The 10 Best Pole Saws of 2020 - Reviews & Buying Guide

This is a complete guideline for the best pole saw. Learn how to choose the pole saw which is best for you and value for the money with this in-depth post. Pole saw is one of the important equipment in the construction arena or the fields dealing with the fire controlling arena. The major use of pole saw is to remove the premature growths and surface covers for the motive of construction works. 

In order to buy the pole saw, there are certain points which you must keep in mind before purchasing it so that you get your hands on the best product. There are certain factors that you might consider well before making a buy when it comes to a pole saw. All the essential parameters and counterparts related to the pole saw have been completed in this guide. One must consider and analyze this guide well before purchasing a pole saw.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

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Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO

Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO
Best Overall

Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO

Great Value



The 10 Best Pole Saws

1. Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO - Top Pick

It is one of the greatest pole saw as it acquires all the excellent features which aid in making it a remarkable product. It helps in effectively shredding the long limbs and logs. It helps in cutting them precisely and with the usage of great accuracy. It also acquires the property of telescopy in which the pole broadens from the range of 5. 8 ft. to about 8. 8 ft. for about 14 ft. It also possesses aloft reach. 

This pole saw has varied aspects of a multi-angle as the head can modify from about 0° to 30° strong modifications. The 8-amp motor cuts limbs to around 9. 5 inches thick. It will help you in effortlessly trimming and maintaining your trees. There are pros and cons to almost everything. This pole saw is great, but the chain gets loosened over a period of time. This is one of the best options which will give you excellent value for money at all times, and for the price, this is an excellent option.



2. Greenworks PSPH40B210 - Best Overall

It is one of the ideal pole saw. This pole saw comes in two varieties, one which includes the battery, and the other one comes without a battery. The SWJ803E emphasizes a multi-angle adaptable head that helps to cut at around 0º to 30º angles. It has a flexible 15-foot reach, and it will help you in managing and cutting your trees in a good manner with its flexible reach. It is adjustable and compatible with cutting trees near rivers and helps in saving your time and efforts when it comes to trimming the trees. 

This pole saw is electrically operated, and the execution by this one is quite smooth. The only problem which might arise in this pole saw is that the chain can become a little loose and will cause problems in its operation. It is excellent when it comes to cutting the larger limbs. The best part of this pole saw is about its motor as the motor is adaptable and quite powerful, which helps in the smooth execution of cutting the limbs of about 9.5 inches.



3. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX (LPP120) - Great Value

It is the finest pole saw when it comes to the cordless battery operated pole saw. This one has also been stated to be Amazon’s choice because it has the best features, and that is the main reason why a good number of people choose it. It is operated by a powerful battery, which helps in the smooth execution of this device. This device is excellent in trimming and cutting purposes. One more best part of this pole saw is that it is quite light in weight, which makes it more demanding among the users of the pole saws. It allows around 100 cuts of about 1 1/2 inches pine limbs per charge. 

It also possesses a flexible 8″ cutting bar and the chain installed in it permits for a full cutting diameter of about 6″. This pole saw also variably involves one high capability of around 20 Volts. It comes packed with essential items like an oil battery and also a portable charger. If you are planning to buy a pole saw, then it can be a good choice. It is compatible and includes all the necessary features of a good pole saw, which works magnificently in the cutting arena. The cons of this pole saw are that it has no manual adjustability plus its battery life is not up to the mark.



4. Sun Joe 8 inch 6.5 Amp

It comes in a pack of two. This is one of the recommended pole saws because it comes with a flexible head that can be easily moved and makes its operation smooth and easily executable. The chain is quite sharp and cuts the limbs very effectively. It has a vast reach of about 15 feet. The head of this pole saw works in a commendable manner as it can be adjusted easily. It can remove up to angle 0 degrees to 30 degrees. The angles make the operation tremendous, and it can be adjustable in an outstanding manner. 

