10 Best Table Saw for Beginners in 2020 - Reviews & Top Picks

At one point in my woodworking life, I, too, was a beginner. During that period, the selection of the right tool haunted me like anything, and I sometimes prayed if a miracle happens, and someone suggests to me the best tools.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and I ended up getting the wrong tool with faulty features and specifications only to feel the frustration. But I don’t want the same for you.

So, here’s my suggestion for the ten best table saw for beginners at this moment. I have gone through 35+ products and read the customers reviews along with the experts opinions while selecting these ten power saws.

Thus, you get durability, easiness at work, competitive pricing, and versatility at work with all of these table saws- everything a beginner will love. Also, these table saws have achieved perfection when it comes to accuracy to boost the overall craftsmen’s performance.

The added buying guide and FAQ will help you find the best beginners table saw without any guesswork.

So, are you up for it?

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Top Pick


SAWSTOP PCS31230-PFA30 Professional Cabinet Table Saw
Best Overall


Great Value

Shop Fox W1819


The 10 Best Table Saw For Beginners

Although a good quality table saw is the dark horse of any woodworking shop, as a beginner, you might ask for a simple tool. It is essential since purchasing an expensive, and feature-stalked table saw isn’t always necessary. Especially if you are a beginner, you might not even use all those features of a table saw that you are paying for.

Hence, I have kept it straightforward and added table saws with the most common cutting features with some high-end ones.

1. SAWSTOP PCS31230-PFA30 Professional Cabinet Table Saw - Top Pick

The review starts with SAWSTOP PCS31230-PFA30 Professional Cabinet Table Saw from SAWSTOP brand. Want to work safely and still get premium performance from the same table saw? Go and grab the Professional Cabinet Saw from SAWSTOP. It brings versatility and accuracy at work while lets you stand on the safe side.

Skin Detection Capacity

The cabinet table saw has an electric signaling system. So, whenever your finger or thumb comes in contact with the blade, it detects the tough to stop the module in less than milliseconds period. Then the blade falls off to protect you.

Premium Fencing

Thankfully the cabinet saw comes with a lengthy 30″ fencing rail guard. It has wheels for the seamless gliding of the machine.

Next, you will love effortless operation with the Sure Lockdown mechanism. It prevents any probable deflection that intensifies the accuracy.

Sturdy Built-Quality

Its trunnion is one of the best in the industry. Also, it’s heavy-weight that brings superlative base protection. Furthermore, you will get the thickest arbor for any 10″ table saw that would surely last for the lifetime and maybe even more.




The beginners might find it overwhelmingly feature-stalked at first glance. But it is best for lifetime uses. So, you need to be patient to get used to the stunning features.

2. DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw for Jobsite - Best Overall

As a beginner getting a portable table saw can indeed boost your performance in the real job site. Thus, the DeWalt DWE7485, with its lightweight, portability, and user-friendly adjustments, can eventually become your faithful woodworking companion.

Easy Adjustments

DeWalt table saw features onboard storage. So, you can assemble the blade guard with ease. Furthermore, you can make quick and accurate alignments of the blade with its rack and pinion features. So, forget about those painstaking adjustments from now.

Satisfying Performance

Whether you are an ardent beginner or a pro woodworker, DeWalt table saw offers satisfactory performance for all with its no-load 15AMP motor. You can tackle extensive cutting applications with its 5800RPM capacity for quick and accurate results.

Multiple Cutting Capacities

DeWalt DWE7485 table saw offers 24-1/2″ rip cuts for OSB sheets or a 4X8 plywood. Also, it has up to 47-degree of bevel cutting capacity.

Both of these come handy at tackling the majority of the woodworking application.

Compact and Sturdy Design

DeWalt has never failed to make their table saws rugged for high-endurance and compact. The same goes for DWE7485.

It has a solid base that prevents vibration while you work to boost the efficacy. Also, at around 50 pounds weight and 26.65 x 14.08 x 27.15 inches, it is easy to transport in job sites.




DeWalt DWE7485 review found that it is the greatest table saw for beginners if you want consistency and user-friendly intuitive controls.

3. Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw with Riving Knife - Great Value

If spending money isn’t a problem for you, grabbing the Shop Fox W1819 table saw will suit the most demanding job site. It equips with a massive base and quality dust collection porthole. Both come handy for industrial and contractor projects.

Massive Base Table

Shop Fox provides a 40″ by 45″ cast iron made solid table base. Also, wings incorporate with the support for lifelong durability. So, you can work with the least vibration that helps in achieving the maximum accuracy.

Convenient Adjustment

You can quickly adjust the table height and tilting of the blade. It is made possible with the riving knife and Camlock T-fence. Therefore, artisans enjoy working with the Shop Fox W1819 table saw.

Increased Visibility

The blade guard is made of transparent polycarbonate. So, you can see through it to the workpiece during operations. It helps you know the cutting locations. So, you can achieve satisfying cutting accuracy.

Superior Safety

Beginners are vulnerable against the thumb, and finger injuries with the table saw uses. W1819 table saw features anti-kickback pawl and polycarbonate blade guard to protect you from any possible accidents even when you work fast.

Overload Protection

Shop Fox W1819 comes with a magnetic switch and soft start motor. Thereby, the device gets protection from overheating and overloading.




It is an ideal table saw for beginners only if you have profound bank accounts with money flooding on it. However, compared to its best benefits, the investment is worthy.

4. Bosch 4100-09 Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand

If you are interested in getting a stealthy table saw that would deliver premium performance and reliable accuracy, Bosch 4100 10-inches table saw is ideal for every worksite. Yes, it packs with every possible feature a beginner needs in a table saw.

Outstanding Cutting Capacity and Mobility

Bosch 4100 equips with a stunning and patented wheeled stand. It features Gravity’s rise for accuracy at work. Also, the wheeled cart is easy to move around that can tackle and get the cutting job done-effortlessly.

Maximum Motor Output

It has a no-load 15AMP motor that delivers the maximum 4HP output at the job site. It generates a 3650 RPM speed. Although it falls behind with the RPM speed, it still offers entirely satisfactory performance, especially if you are a novice artisan.


The motor features soft-start technology. It enables the motor kick-off smoothly that negates any dysfunction. Also, it is useful for a quick ramp-up of the engine RPM to match any worksite requirements.

It also minimizes the possibility of accidental circuit breaking.

Smart Guard and Alignment Mechanism

You can quickly adjust the fence alignment, thanks to the brilliant SuperLock™. Also, the mechanism includes anti-kickback technology and a barrier guard to provide premier safety to users.

These are useful for a smooth finish as well.




Bosch 4100 table saw with a 10″ blade offers extensive cutting capacity. It also has a stable base that won’t vibrate during the project completion.

5. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Let me introduce you with one of the most versatile table saws of the present era at competitive pricing. The table saw additionally has a worm drive feature that adds to the accuracy, smoothness, and high-speed workability of the saw.

Sturdy Base Design

When you look for a beginner’s table saw, it should be durable even with heavy-duty multi-tasking cuttings. SKILSAW has an all-metal and compact design with a solid base.

So, you get extreme endurance with the saw that also accounts for precision at Jobsite.

Easy Set-Up and Adjustments

The table saw comes almost fully assembled and require some fine tunings to be ready for both slope and rip cuts. You can quickly adjust the blade cutting depth and guard with the included Rack and Pinion features.

Powerful Motor

SKILSAW worm drive saw runs with corded electricity delivering around 5800RPM of no-load speed with a stealthy 15AMP motor. So, it can effectively handle even the most demanding applications.

Enhanced Safety

The manufacturer has included push sticks and anti-kickback technology for the users safety. It is particularly beneficial for beginners since they are more prone to finger and thumb injuries.




The hybrid table saw from SKILSAW delivers the efficiency of worm drive saw, and the easy usability of a table saw. So, you get a 2-in-1 facility within the package.

6. Makita 2705 Contractor Table Saw

Makita is a well-reputed manufacturer of the world-class table saw for beginners, DIYers, and professionals. Similarly, Makita 2705 Contractor table saw serves everyone with accuracy, premium output, right accessories, and many more.

