Scroll Saw vs Band Saw – Which is Better for Your Needs?

If you are interested in carpentry work but are a beginner then you will want to know the difference between the scroll saw vs the band saw. Therefore, let’s take a look at the peculiarities of each of these tools to know which one we will need according to the project we are carrying out.

Each of these tools can be used in different materials or circumstances. Therefore, the idea for a person who works, for example, in carpentry would be to obtain these two implements. However, this is not a possibility many times. For this, it is necessary to detail each one of them to make the correct choice according to your own needs.

What these two saws have in common is that both can offer decorative finishes in the different projects that you are carrying out. But keep in mind that their similarities do not go much beyond this aspect.

Scroll Saw

First of all, this type of saw offers you a small, narrow blade that is mounted vertically. In turn, this saw is anchored at the bottom and top, since the movement it performs is down and up to get to cut the wood.

Average characteristics:

  • 1.3 Amp
  • 20 Inch
  • Variable speed
  • Precise and highly detailed cuts

Best uses

This type of saw does not generate a lot of dust, at the same time it is silent and allows an easy change of the blade. It turns out to be ideal for those people who are beginners or hobbyists.

Also, you can use this tool with both hands, giving you a better chance of making precise, smooth cuts. Along with this, you don’t need to sand the final product too much.

Use this saw to make all kinds of very detailed and small cuts. Some examples are inlaying puzzles, ornaments, dollhouse furniture, among others. By including small blades, you will be able to get straight, angled, or S-shaped cuts, as well as working in very narrow corners with little space.

Other utilities and applications:

  • Create wooden names, numbers or letters
  • Wooden plates with curved and detailed edges, such as silhouettes, animals or states
  • Detailed finishes on different types of trims

Band Saw

You will easily notice that you are facing a band saw, as it is a much larger tool than a scroll saw. In general, they are oriented vertically, where a powerful blade is located next to a chain similar to that of bicycles.

The blade used by this tool is of different sizes and styles to be able to adapt to different projects and jobs. It is even possible to get blades that cut metal efficiently. You must use both hands to push the wood for straight, curved, or angled cuts.

Average characteristics:

  • 2 speeds
  • Cuts non-ferrous metals and wood
  • Compatible with various types of blades
  • More expensive than a scroll saw
  • Bigger size
  • Greater use power

Best uses

By getting this tool you can get smooth and clean curved cuts, regardless of whether it is thick or thin wood. You will not be able to make turns during cutting that are too tight as you could with the scroll saw. However, you will have no problem if you work with thick wood or metal, which is not possible with the other type of saw.

So use this tool to make large cuts quickly and efficiently, such as cutting boards of different thicknesses in no time. As you can see they are two completely different saws, so as I said before, it is appropriate to get weapons if you have a sufficient budget.

Other applications:

  • Large or small furniture such as bedside tables or large tables
  • Shelving in general
  • Gardening work
  • Works that include pruning


How to measure band saw tires?

To determine the correct size of your saw wheels, you must measure the diameter. Therefore, after measuring the diameter you should only subtract 2 inches from the total. The result of this calculation means the tire size of your band saw, which is useful if you need to replace it.

Can bandsaw blades be sharpened?

In general, the teeth of this type of blades are quite large, so they can be sharpened easily. Therefore when cutting any bandsaw blade, then the tooth edge can cut through the wood.

Will scroll saw cut metal?

This type of tool will be able to cut some metals such as cold rolled steel, bronze, copper, brass, and aluminum sheet. However, you must get the proper blades for this task. On the other hand, there are other models of saws that can give you better results in those metals that are a little thicker or larger.

Why use a scroll saw?

You can use this type of saw to get curved cuts in a small space. This means the need to achieve high precision on some relatively small materials. Therefore it is a really useful option if you want to apply small decorative details to the different projects that you are carrying out.

Which scroll saw blades?

As you want to work with thicker and harder woods then the blade number should get higher and higher. Those blades with a few inch teeth (TPI) can give you more aggressive cuts. An 8 TPI blade achieves cuts in less time than a 12 TPI blade. On the other hand, the 12 TPI blade can offer you more control during cutting.


A good way to conclude this article is to mention that each of these tools can give you great results in different applications. Therefore, when comparing the scroll saw vs band saw, we can see that you can use each one at different times.

In conclusion, anyone who works in carpentry will want to have the two tools together. Although, if your budget is not enough, you should choose the one that best suits the projects that you normally carry out. In this way, you can achieve the best results with the same tool.

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