10 Best Track Saws of 2020 - Reviews & Buying Guide

Perhaps, if you intend to get the tools that best suit your different jobs or projects, then you may be faced with a problem. However, in this guide, you will be able to find the best track saw that is available for sale in the market. A track saw is an implement that everyone who works with wood or other materials will surely be able to value. It is one of the main tools that can give great results saving time and energy.

Throughout this guide, you will be able to know what are the 10 best options that are available to you. Also, you will know which are the key items that you should consider to make the most accurate choice according to your own needs. If you have doubts about any aspect of this type of tool, you will be able to know each of the answers in the additional information section.

In conclusion, these simply mean that you only need to read this guide to learn all the secrets of the trail ranges. Then in just a few steps, you can get your next best tool. With which, we take a look at the top 10 track saws.

Our Top 3 Recommendations

Top Pick

Makita SP6000J1

Best Overall

Festool 575389

Great Value

Makita XPS01Z


The 10 Best Track Saws

1. Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw - Top Pick

First off, this guide rail saw can offer you a powerful 12.0 amp motor. This achieves excellent performance if you apply it to a diverse set of materials. Therefore it is an option to consider if you intend to work with different materials instead of just one. On the other hand, this product can offer precise cuts to give a suitable finish to each of your projects. Above all, this product can be offered in a chip-free mirror finish. In addition to this, you can maintain a constant speed during work thanks to the electronic control that is built into the saw. In this way, you will be avoiding making unwanted cuts.

The speed control that this saw incorporates can offer you a range between 2000 and 5200 revolutions per minute. You will have the possibility to adjust the desired speed according to your preference. Along with this, it offers a great cutting capacity that goes approximately 2 3/16 inches at 90 degree and 1 9/16 inches at 45 degree. Plus you will have the right community thanks to the length of the cable which is approximately 8 feet. In conclusion, it is one of the options that can give you great comfort and efficiency during use.



2. Festool 575389 Track Saw - Best Overall

Festool 575389 will allow you to get perfectly straight cuts as well as other styles. This makes it very convenient to use the routes offered by this brand. In addition to this, you will be able to perform the kerf cut while preventing the material from hindering the blade. This product manages to greatly reduce the back blow that some similar saws can produce. This means that it can offer a much more comfortable and appropriate use.

In addition to this, it includes an anti-slip clutch that reduces the recoil that the saw can cause. Along with this, it also minimizes wear on the blade motor and all overall operation. As an additional point, you can work safely either with wood or with other materials, such as the metal of the screws, without the need to change tools.

You will have adequate versatility thanks to the fact that this product offers you a wireless option together with the possibility of using 9 different types of blades. Along with this, a micro-adjustable depth gauge is included. For this, two cursor lines are used that offer effective and precise processing of the material that is inside the guide as well as the one that is outside.



3. Makita XPS01Z Track Saw - Great Value

First of all, it is mentioned that this product will provide you with the right technology. In other words, this saw offers you a good level of speed, operating time and adequate power without the need to connect a power cable to the outlet. You can simply use this saw with two batteries which are not included. This option can also give you a brushless motor based operation that maximizes performance and power for a longer amount of use time. Therefore, it is one of the characteristics that will allow you greater comfort and versatility before the different uses that you want to give it.

Like other models, this product also includes a speed control dial along with a range of 2,500 to 6,300 revolutions per minute. You can select the appropriate speed and in this way avoid spending too much energy. Along with this, an automatic speed change technology is also included to optimally adjust to each of the projects you work on. You will have a product that turns out to be ideal for making large and extensive cuts, such as those applied to wood panels. You can also apply this saw in tight working spaces.



4. DEWALT DWS520K Track Saw

This saw is one of the models of a recognized brand in the industry, therefore it can provide you with more than the efficient utility. Firstly, the cutting system offered by this saw has the characteristic of being zero clearance to provide straight and precise chip-free cuts. Along with this, you can also make precise and perfect cuts in both directions because it includes double-edged blades. Track depth of cut provides a wide range of applications for the various materials and projects you intend to undertake. This means that you can use this saw to the exact depth and thickness you need.

