saw is a bare tool while DCS361M1 miter saw features battery as well as the charger. Now you can see the difference.

Ø Which model charger and battery is needed for a Ryobi tool?

As long as it’s a Ryobi product, you may make use of any 18V Li-ion batteries from Ryobi. They come in any size. Note that your run time will be determined by the capacity whether it’s larger or lesser.



We have what a DIYer or a temporary worker needs now! These tools will help you cut well. Getting the winner is somehow hard among these ten products right now! Any out of these ten will give you steady, correct cuts, and easy sawing. With several types of research, we got them and have confirmed that they’re flawless. But yet, DEWALT DCS361M1 Cordless Miter Saw ranks highest! If I may say from experience! This device has exciting design quality with a ground-breaking battery. Additionally, it has the whole features needed to perform snappy, clean, and simple cuts. In case you’re carrying out any kind of surface carpentry activity, then you need a wireless miter saw. We guarantee that these selected products are results of an intensive survey by our researchers based majorly on quality features and popular brands known for durable goods. Be rest assured that whatever we have here on our list won’t disappoint you! Hurry and get the best cordless miter saw for your needs!

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