The only problem associated with this pole saw is that the oil can leak, and it may lead to a great number of problems and will also make the usage sophisticated. Oil leakage makes its usage difficult and problematic. The push-button feature of this pole saw work magnificently and also makes its operation quite easy and smooth. This pole saw comes with a great feature of the auto oiler, which helps in keeping the different parts of the pole saw powered and lubricated. A common problem that might arise while usage of this pole saw is that its guard screw needs to be fastened again after the usage.



5. Greenworks 20672

It is one of the most excellent poles saw available in the market. This pole saw possess G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery set up, which caters numerous equipment for a detailed yard system, which majorly involves a 2Ah battery and a portable charger of the 8-inch bar. This pole saw comes with a powerful chain for simple trimming of long branches. The chain of this pole saw is made up of the finest quality, and it can be executed easily for obtaining fine branches. The product weight of this pole saw is around 8.360 pounds. 

It has a smooth compatible chain tensioning technique for the sharp strengthening of the chain. The pole size is powered by the automatic other, which helps in providing smooth oiling to all the parts of the pole saw. It is one of the most excellent poles saw available in the marketplace for cutting the branches in the most precise manner. The sharp edges of the blades which are equipped in this tool and the oiling system keep it extraordinarily good and easy to use. It can be a good purchase as compared to the other pole saws.



6. Sun Joe SWJ806E

Sun Joe SWJ806E 8-Inch 8.0 Amp 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Chain Sawin green color is one of the beautiful and good quality poles saw available in the market. It is of the finest quality, which has also made it Amazon’s choice because numerous people immensely loved this pole saw by the known brand Sun Joe. The features of this pole saw are easily convertible, compatible and it can be adjusted well. It is quite easy to operate. It comes with auto oil fillers, which keeps it lubricated all the time. The lubricated pole saw makes this pole chain saw easy to use. 

It is the excellent pole saw delivered by Sun Joe as it acquired all the top factors. It is telescoping in nature, which makes it reach about 8.5 feet easily. It effortlessly manages the trimming sessions of long branches without causing many problems for you. It comes in two variants, one is the pole chainsaw, and another one is a basic chain saw. It has a concrete chain saw and possesses a durable battery that lasts long and works with most perfection. This chain saw is regarded as the best one in the market because it has dual functions. With the help of this pole saw, you can flexibly cut the branches as well as the logs.



7. WORX WG323

It is a cordless tree trimmer that works most excellently when it comes to precise cutting and trimming of trees. It helps in saving your efforts and effortlessly supports you in trimming the branches present at more extended heights. One of the best features of this chain or pole is that you can use it in two ways. You can flexibly operate it with the pole, and you can also use it without the pole. 

This Pole Saw transmits increased power and outstanding torque and possesses mechanical chain grease along with a specially designed auto-tension network that maintains it operating precisely and prepares it a breeze to perform. It has an auto chain mechanism that helps it to operate without any problem. Apart from the auto chain system, it has an auto lubrication process, which keeps it greasy in operation. This is one of the finest poles saw available in the marketplace, which works like wonders when it comes to trimming and cutting effectively. The problem with this pole saw is that it is heavy, and oil leaks from it.



8. WORX WG309

The WORX WG309 is a combination of an electric pole saw and a chain saw. It has a pole length of 10 feet which makes it easy to operate at difficult-to-reach corners and areas. With a rated input voltage of 120V and an 8Amp motor, this saw is proven to be indeed powerful. Buyers and users seem to be pleased with this saw as it has encouraged user ratings online.

This pole saw comes in a compact package and weighs just 10 pounds, which is light compared to pole saws of similar specifications. It has an oil tank capacity of 120ml. It also comes with a 3-year warranty from Worx.

The 8 Amp Motor offers consistent performance with a rated input voltage of 120 volts. It has a chain speed of 8.5 meters per second, chain pitch of 3/8 inches and chain gauge of 0.050 inches. The saw has a 10 feet extension pole that needs no tool to assemble.



