How to use a Tile Saw? For Beginner

This is a complete guideline for how to use a tile saw. Learn how to use a tile saw with this in-depth post. A tile saw is one of the most important pieces of equipment which helps in cutting the tiles with more precision and they also support cutting them in a detailed manner. The stationary table design of the tile saw supports in performing the objective of cutting tiles with sheer precision and accuracy and it is quite better than the masonry saw. There are certain things which one must keep well in mind during the usage of the tile saws in order to make their usage perfect. There are two types of tile saw- wet tile saw and the dry tile saw. There are certain methods and crucial steps which need to be followed well for cutting down the tiles using a tile saw. This article is a short guide which will help them throughout the process of cutting down tiles.  Since this piece of writing is going to give you lots of information one should read till the end and understand the process of making use of the tile saw in the right way.

Following the steps for How to Use a Tile Saw:

Adjust the tile saw

The first step involves the adjustment of the tile saw perfectly. Place it on the surface perfectly and level it up appropriately in order to process its usage in the perfect manner. There are many people who are not sure, about how to get this done.  They may end up in major issues so one needs to be careful to get the job done in the right way.

 Fill water

The next step involved in the usage of a tile saw includes filling the water in the reservoir of the tile saw. With precision, add water in the space provided. While filling the water, do mind that the pipe of water is immersed perfectly and does not involve any kind of errors. If this is done in the right way, then chances of going wrong are much lesser and one will not have any kind of problems at all.

Position and cut

The important step in cutting the tiles with the support of the tile saw is placing it on a table made for the purpose.  For slashing tiles along the slant, role a miter chart or accelerate quadrangle between the place of tiles and the wall. This supports the tile and keeps it placed at a sharp 45-degree angle along with the blade. In order to make partial dents, for example when creating an L kind of cut-out in order to include an electrical opening, put the tile up in the identical direction as a detailed slash. This is a process that has to be done well if you are not sure about how this is to be done, and then one has to look for solutions from professionals. If you do not do it in the right way, then there could become issues and that is the last thing that you will be wanting in any case.

Power on

Switch on the power of the tile saw in order to cut the tiles. After the fine placement of the tile saw, switch the power button on and then start the process of cutting. Make the desired cuts with this amazing tool and receive the finest work. Gradually glides the tile saw on the surface of the tile and rotates it in the desired direction in order to achieve the cuts at the desired spots. After making the cuts, switch the power off and separate the saw from the surface of the tile. There are many ways by which this has to be done, once done in the right way, then things will be much easier and you will never have any issues.


1) Is tile saw better than the masonry saw?

No, the job performed by the tile saw is more precise and detailed whereas the cutting of tile which is made by masonry saw is rough and does not include fine details. A wet tile saw is a perfect option for cutting ceramic tiles with professionalism. So one has to understand things and then plan it in the right way and if that does not happen, then results could go here and there.

2) Which is a better option wet tile saw or the dry tile saw?

The wet tile saw is considered better as compared to the dry one because they help in slashing tiles more effectively. Their usage is regarded best as they can cut the ceramic and porcelain rules in a better and effective manner then the dry tile saw. Also, there are many brands and selecting the best one is never easy to do.


The tile saws are perfect for accomplishing the task of cutting tiles with precision. In order to obtain perfection in the time placement, their usage is quite necessary especially the wet tile saws. But the usage of tile saws must be properly synchronized and must be processed by following each step. Once that is done the process is much easier and you will be able to make use of this without too much of a problem.

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