Precise Cuts With 32-Teethed Blade

Makita 2705 is the king of accuracy and smoothness at work. It equips with a diamond hardened 32-teethed blade that can rip cut 4X8 plywood without any issues. Also, the table-top is stable and provides smoothness at works.

You can quickly adjust the dual sliding guards that further add to the overall accuracy and finish.

Multiple Cutting Positions

One feature that I liked most about Makita 2705 table saw is its versatility. You can perform dadoes as well as through and non-through cuts with it.

The 10-inches offers cuts at 90° and 45° angle respectively at 3-5/8″ and 2-1/5″.  So, you get extreme multi-tasking with Makita 2705 table saw.

Powerful Motor

It equips with a standard 15AMP motor that delivers no-load 4800RPM speed. It might not be at the high end but enough to tackle most woodworking applications.

Safe and Durable

It has a blade cover and anti-kickback pawl. These two with the on/off switch ensures safety. On the other hand, a powder-coated metal stand brings durability in place.




Makita 2705 table saw is usable at the heavy-duty job site. Its selection of the right accessories comes handy when tackling extensive application.

7. SKILSAW SPT99-11 Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand

If you want to get benefitted from an increased cutting depth and capacity, the SKILSAW SPT99-11 worm drive table saw is your best bet. It has the accuracy of a worm drive, and the efficiency of the best portable table saw.

Larger Blade and Enhanced Cutting Depth

The Skil worm drive saw equips with a 10″ blade that is larger than the most standard table saw blades. Also, the more extended module delivers 30-1/2″ rip cutting capacity with a consistent 3-5/8″ cutting depth. Thus, it tackles heavy-duty woodcutting applications.

Longer Working Hours

Its 15AMP motor has patented Dual-Field technology. It keeps the motor cool for a longer period. Thus, you can operate the machine for extended hours without giving it any break, an excellent benefit for large projects.

Superb Transportation and Base

It equips with a pair of rugged 16″ wheels. Thus, you can take the top rated table saw for beginners even though the uneven ground.  Next, the sturdy base helps to operate with less vibration and noise. It further adds up to the accuracy at cuts.

Extreme Versatility

The heavy-duty worm driven table saw can perform cross and straight cuts with premium efficacy. It easily handles engineered, soft, and hardwoods for various requirements.




The SKILSAW SPT99-11 worm drive table saw is a rare combination of performance, usefulness, and durability. It offers more than you anticipate, especially if you are a beginner.

8. Milwaukee 2736-20 M18 Table Saw

The Milwaukee company has a solid reputation for building quality power tools, and the M18 isn’t any exception. It favors the beginners, thanks to its 15AMP motor and integrated monitoring technology.

Powerful Table Saw

Milwaukee 2736 table saw equips with a 15AMP motor. Thus, the powerful engine delivers up to 6300 RPM of cutting speed. So, it can tackle the most pressing cutting tasks with ease.

Extensive Cutting Performance

Milwaukee 2736 cordless table saw is run by an 18V Lithium battery. It has patented Red-Lithium Output. So, you get 50% more efficiency and at least 50% more cooling capacity compared to standard batteries. These two enables the saw to cut 600 linear feet wood at one charge.

Smart One-Key Compatibility

The Milwaukee table saw has patented one-key battery integration. The technology enables you to monitor the saw’s battery performance, tool’s location, and the visibility of the machine within a 100 feet range. The integration is possible with smartphones, and it’s the 1st one in the table saw industry to do so.

Multiple Cutting Capacities

The adjustable 8-1/4″ table saw blade delivers 24-1/2″ of quality rip cuts at ease. Also, it features up to 47° of beveling cuts. So, making straight cuts or dadoes with the table saw is easier than you anticipate.




Milwaukee 2736-20 cordless table saw with optimized performance and efficiency offers easy to switch between blade and guard. So, it quickens the job progress.


It is another legendary top rated  table saw for beginners from the legendary DeWalt that delivers the world’s 1st battery to auto-detect the tool change for smooth and quick adjustments of voltage. Also, the corded table saw offers the liberty of a cordless one.

