10 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer in 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

Painting multiple walls or fences or anything on a large scale can be perilous and time-consuming with a brush. Besides, the brush paint has the risk of color dripping to spoil the entire project and also has an unimpressive finish.

A professional airless paint sprayer can fix all these issues quickly. Not only it saves time and energy ardently, but it also is known for some severe scaling of paint projects. Thus, both homeowners, DIY paint workers, and even a contractor will get benefitted from the best professional airless paint sprayer.

But how do you know which airless paint sprayer suits your job site requirements?

It is easy to get lost in the jungle of selection, with tons of good alternatives available at hand. So, we have researched the staple paint device and came up with the top ten choices to help you with the cause.

Also, we understand that unless you know the factors related to the performance of the spray tools, you would still feel uneasy about picking one. It leads us to the detailed buying guide and FAQ section to meet your quests.

Shall we start then?

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Top Pick

Graco Magnum 262800

Best Overall

Graco Magnum 262805

Great Value

Graco Magnum 257025


The 10 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

The use of airless paint sprayers instead of rollers and brush is a smart decision. The powerful tool will make the painting chores effortless. Also, these are incredibly safe to use.

1. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer - Top Pick

If you are thinking of upgrading your painting from a traditional roller and brush, we would want you to look at the Graco Magnum X5 airless paint sprayer. It waits to be at your workplace with its true consistency, power, and performance.

You can spray unthinned paint material directly from the 5oz or 1oz paint bucket that will save considerable time in the project completion. Additionally, the pressure is adjustable so you can have full control over the paint spray flow rate.

The powerful 1/2HP motor can spray ¼ quart of spray per minute with an annual capacity of 125 gallons. So, you get pretty much commercial-grade specification from the paint sprayer. The spray paint is consistent.

The Graco X5 equips with a RAC IV reversible nozzle that allows you to spray paint continuously even when one end is blocked. Lastly, when the painting is done, you can attach the Graco X5 with a garden hose and flush it to clean the debris and clogs.

Built with endurance in mind, the spray paint machine is ready to serve you for years. And the sprayer weighing at 13 lbs. is easy to carry as well.

Key Benefits

  • Graco X5 has a stealthy ½ HP motor with 0.27 gallon/min spray capacity.
  • It has an annual 125 gallons of paint capacity.
  • It equips with a 75ft attachable hose and 3000PSI pressure.
  • RAC IV reversible nozzle supports continuous spraying.




The Graco Magnum X5 is a suitable solution for those who want an affordable upgrade from roller brush. Also, its consistency in paintwork is appreciable.

2. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer - Best Overall

If you loved the consistency, performance, and durability of Graco X5 but want all these with better specifications as such higher spraying capacity and larger hose, get the Graco Magnum X7 paint sprayer now.

The paint machine equips with a universal 5/8 HP motor, which is stealthy and durable. It delivers 0.31 gallons of paint sprayer each minute. The quick spraying capacity helps accomplish large paint projects with ease.

Also, the piston pump is made of stainless steel that ensures long-lasting and reliable performance in every painting project.

Graco X7 has large 125 gallons of annual paint recommendation that makes it a genuinely commercial-grade paint sprayer around the corner. On top of it, the 100ft detachable hose means you can reach the five-storied buildings with the least effort.

Moreover, the paint sprayer comes up with 3000PSI pressure that is fully adjustable. So, you get the ultimate control over the paint flow rate. It is essential for a smooth finish. Next, the RAC IV reversible nozzle allows continuous spraying.

Key Benefits

  • Graco Magnum X7 has a universal 5/8HP motor to deliver 0.31 gallon/minute spray.
  • The sprayer is compatible with high-pressured unthinned paint material.
  • Its carted design and suction tube offer great convenience in carrying paint material.
  • You can reach up to 100ft height with an X7 paint sprayer.




The Graco Magnum X7 paint sprayer is ardently ideal for interior paintings quarterly. It is also a cost-efficient paint sprayer.

3. Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer - Great Value

You see, it is our third straight inclusion from Graco. It implies that the Graco 257025 painter and sprayer must have some pretty daunting qualities that forced us to ardently include it in our list of top 10 ideal professional airless paint sprayer.