The 12A motor and a power of 1300 watts will be able to work without much effort even in the hardest and thickest woods. For better working efficiency A continuous anti-kickback mechanism is included to prevent kickback that could occur with other models of similar saws. The design of this saw will allow you to work both in normal spaces and in confined spaces. In conclusion, it is one of the options that can offer you confidence and efficiency in each of the projects carried out thanks to a brand with the right track record.



5. Festool 575387

We must mention that this product can offer you a perfectly adaptable use for your different projects as well as an innovative and pleasant design. You should be aware that guide rails from this brand can give you perfectly straight, splash-free cuts. On the other hand, it also includes a proper operation that prevents any type of material from hindering any work you are doing. You can select the speed you need based on the job and material you are using. In the same way, micro-adjustable depth controllers are also included that will allow you to make precise cuts in the material that is inside the guides as well as the one that is outside.

This product also turns out to be very versatile, thanks to the fact that it is offered in two different sizes, in combination with 9 different types of blades. You can easily and simply find the most suitable model for the jobs you want to do. You will have greater control over all cuts due to the integrated spreader blade that has springs to keep the cut open. Along with this, you get to avoid and reduce the possibility of any setback.



6. SHOP FOX W1835

One of the options that can provide efficient use and relatively affordable cost can not miss in this list of the best products. We start by mentioning that it is a track saw with 120 volts, 9 A, 1.1, kilowatts, and 5500 revolutions per minute of power. You will have a blade edge speed of at least 9070 feet per minute. This means very suitable and acceptable use for working with a different set of materials. It includes the use of a blade with a size of 160 mm in diameter along with a 20mm shaft. In such a way that it is a regular size blade that provides the vast majority of saws of this style. Another advantage is a specialized port for dust extraction to collect the waste generated by the material with which you are working.

In conclusion, it is one of the portable size track saws, acceptable efficiency and adequate precision for a more than a varied set of projects you intend to carry out. At the same time, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your entire budget for this product. Therefore it is an adaptable option for those beginners of carpentry.



7. Bosch GKT13-225L Track Saw

This is another of the heavyweights found in this list because it is a saw from a brand with a long history. If you have a sufficient budget, then to be able to access this model that will provide excellent operation and efficiency. First of all, your saber saw offers immersion action. Therefore a quick and easy setup is included, allowing you to get a clean-finished cut on wood.

You will also have the possibility of working with different materials without having to change tools. The appropriate technology is included to achieve a constant and adaptable speed to the different materials of your project. You don’t have to worry about overloading, as the motor is properly protected from overheating and overloading.

Dust will not be a concern as a vacuum cleaner is included which performs excellently for difficult or easy jobs. Along with this you also have the possibility of having a single bevel pivot point. This simply means making cuts without beveling or beveling. As you can see, it is one of the options that many professionals adopt. You can become one of them, thanks to this tool in a few moments.



8. WEN CT1065

If you are trying to get a track saw that can give you adequate results for each of the projects that you carry out without spending your entire budget, then this option should be taken into account. This track saw can rip boards 2 to 1/3 inches thick, making a clean and precise chipless cut. You will be able to make bevel cuts of about 45 degrees if it is a material that is up to 1-5/8 inches thick. This makes this track saw one of the most suitable for all types of internal cuts as well as for cutting boards.

Along with this model, a carbide-tipped blade is also incorporated that offers about 24 teeth and a diameter of 165 mm in combination with a 20mm shaft. Finally, it should be mentioned that it offers excellent compatibility with the Wen CT 9502 track saw of about 100 inches, as well as with the clamps of the Wen CT 992F Track Saw. In conclusion, we can mention that if you are a beginner or a hobbyist in carpentry, then this is an option to continue learning without spending large sums of money.



9. Evolution R185CCSX

This product is one of the last options that we can do which can offer a range of efficient utilities at a low cost. First of all, this model is designed to achieve effective and precise cuts in a wide range of materials without the need to change the blade. This turns out to be very comfortable and versatile when working on any project. The motor offers the proper horsepower for any type of job thanks to its 15 amps of high torque. These features will offer you precise cuts with an adjustable depth between 2 and ½ inches.