Automatic Voltage Change

This DeWalt Flexvolt table saw blade features an interchangeable 60V and 120V power output. Thus, it is the 1st of its class that equips with a voltage changing battery with auto-detection capacity.

Everything counts for a groundbreaking performance at the job site.

Revolutionary Efficiency

Here’s another mind-blowing advantage of the changeable battery voltage feature. The voltage change with the maximum capacity improves the runtime for the table saw. So, it gets the majority of the job done within a short period.

Smooth Adjustment

You can adjust the blade fence and guard with the brilliance of Rack and Pinion. On the contrary, adjust the blade guard without any tools, thanks to the Site-Pro Module.

Sufficient Cutting Capacity

The gusty table saw has a 0-1/4” blade that can perform 24” inches rip cut or 4X8 plywood sheets. The 2-1/2” cutting depth isn’t inadequate either.




The DeWalt Flexvolt saw has a solid metal base and operates almost as quietly as the mice cut threads. Also, it offers competitive pricing that suits every craftsman budget.

10. SAWSTOP JSS-120A60 Jobsite Pro Table Saw

Accuracy, premium safety, innovative design, and endurance- even these words can’t describe the Saw Stop Jobsite Pro table saw. It eases your pressure even during the most challenging work hours.

Innovative Safety

The first thing anyone notices with the sawstop table saw is its patented safety mechanism. Thanks to the innovation, the blade will stop in less than 5 milliseconds when it comes in contact with human skin. So, it minimizes the risk of big injuries.

Convenient Adjustment and Cutting Depth

You can quickly adjust the table height and blade tilting with the convenient adjustment features. Firstly, it enables single turntable elevation, and secondly, tilting is possible for 1″ accuracy.

Add the premiere dust collection porthole, and you get the beginners friendly best table saw with the premium convenience.

T-Style Fence

The Pro version of the table saw has been updated with a T-style fence that boasts of Ergo-lock. So, artisans get a smooth finish with the utmost accuracy.

Easy Portability and Onboard Storage

You can take the Pro Table Saw anywhere, thanks to the extended foot pedal. Also, the cart isn’t so heavy.

Next, its onboard storage lets users store every accessory securely within the base of it.




Once you own the Jobsite Pro table saw, your trauma of losing projects will be history. It ensures you progress leaps and bounds as craftsmen.

Things You Should Consider When Buying a Table Saw as a Beginner

One of the most crucial decisions that you will take for your woodworking career and shop is to select the beginners table saw. Also, a table saw will be the first major power tool you may equip before advancing to the complex ones.

All these certify that you own the excellent table saw for beginners.

However, with a little knowledge on the table saw, you might find the selection tricky and tedious. For instance, you will need to decide which types of table saw you need for your shop. Next, you also have to determine the table saw space.

Also, safety requirements and adjustment of beveling and blade guard are some other mentionable factors that you should consider.

So, to make your job convenient, we have piled up the table saw buying guide in the following sections.

Selecting the Table Saw Style

Table saws have three main styles depending on the way these functions and provide convenience at work. Also, they have a distinctive shape and blade formation. These three tables saw styles are:

  • Cabinet saw: Cabinet style table saws are built to last with the largest work base and robust motor. The engine is unthinkably powerful and delivers consistent accuracy at work. So, the cabinet table saw is a staple for woodworking shops.  The tradeoff is portability and pricing.
  • Portable saw: As the name suggests, it stands right at the opposite end of cabinet saws that are by no means portable. These are lightweight and come with sufficient motor power to tackle small to medium woodworking projects. The portability is made possible with a wheeled cart, and these are inexpensive too.
  • Contractor table saw: It blends the thin line between cabinet and portable saw to give users one of a kind versatility and performance. They have the motor capacity of cabinet ones while still holds the portability. Thus, professionals and DIYers love working with the contractor table saw.

Measuring the Table and Base Space

Table saws have the most extensive variations when it comes to the tablespace. While the tiniest table saw maybe around 10”, the largest ones will reach up to an incredible 50” work base. It would be best if you ardently opted for the right spacing to facilitate your function and usability.

