Electric vs Gas Chainsaw – Which is Better for Your Needs?

Getting a chainsaw is always really helpful in getting certain jobs done without wasting too much time trying. However, selecting the most appropriate one can be a little complicated if you do not have the correct information.

Today technology has advanced enough to give you a choice between an electric chainsaw and a gas chainsaw. Each of them will be able to perform certain tasks more efficiently than the other. With which to be able to decide which is the best option we must take into account your needs.

This simply means deciding what tasks you want to complete before purchasing the electric vs gas chainsaw. But for that, next, we will see the characteristics and the best uses that each of these tools can offer.

Gas Chainsaw

Gas chainsaws are the most classic tools that all lumberjacks, or at least the vast majority, prefer to use. This is because they have been around for longer than electric chainsaws, and of course, they are widely known around the world.

One of the most important characteristics of this type of chainsaw is that they offer a longer life span among several other qualities. If you need to have a tool that does the heavy lifting, then this is your best option.

Main operation:

  • Fuel mixes with air because it is moved by a carburetor
  • Once the fuel and air have mixed they pass to the cylinder
  • Inside this place, through a spark plug, the mixture is ignited
  • A piston is pushed back and forth when energy is released which is produced by combustion of the mixture
  • A crank and a connecting rod allow the movement of the piston to be transformed into a rotary movement
  • This power is sent from the driveshaft to the centrifugal clutch
  • Finally, this centrifugal clutch will connect the motor with the chain, which is done employing gear wheels


  • It achieves great results in heavy work, such as cutting wood, cutting really large trees, pruning, among other uses
  • Blades offer a length that reaches 72 inches
  • Make cuts faster
  • They are used anywhere as they have no cables
  • With enough fuel, they can be in operation for a whole day


  • They are heavier tools, making it difficult to handle over several hours
  • You need to bring fuel to the workplace
  • If your chainsaw has a 2-stroke engine, you need a special mixture of oil and fuel
  • Expel smoke and odor
  • They require a cable to start, which can be easily damaged over time
  • The engine requires maintenance over time
  • They are masks that some types of electric chainsaws
  • They produce too much noise, so you will need to use hearing protectors

Electric Chainsaw

Within this category of chainsaws, its two versions should be mentioned, that is to say with cable and without cable. This difference makes the operation of each tool different.

Therefore, cordless, i.e. cordless, chainsaws run on batteries, while corded chainsaws require an outlet throughout the operation. Also, electric chainsaws are used to perform lighter jobs than gas chainsaws.

Main operation:

  • Inclusion of electric motors
  • These motors do not include moving parts, but a component called armature converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.
  • This energy conversion is transferred to a shaft that allows the chain to rotate around the guide bar.


  • It is a more compact and lighter tool which allows easier handling
  • During the operation, they produce much less noise than the gas chainsaw
  • Does not emit smoke or odor since it does not use gasoline
  • Start with a single button
  • They are easy to clean, lubricate and apply proper maintenance
  • You can use this chainsaw to cut small logs, cut branches, spruce up trees, and other light garden chores


  • They cannot cut large trees, because the longest blade for this type of chainsaw is 18 inches
  • They are less powerful so they cut more slowly
  • Corded electric chainsaws are limited in use to cord length
  • Battery-powered chainsaws have limited usage time
  • In turn, they take to recharge their energy between about 20 minutes and an hour approximately


Why can’t I start my chainsaw?

If the chainsaw did not start it means that the air filters could be clogged or dirty. When the engine is running, unburned fuel is produced, which could be an obstacle that prevents the entry of the necessary air for the ignition.

Can you flood a chainsaw?

A good way to start is to not pull the plug. To solve this problem, you must remove the spark plug and then pull the chain a few times. This will allow all excess fuel mixture found in the combustion chamber to be expelled.

Can I use an electric chainsaw in the rain?

It is not recommended to use this chainsaw in contact with water since its power source is electricity. Even if it is a cordless or cordless chainsaw it would be preferable to leave that task for another time.

Do you need oil for an electric chainsaw?

The difference between the electric chainsaw and the gas chainsaw is that the latter requires a mixture of fuel and gas to function. On the other hand, electric chainsaw logically gets its energy from electricity. However, you will need to lubricate the bar and chain so it will require oil.


We can conclude this article by mentioning that each of these tools may offer you a different set of uses. So if you need to do light work you can get an electric chainsaw for it. The results obtained will be more adequate, in addition to which you could take care of your budget since it is a cheaper option.

On the other hand, if you need to do the heaviest jobs with a chainsaw, such as cutting large trees, then your best option will be the gas chainsaw. This allows us to know the specifications of each tool when comparing the electric vs gas chainsaw.

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