Along with this is included a 40-inch track a dust extraction room and ergonomic handles for a soft and comfortable grip. Therefore you will have all the elements to start working from the beginning. Undoubtedly the 7-¼ inch blade will give you excellent results. Lastly, with the purchase of this product, you have a beveled inclination with a pivot to increase compatibility with different types of cuts, and at the same time achieve adequate precision for your different projects. Also, it must be mentioned that you will obtain these benefits at a relatively low cost.



10. Makita XPS02ZU

Last but not least, we have this mid-range model that gets its power from two batteries. The built-in technology will provide you with speed, efficiency, and power to suit a diverse set of projects. Along with this, you will have the possibility of obtaining a correct and adequate running time due to the energy efficiency that this track saw offers you, so you will not need cables to work.

On the other hand, the technology that this track saw incorporates will offer you about 125 cuts per load. You can use this model either to cut large extensions of wood of different styles as well as to cut aluminum or other specific types of materials. However, the different types of blades must be obtained separately. One of the additional points of this model is the use of Bluetooth technology to achieve wireless communication of the dust extractor as well as to turn on and off the operation itself. These additional characteristics allow it to be a model that offers great versatility in the projects that need to be carried out. Therefore, it is highly convenient since it is an intermediate option.



Things To Consider Before Buying A Track Saw

Before you can get the best option among all the models that are for sale today on the market, you must consider some key items. This is because not all products can provide you with the same features and utilities.

That is why at this point we will focus on four key items so that you will not regret the purchase you make. You might get the most expensive product and then not need all its functions. In the same way, you could get a low or intermediate-range model that will not be able to satisfy all your needs.

Therefore, we will focus below on the power of the track saw, cutting versatility, dust extractor, and secondary functionality.

Power of the Track Saw

First of all, we must take into the power of the tool that you get since it is the main feature that can offer you a proper operation or on the contrary it is something that could disappoint you. Therefore the power of your track saw is based not only on the force that the motor can achieve but also on the speed at which the blades turn.

So there is a set of models with different revolutions per minute. Revolutions per minute are important because each of the materials you work with will require a different force. Generally, there are several models of track saws that incorporate a significant range of revolutions per minute so that you can select the one that best suits your project.

In combination with this speed range, some specific models may also offer automatic speed control. In this way, your tool will be able to adapt itself to the different materials with which you work, which is very useful for beginners or amateurs.

Cutting Versatility

The versatility of a tool can save you money or, on the contrary overspend. Therefore, if you get an implement that can be adapted to different types of materials, of course, you will not need an additional implement.

On the other hand, if your tool cannot be adapted to the different materials and projects you need to do, then you will need to purchase additional tools. This means that it is preferable to buy a model that is a little more expensive but that adapts to the different uses that you need.

So some track saws can only cut different types of wood efficiently precisely and sharply. There are also other different models that, in addition to being able to make these cuts, will also allow you to work with some metals such as aluminum.

Versatility is also related to the thickness of the material you are working with. Each particular model can offer you a thickness range with which to work. Therefore, you should pay attention to this characteristic according to the projects that you normally carry out.

Dust Extractor

The dust extractor may be a not so important feature until dust begins to accumulate throughout the work you are doing. So when you get an implement that does not have this feature it may be a cheap but somewhat uncomfortable option.

On the contrary, if you get a model that includes a dust extractor, you can work a little more comfortably and efficiently. It is a feature that will be highly valued by those carpenters who work with different types of wood.

Secondary Functionalities

According to each model of the track saw some characteristics are included that turn out to be useful in some sense. One of them is the ability to operate without cables, that is, with batteries. In this article, you can find some models that run on two batteries. This turns out to be quite useful for effectively and efficiently transporting your tool.

Another feature that some models may include is Bluetooth technology. Therefore this will allow you to control the operation of your tool from a distance.