In reality, it exceeds our anticipation. The device is built with a piston pump based 3/8 HP motor. The stainless-steel pump delivers around 0.24 gallons of paint sprayer each minute. While its 50 gallons of annual recommendation doesn’t fulfill commercial criteria, it is undoubtedly a good choice for home and property owners.

Likewise, our previous two Graco sprayers, the Magnum 257025, also comes with a RAC IV reversible switch that permits you to spray continuously. Just change the nozzle direction when one end gets clogged.

The sprayer plus painter is compatible with four standard nozzle sizes that are undoubtedly a matter of relief for you.

It equips with a 50 feet hose and features a Flush Power adapter for quick and easy cleaning.

Key Features

  • It has a recommended 50 gallon per year capacity with a 0.24gallon/minute rating.
  • The attached 50ft hose reaches hard to reach areas with ease.
  • An additional storage compartment securely stores the essential tools.
  • You can directly spray 1 or 5 gallons from the paint bucket.




The Graco 257025 is ideal for giving your garage and fence a new look. It suits home and property owners more than the professionals.

4. Wagner 0580678 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer Low Overspray

The Wagner 0580678 paint sprayer will suit you perfectly if you are looking for a sprayer that is equally adept with both interior and exterior paint. While its 0.24 gallons of spraying per minute with a universal 3/8HP motor may not meet the professional requirements, it is still an excellent choice to remodel home and give it a new look.

The paint sprayer includes a 25 hose in the package, but you can attach up to 50ft paint hose with it. Thus, you should reach the far corners of the home quickly with the paint sprayer.

The best part of Wagner 0580678 is its overspray protection. The sprayer uses a patented HEA technology that reduces the overspray to 55%. So, it saves a massive amount of paint and money ultimately.

Furthermore, the Control Pro 130 sprayer functions equally with thin and unthinned materials. It is compatible with latex, enamel, oil, primer, and what not!

Lastly, it has a fast coverage, thanks again to its low overspray pattern. The one setback that we noticed with the sprayer that it lacks an adjustable flow rate.

Key features

  • It delivers 0.24 gallons of paint per minute.
  • Wagner 0580678 reduces overspray to 55%.
  • The paint sprayer is adept with interior and exterior paint materials.
  • You can reach up to 50ft with the attached hose.




Wagner 0580678 is the right choice for those who are running low with their account. Also, its low-overspray rating is another money saver deal.

5. Titan Tool 0580009 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

Are you looking for an ultra-durable and premium airless paint sprayer? If yes, then look no further than the Titan 0580009 HEA paint sprayer.

We can spend millions of words on it, yet its stunning features won’t be described fully. But let us start with its 3X more durability compared to conventional airless paint sprayers. You see, that’s the reason we talked about ultra-durability in the beginning.

Next, it also has HEA technology. It reduces the overspray to 55% and has a soft painting capacity that delivers an impressive result with the least amount of paints. It is yet another cost-cutting feature of Titan 0580009.

The paint sprayer equips with a 3/5HP motor that delivers 0.33 gallons of spray each minute. The spraying capacity cooperates with the softer spray for fast coverage. Also, the soft spray enhances finish quality.

The Titan Controlmax 1700 facilitates a massive 300 gallons of annual usage with a 1500 PSI and 80ft expandable hose. All these make sure that you get professional and commercial-grade output from the sprayer painter.

Key features

  • You get a massive 300 gallons of annual paint capacity with Control Max 1700.
  • Its HEA technology reduces the paint overspray to 55% less.
  • It enjoys a 3X longer lifespan compared to regular sprayers.
  • It includes a 30ft paint hose that you can expand to 80ft.




The Control Max 1700 is a serious commercial paint sprayer. But you need to be ready to spend a handsome amount to get such premium facilities.

6. Graco 17C305 Pro210ES Cart Pro Connect Paint Sprayer

It is yet another dependable professional scale paint sprayer from Graco that brings all the regular features from the trustworthy manufacturer. It is a suitable paint sprayer for both painting and repainting. Also, it delivers a similar performance for interior and exterior walls.