9. TrimmerPlus PS720

TrimmerPlus PS720 8-Inch Pole Saw with Bar and Chainalso discovers its name among the top brands of the pole saws. It works magnificently in cutting and trimming the trees in the most elegant manner possible. This pole saw possess extraordinary features, which makes it more demanding in the eyes of people who want to use it or who have already used it. It comes with a two years warranty. If you will face any kind of mechanical issue with this tool in two years after its purchase, then you will be used with support from the brand. It has two different slots for extensions, which help you in making trimming from two different areas. 

It possesses an 8-inch bar. The best feature of this pole saw is that it has two extension sections, which emphasize on the wider use of this pole saw. This provides the usage of this single pole saw for two different heights. It connects well to attachment eligible trimmers, comprising Troy-Bilt, craftsman, and Remington. The auto oiler feature of this saw keeps it lubricated all the way, thus promoting its smooth operation. This pole saw is amazingly superb, and you should go with this one.



10. Oregon PS250

It ispowered by 2.6Ah Battery and standard charger is one of the greatest pole saws available in the online market. There are certain features which make this pole saw extraordinarily amazing like it releases no emissions during its usage. This is powered with no oil or gas mixture, which makes it well synchronized in its usage. It needs no warm-up and can start working immediately. It is liberal from the cords as it comes with no pull cords. This pole saw produces a minimal amount of vibration. 

It is quite compatible and possesses a low weight. This has PS250’s ergonomic design, which makes it easy to execute and extremely modified in its synchronization. The smooth operation and extendable stretch can be flexibly broadened to modify the shaft to about 10.1 feet and can organize its reach up to around 15 feet right from the ground surface. It also employs a mid-mount motor in its mechanism, which makes it quite powerful in its operation. It also comprises a 4AH battery, which comes with a standard and portable charger that makes this pole saw easy to execute and works wonderfully in trimming.



Buying Guide for the Ideal Pole Saw

When it comes to cutting the branches, pruning them well and effectively managing them by cutting involves the wide usage of pole saws. Pole saw is one of the crucial roles which serves an important role in cutting the extended or overhanging branches of the tree. Pole saws work extremely well and find a wider usage. If you are planning to buy these pole saws, then there are certain points on which you must focus well before getting your hands on any one of them because a late buy is better than a poor buy. By reading this guide, you will understand what some of the essential parameters which you might consider well before purchasing the pole saws are.

Before buying the pole saw, the first feature on which you must eye well is adjustability and the height up to which it can reach. The flexibility of the pole saw is prudent in making precise trims and cuts. If the height to which it is able to reach is well and quite organized to teach greater heights, then it will help you immensely in organizing its functions. It will help you in making good cuts and trims at longer and uneven heights as well. So, better cut a pole saw, which provides you with the flexible feature of height and strength because that matters a lot. If the flexibility and compatibility of the pole saw will be excellent, then it can be executed well. Thus, the adjustability of the handle matters a lot when it comes to cutting precisely and with utmost accuracy.

One of the most important features included with the purchase of these pole saws is related to the emission part. If the pole saw releases a considerable amount of emission, then it will cause a lot of trouble for you. Still, if it does not emit emissions during its operation, then it will be quite easy for you to operate it. Before buying the pole saw, do watch whether it releases emissions or not. While purchasing the pole saw, refer to the battery power if it. 

The battery is extremely important in the arena of pole saws as if it will be good, then it will and the support it to the last longer and operate effectively. But the one which offers excellent control over battery along with the portable and standard charger as that will make your work quite easy and flexible in its operation. Get a pole saw of commendable battery power in order to make your work of cutting and trimming more hassle-free. After the consideration of the battery, also keep a strict eye on the adjustability of the pole saw. Good battery life is the most essential part of the mechanism of a credible power saw. So, focus well on the flexibility and quality criteria of the battery while purchasing a pole saw. 