For added comfort, some brands may offer ergonomic, non-slip grip handles. This is an important feature because you remember that you are working with a saw at high speed. This means that all those traits that imply greater protection never hurt. The result of these traits is safe and efficient work.



How does track saw work?

This type of saw is a tool similar to the conventional circular saw, with the difference that the blade is hidden inside the machine instead of being exposed. This allows you to make all kinds of plunge cuts anywhere on your workpiece.

Is it possible to use a track saw as a circular saw?

This type of tool can also be used as a mobile circular saw. However, the model should be wireless to perform the proper operation in the desired location.

Keep in mind that a track saw is designed to work with the track. Therefore, working without it implies that you may not get the proper results. Quite simply, the cut may not be as precise and clean as expected.

Why do I need a track saw?

Each different type of saw is useful for certain types of jobs. It is for this reason that there are different styles of saws. Therefore, the track saw will allow you to make chip-free cuts in wood panels, as well as cut moldings and cut boards with high precision.

In the same way, if you intend to use this implement as a plunge saw then you can set it to the exact depth. Then you can work comfortably and quietly without your tool ever failing.

A good example is mentioning the work being done on wood floors. For this particular case, you will have the best control.

Which track saw is best?

To correctly answer this question we must mention that there is a varied set of models that are for sale today on the market. Of course, this means that not all models can provide the same features and functions.

Therefore you must consider the materials and projects that you usually work with. Today some tools can offer you great power and speed, and also other slightly less strong implements.

Along with this, you should also consider the versatility of each of the options that are mentioned in this article. Because some of them can work with more than a varied set of materials. If you work with different types of wood but also with some metals such as aluminum then you will want to have a versatile tool.

Should I buy a track saw or table saw?

This question should be answered in consideration of the projects and materials you are working with.

Each of these tools can offer you particular uses as well as other general applications. However, each of these has a different design and therefore offers different functionality.

The difference between all implements is that with the track saw you will be able to make long straight cuts more accurately and quickly, compared to a table saw.

Track saws can carry out almost all the tasks that a table saw does. Although many people who work with wood, prefer to use it to cut into the panels without chips, tear boards or cut moldings.

In conclusion, the decision will be yours depending on the projects you normally decide to do.

Can track saw replace table saw?

In this case, we could answer that you could replace your table saw with a track saw. However, it is necessary to repeat and it depends on the work or project you want to do.

I hope to note that you will be able to do a lot of work with your runway lock in the same way you do with a table saw. Therefore it can be an excellent option to consider. It is necessary to also mention that it is a track saw that does not manage to rip cuts.

What can a track saw do?

These types of saws are generally used to achieve long straight cuts accurately and quickly. Therefore, if you work with wood, you can use this tool to achieve precise, efficient and fast cuts, even better than circular saws and table saws.

Also, this type of implement has an unlimited range of angles, so you only need to place the track on the material to start working efficiently. So it is one of the options that you should consider if you normally work with wood.


An excellent way to conclude this article and mention that throughout each of these points you will have the most appropriate information to get access to the best tool. Therefore, if you normally work with wood as well as other similar materials, then getting the best track saw will give you more efficiency in your performance.

Each of the 10 attachments described in this article can offer you different functionalities and characteristics. You should consider those projects that you normally carry out before getting the tool that best suits your needs. Remember that a track saw by itself manages to provide a different set of useful features for anyone working in carpentry. Along with that, you must also take into account the budget you are willing to sacrifice in exchange for any of these options. Getting one of the most expensive tools could be useless if you don’t need all of its functions or all of its power.

Also, taking into account a mid-range option, that is, something cheap, it could be a bad option if its characteristics do not satisfy your needs. It would be a bad decision to force your cheap tool and end up damaging it since in that case, you would need to buy a new one. We have verified each of the options that are available today in the market, in addition to taking into account the best opinions of the users of these days. All people who work in carpentry know that their trade can progress to fail to depend on the tools they have. This makes it necessary to get high-quality tools but also those that best suit the specific job you want to do. In such a way that, after accessing the tool that best suits your needs, your job will undoubtedly have a better performance.

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