It has 1500 gallons per year of painting capacity. However, consumers’ claimed that they had got more painting capacity with the tool. The large paint capacity cooperates with a fast 0.47 gallon per minute spraying capacity.

Hence, the spraying tool provides quick painting with the most details in the finish.

The piston pump is made with ProX stainless steel that is ready to spray unthinned liquids as well. And the high-pressure capacity enables quick coloring. It achieves such stunning specs with a 1HP motor that is by far the most powerful in our list.

What’s more, with a V-packing, the piston pump and motor deliver one of the most extended lifespans in the market.

As for painting, you got the standard 1 gallon and a 5-gallon bucket, and the paint is collected directly from the bucket. It comes handy when you are in a hurry.

In short, this is the excellent professional airless paint sprayer with an extensive capacity in every aspect, including the 200ft hose.

Key Features

  • Graco 17C305 supports 1500 gallons of annual paint capacity.
  • You can spray 0.47 gallons of paint per minute.
  • The package includes everything necessary for paint.
  • Pro-Pump replacement for the worn-out pump.




It is usable in construction sites and commercial spaces. So, we won’t encourage homeowners to get the tool.

7. Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer

Oh Graco, my Graco- why are you so good? We just can’t escape enlisting another superior paint sprayer from the manufacturer, the great Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19.

It has an insane 500 gallons of annual painting with a quick 0.38 gallon per minute spraying capacity. So, you can expect a pretty fast job accomplishment. The state-of-the-art paint sprayer comes with a 150ft hose so you can reach even a ten-storied building with ease.

What impressed us more about the ProX19 paint sprayer is it on place pump replacement capacity in case you need it. Furthermore, you can also alternate the nozzle tip with the RAC IV reversible switch. It makes the entire paint project faster.

However, the nozzle won’t get clogged easily either, thanks to the InstaClean filter to keep the debris away. Want more performance from the unit?

Then what about the stealthy 7/8HP motor that generates 3000PSI pressure to work with the thickest paint material for interior and exterior walls? Lastly, the ProX19 paint sprayer is equipped with a wheeled cart that makes transporting the unit a breeze at different job sites.

Key Features

  • 500 gallons of annual paint capacity.
  • InstaClean filter keeps the debris at bay.
  • You can replace the pump on the worksite.
  • PowerFlush cleaning is quick.




Graco 17G180 Magnum ProX19 Cart Paint Sprayer is ideal for working in the multistory buildings with a 150ft detachable hose.

8. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Airless Paint Sprayer

Compared to the expensive Graco professional models enlisted above, this HomeRight Flo Pro is an affordable alternative. But does this effectively come at the cost of any essential feature or performance? Well, our review found these void.

The HomeRight C800879 is a perfect solution to tackle the largest paint projects. Also, it comes with a pretty impressive finish as well. But almost every airless paint sprayer on our list does it?

So, what makes it ardently different from the others?

Well, its swivel nozzle. The swiveling nozzle can quickly adjust the direction to spray paint in every direction. Moreover, it supports reverse use when clogged with debris.

There’s a dial knob that lets you control the paint flow rate with better steadiness. So, you get a better finish. Moreover, it’s unique Flo Pro features a different cleaning technique, but don’t be fearful. It is pretty straightforward.

Among other benefits, its 1/2HP motor delivers 2800PSI to deal with unthinned materials too. So, you get a quality spray paint in the form of C800879 with all these benefits.

Key Features

  • The 1/2HP motor is capable of generating 2800PSI pressure.
  • The spray gun is chrome plated with 100 adjustable mesh filters.
  • Swiveling and reversible nozzle for the all-directional finish.
  • It equips with a 25 feet airless hose.




The HomeRight C800879 is the great professional airless paint sprayer for home and DIY use. Don’t get it for professional use.

9. Himalaya RT-SGALS4 Airless Paint Sprayer Spray

If you are seeking for a cheap airless paint sprayer without compromising the qualities and essential features, we recommend you the Tomic Himalaya Airless Paint Sprayer. In fact, with a price of less than $200, it is the least expensive model in our list- in the market also.

It is equipped with 5/8HP and 3000PSI pressure to deliver one of the most potent and quick spray paints during the paint projects – moreover, the extreme pressure suits every paint material, unthinned and thin both.