For instance, most homeowners who will be mostly performing some minor remodeling, a 10” to 20” workspace, will do them well. Right at the opposite end, 50” tablespace is essential to cut and shape wood logs and full wood sheets for professional purposes.

However, owning a table saw with 24” to 36” tablespace is suitable for tackling most projects.

Select the Motor Capacity

The motor power has two crucial influences in the table saw the purchasing procedure. These are-

How much work can you perform at a given time?

How fast can you accomplish any project?

So, at first, decide your work amount with care. For instance, will you is for the home only, or you need one to complete large commercial projects?

A small motor with medium RPM speed is suitable for beginners since these are easy to control. Also, you can get the utmost accuracy with less effort. Nonetheless, if you are confident enough to operate powerful motors, get a table saw with 500RPM or more.

Note that powerful motors will produce more vibration and noise. So, be prepared to get some rough results.

Miter Gauge Accuracy

Although most artisans ignore the miter gauge accuracy, it can benefit you in making bevel cuts and dadoes.  So, try to get a table saw that comes with a miter gauge stop at 45° and 90° stop. These two are the most commonly used beveled cuts.


One thing as a beginner you can’t neglect is the safety measurements a table saw has to offer. The safety comes from the blade guard, fence, and skin detection capacity. Also, motors with soft start are safer than regular ones.

Next, seek for a table saw with anti-kickback pawl and push sticks to remain on the safe side.

Durability and Pricing

As a beginner, you might not be ready to spend a massive amount on the table saw. Also, you would want a tool with long-lasting performance.

Endurance mainly comes from all-metal construction. And choose a table saw that best fits your budget.



What is the best table saw for home use you can recommend?

When you seek a table saw suitable for home use, it needs to be lightweight, quiet, and easily controllable. We considered these vital factors and found that DEWALT DWE7485 and Bosch 4100 table saw best fits the home usage.

How much accuracy a do table saw need to be?

It’s pretty straightforward. A table saw needs to be highly accurate. In fact, the higher the accuracy, the better the finish you will get at the job site. Ideally, the table saw efficiency needs to be at least 90% or more for satisfactory performance. You can use a measuring tape to find accuracy.

What needs to look for when I buy a table saw?

A table saw is an ardently crucial part of your workshop. So, it needs to be the best in every category, which suggests considering the vital factors. You need to consider the ruggedness of the work base since it is responsible for the accuracy. Also, you should focus on getting a table saw with smooth bevel, blade guard, and alignment adjustments.

How can I upgrade my table saw?

In most cases, the table saw upgrade procedure is tricky. However, you can upgrade to a harder blade with extreme sharpness. Also, with little adjustments, you can place the table saw on a larger workspace to accommodate large projects.

Does a beginner really need a table saw?

Getting a table saw for accurate cuts with the least expertise is mandatory for beginners. So, if you aren’t confident enough of tackling complicated power saws, get your hands on a table saw at first and then advance to the next ardent level.

Are dado blades legal or illegal in a table saw?

Using dado blades with the table saw is legal in the USA. However, if you are from the UK, dadoes are sadly illegal in your region. It is because to use the dadoes, and you need to remove the fence and blade guard from the table saw. Hence, it can be unsafe to use.

What should I get first, a table saw, or a miter saw?

If you are a beginner or perform occasional wood works, we recommend you to go to the table saws at first. You can still perform straight cuts and sufficient beveling. However, once you step into the advanced level, get a miter saw for more complicated bevel cuts and decorative ones.


When you are all set to kick-off your artisan career with a quality power saw, getting through our ten best table saw for beginners review will be beneficial for you. And as we are to conclude the lengthy and in-depth review, here’s our pick.

DEWALT DWE7485 Table Saw is the best overall pick for beginners. It has a high degree of accuracy and easy adjustments that best fit the novice craftsmen. We picked Shop Fox W1819 Table Saw for the best value category. Thankfully, it offers professional features with superior performance that you might want to tackle the majority of applications.

Note that you should maintain the table saw with care to get the best output from it and enjoy its longevity.

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