Oil leakage property of the pole saw should also be checked well while buying the pole saw because if the pole saw will not make any kind of oil leakage, then it will make its operation more flexible. 

By keeping above mentioned points well in your mind, one can make a good and profitable purchase of a pole saw.

best pole saw


1) What are some of the known and top pole saws available?

Answer- REMINGTON RM25PS GAS POLE SAW, BLACK+DECKER LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS POLE SAW, GREENWORKS 8-INCH CORDLESS POLE SAW, WORX WG309 2 IN 1 ELECTRIC POLE SAW and SUN JOE TELESCOPIC ELECTRIC POLE CHAIN SAW are some of the top pole saws available in the market which have gained immense prominence and name in the field of pole saws. If you make a purchase of any of them, then you will not have to regret it because all of them come from the tags of famous and known brands that have already established themselves with concrete legs in the arena of pole saws. 

These possess the best of the features in the entire market, and satisfactorily completes your quality criteria. They have the best execution of battery life and come with standard chargers. These pole saws work flawlessly when it comes to the works like cutting, shredding, and pruning of the trees and their long branches. These pole saws will help you in distinctly achieving the goal of making fine and precise cuts. They have the most excellent features and perform the job of cutting and trimming professionally. 

2) What are the types of pole saws available?

Answer-Pole saws vary greatly in their varieties, and the best part is that there are several kinds of pole saws available that are different in mechanism and designs and perform the same tasks efficiently. Types of pole saws are listed as follows-

  • Manual pole saw which uses manual strength and power in its operation. 
  • Electric pole saw includes the prospects of electricity majorly in its operation and functioning.
  • Gas pole saw is the one that is equipped with the usage of gas in its function and appropriate mechanism.
  • Tree pole saw is the one which helps in cutting the trees only. Its prime purpose is related to trees only.
  • Extension pole saw helps in extending the like saw to a greater extent.
  • Pruning saws, which generally performs the task of pruning only but they do it quite effectively.
  • The cordless pole saw is free from the cords, and it is thus quite easy in its function and operation.

3) What are the problems that can generally arise while using a pole saw?

Answer- The problems which might commonly arise in the operation of the pole saws are related to the emission generally because many of the pole saws release unwanted emissions during their operations. If they release the emissions regularly, then it will hamper the functioning of your work. That is why the release of emissions is often regarded as very complicated and undesired in the execution of the pole saws. The other problem which is closely associated with the work of pole saws is that they can keep oil quite frequently. 

Release of excessive oil can cause a good lot of problems for you as it will destroy the flexibility of your pole saw and will not deliver a smooth usage. There are certainly other issues involved, which include poor battery life and inefficient height reach. Poor battery life can cost you a lot as the battery is the most crucial component of the pole saw. If it is not qualitative enough, then it will become problematic for you. If the height of the pole saw does not considerably reach a mark, then it will cause trouble for you and will not allow you to make fine cuts and trims appropriately.

Final Verdict

Thus, there are certain measures and a good set of rules which you should follow strictly before making a buy of the pole saws. Pole saws are quite important and especially when you have to use them in works like cutting, trimming, and pruning. Cutting of trees can be flexibly achieved while the usage of a qualitative pole saw. If the quality and efficiency of the pole saw is not up to the mark and is not of specified quality, then it will disturb the usage and will not provide you with the profession cutting, trimming, and pruning. 

In order to achieve fine, trimming, and cutting trees, one should employ a pole saw, which is efficient and impactful enough. Use a pole saw which possesses a great battery life, one which has the capability to reach a good height and possess flexibility in its handle as the pole saw acquiring these features will remarkably provide you with the flawless cutting. Get a pole saw which does not leak oil frequently in its operation and also does not emit undesirable emissions for positive results. This guide is best for you as it involves all the vital aspects and prospects associated with the pole saws.

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