The paint sprayer has HEA (High-Efficiency Airless) technology that reduces the overspray to 55% less. It minimizes the paint wastage on the one hand, and on the other hand, it delivers smooth finish since paint won’t drip.

Among other benefits, the sprayer includes a 25ft hose to reach the hard to reach areas. Additionally, the model is built with sturdiness to last and serve you for years and years.

Lastly, its 18.8 pounds weight is light enough to support handheld painting. Isn’t it incredible?

Key Features

  • The paint machine delivers 0.28 gallons of paint per minute.
  • You get a 3000PSI rating with a 5/8HP motor.
  • HEA technology brings a 55% reduction in the overspray.




Himalaya RT-SGALS4 Airless Paint Sprayer built by Tomic is ideal for both professionals and beginners. It is easy to use too.

10. Graco Ultra 17M363 Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer

The Graco Ultra 17M363 paint sprayer is made especially who want to accomplish some DIY small paint projects. Yes, the 17M363 is engineered to perform both tiny interiors, and exterior painting works with a perfect finish.

The best thing about the prominent paint sprayer is its lightweight and compact design. It is a perfect handheld tool with an 11.3 pounds weight. So, you can easily carry the sprayer and paint at any location.

The tip features an X FELP technology for reversible paint. Furthermore, it equips with a FlexLiner bag. It enables you to paint at any angle, including upside down. It comes handy at painting the tight corners without any pains.

Additionally, the piston pump has Triax Triple technology and is sufficient to deliver 2000PSI pressure. It is capable of functioning with unthinned materials for any project works. Also, the motor comes with a quick replacing facility that enhances the overall lifespan of the unit.

Lastly, the cordless device is geared with DeWalt XR lithium battery. So, it enhances the run time of the sprayer. It comes beneficial at tackling paint projects without any break.

Key Features

  • FlexLiner bag enables all directional and angle painting.
  • The quick replacement technique enables job pump replacement.
  • The sprayer functions with thin and thick materials with 2000PSI pressure.
  • DeWalt battery ensures enhanced runtime.




Graco Ultra 17M363 will be a good choice for those who perform small DIY paint projects regularly. Also, it is not so expensive.

Things You Should Consider When Buying The Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer

When we talk about smooth and impressive paint finish, roller and brush, with a few top-of-the-line paint machines, fall miles back, at this time, only an airless paint sprayer can leap above the expectation line.

But to get the professional quality, you need to pick the right airless paint sprayer at first. The selection rests upon a variety of considerations, including proper nozzle size, tips efficiency, cleaning capacity, and many more.

And in the following section, we are putting them up for your best convenience.

Motor Power

A professional airless paint tool needs to gear up with massive horsepower for the motor. Adequate strength is essential to complete paint projects fast and without redoing it. Also, motor power helps the sprayer to reach the paint at higher heights through the paint hose.

Lastly, proper horsepower means the tool can help you achieve a smoother finish in the first go that minimizes the paint lost.

Pressure Capacity

The pressure capacity of the paint refers to the PSI rating. Ideally, a paint sprayer with a higher PSI rating enables the tip to deliver faster color. Also, if the PSI is too low, it will fail to function with unthinned paint materials.

So, it might limit the versatility of the sprayer unit.

Paint Versatility

The versatility of the ideal professional airless paint sprayer is divided into two parts. The first part links with the sprayer capacity to deal with interior and exterior paint. Not all units can handle both types of paint.

The second part rests on the ability of the paint sprayer to handle different paint liquids. Ideally, the commercial sprayer needs to tackle all materials, both thin and unthinned. It includes latex, enamel, acrylic, oily, and what not!

Paint Capacity

The paint capacity of the airless paint sprayer is also parted into two sections. These are:

  • Annual capacity:it refers to the sprayer’s ability to spray the amount of paint material in one year. Ideally, it needs to be at least 125 gallons, but some professional units have even 500-1500 gallons of annual capacity.
  • Flow-rate capacity:It refers to the sprayer’s ability to deliver paint material through the tip on each minute. It decides how fast you can accomplish any project. You will see most machines with 0.25gallon/minute to 0.35gallon/minute painting capacity. However, one Graco unit in our list has 0.47gallon/minute capacity.


