how to use a pole saw

How to Use a Pole Saw in Right Way?

If you want to buy a pole saw and you don’t know how to use a pole saw, then this in-depth guide will help you to figure it out. The pole saw is one of the essential tools which is utilized in the process of tree trimming. There are certain precautions that one must take to avoid the problems caused by this tool because proper handling of a pole saw is crucial as it is a little bit risky tool. If you want to perform the job of the trimming and pruning properly, then there are specific vital points that you must infer upon. There are certain things which are to be noted well before using the pole saw. This article deals precisely with stating facts and essential details about the usage of a pole saw. There are many brands which come up with this product, and demeans are immensely high and that makes it a good choice. With the internet coming on, people are able to buy it from the comfort of their home too and that makes it much easier and you can really enjoy making use of it. If done in the right way is not very tough and one can really enjoy their time making use of this without any problems.

Measures before using the pole saw

Pole saw is not easy equipment to use. It must be utilized with certain precautions and preventive measures. Before trimming and cutting down the trees, make sure that there is no human or animal present anywhere near otherwise they might get hurt during the process. Also, make sure that you are decked up well for the job. One must wear proper boots and safety goggles in order to prevent any sort of injury. Also, before cutting down the branches with the help of the pole saw, make sure you cut long and overhanging branches first and not the short ones, this will help in executing the process smoothly because if you will trim the vines which are big in length first then it would be less strenuous for you to complete the job. So it is something very important that one needs to keep in mind the safety aspect of it. Once that is done, and then things will be easier. There are many people who are ignoring this and that make it very tough. Since the choice is so many people are able to make use of this but may get confused about selecting the right option. If that is the case then people will need to choose wisely and once that is done, things will be very easy,

Dress properly

Trimming with the help of a pole saw is not that easy. One must properly prepare to go to the job. Make sure you are wearing concrete boots as it will help in protecting you from any injury. Wear proper glasses and goggles in order to protect your eyes. Also, wear a helmet so that you can safeguard your head from the falling vines. If you do not do that then the chance of injury is high and hence one needs to take good care and do it in the right way. There are many people who are not sure, about the right way and eventually may get very badly injured. This is something that people do not want to get in. So one should take the right kind of precautions and look for solutions which will help them get these things done in a simple way.

Set the pole saw height.

Before using the pole saw you must set its height in an appropriate direction. Do not extraordinarily extend it. Leverage its extension according to the reach of your hands otherwise, you will have to put a lot of effort unnecessarily and the task will become tough to be accomplished. Based on your needs one has to select the right height once that is done, then things will be much easier and you will not have a problem.

Start cutting

Carefully hold the pole saw and start trimming the branches which are short in length. After the long branches, cut the ones which are hanging as it will reduce the stress to be caused then gradually move towards the ones which are shorter in height. If this is done in the right way will save you from lots of trouble.

Choose the appropriate height.

Start the trimming from the base of the tree and then start coming in an upward direction. This is the best way to handle a pole saw. It helps in the smooth cutting of the branches with precision and also keeps the stress away.


1) Can one use a pole saw to trim the hedges?

Answer- Although, the work of the pole saw and hedge trimmer sounds the same there is a difference. You can use it for trimming the edges but the work will not be completed with precision. So, instead, use a hedge trimmer for or amending the hedges.

2) Can pole saw be used for trimming thick branches?

Answer- Pole saw or chainsaw is made for the purpose of cutting the branches. Although, it can cut out the branch of any thickness. It can cut branches finely up to the length of 6-7 inches.

Statistics and Data 

1. Around more than 36,000 people are hurt by the usage of the pole saw. That is why accurate usage of this tool is quite important. 

2. Medical expenditures which are associated with the implementation of pole saws are more than 352 million dollars.


The usage of pole saw must be performed by following great precision otherwise it will have a lot. All the rules must be followed well in order to prevent accidents which are associated with their usage. Pole saw is undoubtedly a great tool for maintaining trees but it is not safe. So, proper criteria must be followed while using the pole saw. All prevention must be followed stringently in order to make the use of chain saws a success.

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