The last thing you wouldn’t wish is to spend the whole day cleaning up the spray nozzle and sprayer after a paint project completion.

So, get a professional airless paint sprayer with accessible cleaning capacity. Some cheap home sprayers will ask you to disorganize the whole unit for cleaning, and this is painstaking, if not time-consuming, at least.

On the contrary, good-quality airless sprayers, like those we reviewed, come with a Flush Power adaptor. It allows you to clean the unit with the attachment of a garden hose only.

Hose Length

A most airless paint sprayer will come up with a 25 feet spray hose in the package. But some high-spec units permit painters to attach even more lengthy hose with it. For instance, Graco X5 equips with a 75 feet hose, whereas the Graco X7 gears up with 100 feet paint hose.

Higher hose length means you can reach up to more multistoried buildings. So, decide wisely.

Paint Direction

Not every paint sprayer can deliver the paint in all directions. Also, you should check if the sprayer can spray the material from different angles. Both are linked with the tipping capacity to function in different angles and directions.

A sprayer with all-directional and up-side-down painting capacity brings flexibility in the work. It is responsible for the smoothness as well.

Warranty Period

Home sprayers use the least pressure and so, are more durable. Manufacturers provide a 12 to 24-months warranty with the unit; some are a miser and provides a minimal 90-days warranty.

The airless sprayer, on the contrary, works under extreme pressure and challenging conditions. Thus, it needs to have a lengthy warranty. As such, get a unit with a 2-years to 3-years warranty.

best professional airless paint sprayer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between an HVLP and airless paint sprayer?

HVLP stands for High-Pressure Low Volume sprayer. It passes a low volume of air through a high pressure to paint surfaces. An airless sprayer doesn’t need to lower the air volume. Airless sprayers are powerful and adepts at handling large projects. However, HVLP units have finer particle output and suit small project completion.

Will an airless paint sprayer eat-up more paints?

Yes, airless sprayers have a higher ratio of paint usage. To be honest, the airless paint sprayer will use 40% more paints compared to the traditional roller and brush technique. It means you will need additional paint liquids. However, most of our reviewed sprayer units have a HEA (High-Efficiency Airless) technique that minimizes the overspray to 55% or more. So, it evens out the lost paint materials.

Is the airless paint sprayer any better?

Airless paint sprayers, if picked appropriately, are better than every traditional paint method. These have higher pressure and a more powerful motor that gets the job done in a flash. Also, an airless paint sprayer delivers the most impressive and smooth finish. Lastly, the sprayer is better at handling thicker paint liquids better than HVLP sprayers.

Are the airless paint sprayer tips interchangeable?

Yes, you can interchange the sprayer tips between two models if the tip size is compatible. You will find the tip size compatibility from the sprayer label. Once you know the right tip or nozzle sizes, you can interchange between them to meet the project requirements.

How do I choose the right spryer tip for the airless paint machine?

The selection of paint sprayer tip or nozzle is a bit tricky. You need to decide the paint material you will use for the projects. Then, choose the tip size accordingly. 

What is the most commonly used spray material for the professional airless sprayer?

An airless paint machine with professional features will use a variety of paint liquids depending on the project’s necessity. It includes enamel, acrylic, primer, liquors, latex, and many more. Thus, it is essential to get a device that functions with the most paint liquids, if not with all.


So, here is the complete review and buying guide for the ten best professional airless paint sprayers. Each of the tools promises to deliver the best performance for most users.

You might have noticed that the review list is dominated by Graco, with more than half of the selection coming from the famous manufacturer. Well, there’s no surprise, since Graco leads the paint sprayer industry.

Our top pick for the review guideline is Graco Magnum X7, with 125 gallons of annual capacity and 100ft hose attachment. However, if you want a dependable commercial-grade airless paint sprayer, Graco 17C305 Pro210ES with 1500 gallons of annual usage is unbeatable in the list.

Lastly, for small home and DIY usage, we would recommend you in getting the Graco Ultra 17M363 that excels in such types of paint works.

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